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Reptilian starseed

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If you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with the idea that we are multi dimensional beings having a human experience and vibrating at different energetic frequencies. Many of us have had lives in different star systems, planets and parallel universes and incarnated on Earth with particular missions to fulfil. An old soul with experience living in other dimensions is called a starseed and it is believed that there are many starseed races currently co-existing in the planet Earth. Many starseeds such as the Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, Avians and Andromedans have agreed to come to Earth in the last decades, to help with this important transition period while the energies are shifting in such a powerful way and a new Earth is being born.

However, before any birth, we need to go through some pain first as one of the universal laws is the Law of Polarity which states that everything has two poles, one doesn’t exist without the other, for instance, there’s no day without the night and no light without the dark. This is what we are currently experiencing on the planet, a transition marked by huge polarity. We have forces trying to move us to one pole, while others try to do exactly the opposite. It is overwhelming at times and hard to keep the balance.

Although many starseeds have come to Earth to support and build a new Earth, many others have come with the opposite mission – to prevent the raise of the planet’s frequency by keeping the collective consciousness vibrating at very low levels.

The reptilian starseeds are usually the ones said to have the goal to keep humanity “asleep” and unable to recognise their true power and evolve in consciousness.

The Reptilians are often referred to as Dracos, Archons, Shapeshifters, Satanists, the Cabal, the New World Order, etc.

Although in this article I will mainly focus on the negative side of the Reptilian starseed race (as I get a lot of questions about them), I want to leave a disclaimer that there are both good and bad Reptilians in the universe. As I mentioned, we are surrounded by polarity and there is also free will on the Planet which makes it possible for everyone to choose their path and raise their vibration. There are many good Reptilian starseeds out there who are actually operating from their heart centre, unfortunately we barely hear about them because of all the horrible actions we see from Reptilians on the negative pole. We tend to remember bad things better than the good ones.

Actually, for the Universe, judging anything as good or bad doesn’t make sense as all beings have their part to play in all of Existence.

What is a reptilian starseed?

So let’s talk about the Reptilians with the bad rep. I will call them dark reptilians. They became popular due to David Icke, who has mentioned this starseed race many times in his work.

The dark Reptilian starseed is a very ancient race highly intelligent, with the ability to be super deceptive, manipulative and mind-controlling. They operate mainly from the ego mind instead of the heart. They have no problem in seeking to control Earth for self-benefit. Lifetime after lifetime, they incarnate in the same families of the same lineage in order to gather more and more power. They are mostly enmeshed in the fabric of world governments, media, pharmaceuticals, banks, secret elite clubs and even some charities.

Many dark Reptilian starseeds raise their children into satanic worship and dark occult practices. They also educate them about their true galactic origins and multi dimensionality, which is information intentionally suppressed for other people. Reptilians are aware that this knowledge gives them the power to create their reality and therefore, they teach their children to keep this knowledge to themselves and use it to control and manipulate others rather than to serve humanity, because they don’t want to lose their power. Many grow up believing that they are actually a superior elite race and therefore they should be the ones controlling the evolution of the human race and the planet. Deep inside, some Reptilians think that they are serving humanity in a good way.
Fortunately, many Reptilian starseeds that grow up in this environment, are able to raise their vibration and start using their power to expose what these Reptilian elites do and help mankind and the planet.

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Reptilian starseed mission

The dark Reptilian’s mission is to keep humans at a low consciousness level so that they can be easily controlled, and the Reptilian race remains in power. That’s why they usually seek political roles and operate in very similar ways to manipulate societies and human development.

When you start studying their modus operandi, it becomes very obvious how they do it, as it has not changed for eons of time. They basically try to keep humanity under control by not allowing them to raise their vibration and expand their consciousness.

The best way to keep anyone at a low level of consciousness where they can easily be manipulated, is to keep them in the lowest energies (check out the Hawkins scale of vibration) – fear, shame, guilt, jealousy and anger. When humans are desperate and in fear, they are more likely to believe in anything that they are told and agree with things and ideas that they would never do if they were at a peaceful, joyful and high vibrational state.

As a highly intelligent starseed race, the Reptilians know exactly how to maintain people in the lowest possible vibration by using techniques such as promoting low vibration music, specific celebrities, brands and even low vibration food. One of the main strategies is actually promoting fear-based news on the mainstream media to make people believe that the world is a bad and scary place and they are the only ones who can help save it. It is common for Reptilians to cause “world problems” so that then they can offer a “solution” which will be very profitable for themselves.

They also use a lot of the “gaslighting” technique to make humans believe that they are the ones to blame for something in particular and distract them from the real cause of the problem. Finally, if someone starts thinking for “themselves” and questions the main story that they are being told by the media or the people in power, this can lead to being labelled as “conspiracy theorists”. This is a common strategy to manipulate masses and prevent them from asking questions by keeping them in fear of being labelled conspiracy theorists which would involve a lot of shame and guilt. No one wants to feel that, right? It is easier to just follow the main narrative.

Another technique is to make humans feel that they are not enough and keep them comparing themselves with each other. For instance, if you don’t have a specific car or a specific house, then you are not enough and you should feel miserable. This is how people stay in low vibration and distracted from the real agendas going on “behind the scenes”.

However, the dark Reptilians are not the only ones responsible for all the bad things that happen on the planet. All of us play our part in this universe and no one is perfect!

Reptilian starseed traits

Here are some of the most common dark Reptilian starseed traits. If you recognize a few of them in you or someone you know, please do not panic! Keep in mind that these are simply traits and even if you have Reptilian origins it doesn’t make you a bad person as there are polarities in all galactic races.

1. Highly intelligent and analytical

They do very well in careers related to science, maths, financial services or politics.

2. Cold blood

Reptilians have cold blood which makes them prefer warmer temperatures to keep warm.

3. Cold blood

Although they feel more comfortable in the hot weather, they are sensitive to light so they are more likely to be night owls.

4. Extra vertebra

Being born with an extra vertebra, referred to as either a Transitional Vertebra or Cauda is also a Reptilian trait.

5. Drawn to reptiles

Many Reptilian starseeds are naturally drawn to snakes, lizards or other reptiles and enjoy having them as pets.

6. Dominant and assertive

Most Reptilian starseeds are very dominant and assertive when interacting with others not only at work but at home with their families.

7. Strategic and manipulative

Reptilians are good observants and watch the world like a hawk. They understand human behaviour very well and then use that knowledge to carefully build strategic plans to control people and manipulate them.

8. Persuasive and charismatic

Reptilians can be very charismatic and make great actors, politicians and become huge celebrities.

9. Paranoid and fearful

We all have a section on the brain responsible for the “Fight or Flight” response which is generally based on triggers and fear-evoking actions. This is known as the “reptilian brain”. Reptilian starseeds often appear to be very paranoid and skeptical as this part of the brain can be very active.

10. Lack of empathy

Reptilian starseeds are so committed to their mission that sometimes they have little to no compassion for others and exist strictly to survive by any means possible. This might involve hurting or manipulating their own family when they see them as a threat to achieve their goals.

Luckily, while the Reptilians try to run the world removing all freedom, property, and possessions, as well as turning humans into slaves, there are many other starseeds who live in the light and have the mission to combat all darkness by showing people how to think for themselves. 

Although it might seem that they are close to destroying the Earth and bring us to the edge of extinction, the good news is that the Galactic Federation (Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Arcturians, etc) arrived some decades ago, to help humanity wake up and take back their power. Many beautiful souls are now fully aware that they are able to change the world just by raising their vibration and sharing their light with others. This has been a beautiful event to witness. So shine bright my friend!

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Love and light x

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  1. I have been in contact with reptilians, Arcturians and Pleaidians, directly and consciously for a year now. While there is some truth to the idea that some reptilians are working to keep humans from evolving spiritually, it is also true that they have been enslaved and controlled themselves, by A.I. technology that was invented to keep BOTH of our species (human and reptilian) trapped within this matrix. This was done eons ago because of our (human and reptilian) inability to see past our differences and stop fighting. It was a human weapon that destroyed maldec and created the asteroid belt, we are not the totally innocent victims that we have been lead to believe we are. We are also a warrior species, strong, adaptive and intelligent, not that different from the reptilians. The matrix was altered much later, by a secret society of humans and reptilians. Now we are working with some of the reptilians and other beings to free all of the beings on Earth from this- but there is a catch, we can’t be free of it if we don’t all learn to love and accept each other, and recognize that no one is perfect, but we were all created by the same creator. You can’t tear down walls of hate with more hate, it takes love to do that. I am a combined Andromedan and reptilian starseed. I was sent here to help unify the people- all of the people, reptilian, human, draco, grey, ect. I have been working with the draco fleet from Orion and the pleaidian forces to take over the underground facilities and remove the implants from the reptilians and draco. This is having a direct effect on what is happening on the surface, seen in the many disclosures that are happening. We humans have the responsibility to make the right choices, based in love, not fear, and turn our society into something we can be proud of. Don’t believe everything that is out there, if someone is saying that these beings or those ones, are totally at fault for all the bad things that have happened, think about the logic of that. Not every human who does bad things is a reptilian starseed. Some of our most peaceful societies, such as the Tibetan people, have been heavily influenced by ancient reptilian societies. There is as much variety in the reptilian people as in humans.

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for sharing, that’s amazing info! I totally agree that no one is perfect and we should spread love not fear. That’s why I mentioned several times in the article the law of polarity and the fact that there are both sides in everything and every galactic or human race. Have you ever had any contact with Avians? I am doing research on them.

      1. Yes! Although not much. They might not be from this universe, they told me they worked with the original dragons and created the draco people that we are becoming familiar with now (again). They seem a bit distant, like they would prefer to observe us, rather than get directly involved. Highly intelligent, telepathic, less outwardly emotional than humans, although maybe too sensitive to be around our energy right now. They are very ancient and said they have seeded many planets. They are highly evolved, and very ancient.

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