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Twin Flames

Twin flame chaser

September 8, 20219 minute read

A twin flame connection is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in this world but also one of the most painful. This is because they serve a purpose in our lives. These encounters have the goal to help us wake up quicker so that we can step up to our soul’s path and evolve spiritually. If you have signed up for one of these contracts prior coming to Earth, then this means you were ready to progress in your soul’s journey and you have chosen to meet your twin flame so that you could trigger each other and help speed this process.

The same happens with people who go through deeply traumatizing experiences such as near-death experiences. Though we always look at them in a negative perspective, they always have a hidden purpose that they serve in our consciousness evolution journey. It’s up to us to find it.

One of the most difficult stages of the twin flame relationships is the “runner and chaser”. It will change your life forever and you will never see reality the same way again after you go through that. And this doesn’t mean that you will be traumatized forever, no! It’s exactly the opposite even if you can’t see it right now. One day you will look back and be grateful for all the difficult moments in the twin flame journey, including the twin flame separation stage.

If you are currently going through this stage, which role are you playing?

How do you know if you’re a chaser twin flame? Or a twin flame runner? What does the chaser do in twin flame connections? Are there any particular signs that indicate you might be a chaser?
In this article, we are going to focus on the twin flame chaser. So, let’s dive deep into the most common questions about the twin flame chaser, starting with the twin flame chaser traits.

Twin flame chaser characteristics

If you were drawn to this article, chances are you’re a twin flame chaser who is trying to understand how to stop chasing.

The twin flame chaser is the one who usually is left broken hearted after the twin flame runner breaks up with them and unexpectedly runs away from the relationship. As the twin flame runner feels overwhelmed by the intensity of the connection and gets their deepest hidden wounds triggered, they simply feel the need to run away and abandon the connection. This gets worse as the other twin then starts “chasing” them and tries to get the back. The more the twin flame chaser chases, the more the twin flame runner runs away. It is just how energy works.

The twin flame chaser is the one left confused, heartbroken, lost and in despair. They feel an intense need to try to get their twin flame back as they truly believe that the relationship can be saved.

The twin flame chaser enters a deep transformation process after this period but in the initial stages they really assume a “chaser” role with some common characteristics.

The most common traits of a twin flame chaser are:

  • Intense feelings for the twin flame runner as they have never felt before
  • Strong twin flame longing
  • Difficulty in understanding how and why they love their twin so much
  • Deep certainty that they have met “the one” they have always longed for
  • Willingness to overcome any obstacle to be together with their twin
  • Need to fight for the relationship
  • Belief that their twin flame will soon realize how much they love them and will regret running away
  • Ignoring all the negative aspects of the relationship or all the things that they didn’t like about their twin
  • Blaming themselves for not “being good enough” and thinking that that was the reason why they were abandoned

How does the twin flame chaser feel during separation?

During twin flame separation, the twin flame chaser’s feelings can become overwhelming as if they slowly drown and get life sucked out of them. They enter a painful and exhausting period known as the Dark night of the soul and they feel as if they are literally dying. Twin flame chasers feel:

  • Despair
  • Loss
  • Emptiness
  • Confusion
  • Sadness
  • Exhaustion
  • Hopelessness
  • Depression
  • Deeply wounded
  • Heartbroken
  • Defeated by life
  • Rejected
  • Unlovable
  • Incomplete
  • Not being enough
  • Unable to love again
  • Strong belief that they will never love anyone else again


Twin Flame chaser surrender

After all the turmoil and despair that the twin flame chaser goes through, there comes a point in time when they wake up and realize what is really going on. That’s usually when they find out that they were dealing with a twin flame. The majority of twin flames has never heard of the twin flame concept before they go through this stage but there are some rare cases where people were actually actively looking for a twin flame or a soulmate. The twin flame encounter only happens though if it is relevant to your journey and it has the purpose of helping you evolve. Not everyone will go through this path.

The twin flame chaser is the one that usually wakes up first. By waking up I mean having a spiritual awakening. This involves remembering you are an eternal multidimensional being having a human experience and you came here to learn and experience new things.

When the twin flame chaser gets to this realization and feels a strong pull to start following their soul’s deepest calling, that’s when there’s a huge shift in energy and they start the surrendering process. This is a beautiful moment.

Twin flame chaser gives up and moves on

When the twin flame chaser gives up on the connection, they suddenly realize they had skills or gifts that they never noticed before. They might feel a strong need to start a new hobby, project or career. They might also feel more compassion towards all human beings and the planet in general. They want to help people and the planet as much as they can! They want to leave this world a better place and they start using their unique gifts to contribute to this mission – the twin flame mission.

They also feel a need to take more care of themselves, maybe start a new diet, change their appearance, or move home. They enter a new course or try a new sport. They join a community group or start volunteering work.

This is when they start healing the wounds of the twin flame connection.

Suddenly, and the more they focus on being of service to others and to themselves, they don’t feel the need to chase their twin flame anymore. They don’t feel that anything is lacking in their lives. They feel whole and complete! They know that they are lovable, and they are enough! It is such a beautiful phase and the purpose of the entire journey – to go back to oneness.

Twin flame chaser becomes runner

At this point the twin flame chaser is not sending out energy to the twin flame runner anymore as their energy is focused on self-love and love for others in general. They feel gratitude for having met their twin flame and for all the difficult times that they have been through as they know that it was the trigger to help them completely change their life. They feel so much happier overall, even if sometimes they still miss their twin flame and remember the “good old times” when they were together. Check out why you can’t forget your twin flame.

As they are deeply committed to their mission on the planet, often their energy shift turns them into a twin flame runner. This is because when their twin feels the lack of their energy, this is a trigger for their awakening and that’s when usually they enter the twin flame awakening process. Then the roles can reverse. They suddenly want to chase what it is not chasing them anymore. Again, this is just how energy and the law of attraction work. Only when you 100% and genuinely release what you desire, you will attract it back to you.

Twin flame chaser healing

So, how can the twin flame chaser get to this beautiful stage of surrender where the roles shift, and twin flame reunion become possible?

It is all about healing! Both twins need to go through a lot of healing work in order to align their energies.

The twin flame chaser needs to work on their self-love until they truly believe that they are beautiful, lovable, whole and complete. They are not missing any pieces or the other half of their soul as many believe. They are a whole soul and that’s the main lesson. Only two whole souls can align.

There are many ways to do this healing work but developing a practice of meditation and observing your thoughts is a great start. Learn how to cut cords with twin flame and how to stop chasing love and let love chase you.

Your life will transform!

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Love and light x

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