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Twin Flames

Twin Flame Reunion Signs and Steps To Reunite With Your Twin Flame

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Can you feel twin flame reunion coming?
Oh yes you can! You might be feeling it right now if you are reading this article. You have probably met your twin flame at some point in your past, and for one reason or another, you two had to go separate ways. Twin flame separation is one of the most difficult twin flame stages one can experience, but it is part of the journey, and it has a purpose. We do not meet our twin flame by accident, there is a reason why they are put in our path, and this is to help us evolve and fulfil our mission. I have written many other articles about twin flames, the twin flame runner, the twin flame chaser and especially on the different twin flame relationship stages, to better help you navigate these waters, but in this post I will focus on twin flame reunion.

So, how do you know your twin flame is coming back? Will our twin flame runner ever return? If so, when? And what happens right before twin flame reunion? There are some twin flame reunion signs that can tell if physical union is in sight. Let’s look at some of these.


Twin Flame reunion signs

What happens right before twin flame reunion?
The twin flame reunion signs might either appear very obvious or go unnoticed if you are not aware of them. Here are some powerful signs that the twin flame reunion is near.


twin flame reunion signs


You feel whole and complete

This is such a beautiful moment when after a difficult period, you suddenly don’t really care about a reunion with your twin flame as you feel utterly complete on your own. Of course, deep inside you would love to reunite but you are in such a happy place that you don’t feel incomplete anymore and you realise that you are a beautiful and whole soul.

Gone are the days when you felt lonely, frustrated, angry or even abandoned by the universe. Even though you still have problems and all types of issues in your life, you feel secure in your place in the universe, and you know that you are exactly where you need to be at the present time. You have surrendered and you are willing to let go of control and allow things to unfold naturally, in divine timing, and according to what is best for your journey.

At this point, you have raised your vibration to such a level that you’ve reached the state of being whole and complete. Well done you, as this is not easy! Reaching this stage is one of the main signs that twin flame reconnection might be happening soon as the higher your vibration, the higher the possibility of reuniting with your twin flame.

You have a quiet ego

Another sign of twin flame reunion is ego dissolution. One of the main purposes of going through a twin flame journey is to teach us how to let go of everything that does not serve us anymore, which includes worldly possessions, petty arguments, or any need for external validation or superficial admiration.

As you raise your vibration and evolve in your consciousness evolution journey, you are able to transcend all that is physical and material. What used to be essential to you at some point, suddenly it does not make sense anymore as you have released yourself from everything that is ego based.

You are a completely new person and reaching this stage gets you closer to alignment with your twin flame.

You are on your mission

One of the reasons why you are more aligned and ready for reunion is the fact that you have found your purpose.

Twin Flames, like other lightworkers, are here to be of service to the planet Earth and going through the twin flame journey is like a wake up call to start fulfilling their mission either by themselves or together with their twin flame.

When you feel whole and complete, you are able to share your cup with others as it is full. You suddenly have this unmistakable urge to help others and the world. It is a feeling of deep compassion for others like a never-ending fount of empathy for all forms of life around you. Like all lightworkers, you feel a strong pull to bring lightness where there is darkness.

For the first time in your life, you feel like you found your purpose and you understand why you exist. You have found your twin flame mission, and that is such a beautiful moment! That’s the reason why you met your twin flame.

At this point you simply transfer the strong and sometimes “obsessive energy” towards your twin, and channel it to your mission work. Finding and working on your mission is a huge sign that union is close.

You feel your twin flame energy nearby

Have you ever entered a room and felt like your twin flame was somewhere around you? Or as you enter there you can’t stop thinking about your twin flame? If you have been sensing their presence in the most random places or situations, this might be a sign that physical union is near.

Although it is hard to understand, you and your twin flame end up mirroring and feeling each other’s thoughts and emotions. This is because your souls started vibrating on a similar frequency and you are more aligned.

You feel grounded

If you are in a peaceful state, where despite whatever is happening around you, you are able to stay calm and grounded. Your emotions are not foreign to you anymore, you suddenly feel the capacity to acknowledge them, accept them, and deal with them as you have never done before. You feel so much more mature and grown up, in alignment with Earth and everything around you.

Getting to this stage is another sign that you are ready for reuniting with your twin flame.

You dream about your twin flame

If you have been experiencing super vivid dreams about your twin flame, which leave you with a strange feeling of how real they were, then you might be closer to union than you think. This is because when your souls are going through the process of preparing for physical reconnection, dreams start happening more frequently and in a more powerful way.

So, make sure that you start paying attention to your dreams as they might carry important messages from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides regarding your twin flame.

You feel an urge to do different things

If you feel a sudden and unexplained urge to do something that you were never interested in doing before, or to go to places you have never been to, then this might be a sign that your twin flame is a lot closer than you think. Sometimes the universe has to find creative ways to guide the two of you back to each other, such as arranging unexpected meetings.

You are surrounded by synchronicity

Frequently seeing mirror numbers such as 11:11 in clocks, videos, licence plates, price tags, etc is a powerful synchronicity and sign that the reunion with your twin flame is very close.

The universe starts sending you signs that you are on the right path or tips on how to align and do the necessary changes to reunite with your twin flame. So, next time you notice repeating numbers or symbols in your life, pay attention and look at the hidden meaning behind them.

You feel excited

Do you feel super excited for no apparent reason? You are simply happy and grateful for everything you have in your life as you learned how to appreciate the small things around you. You wake up with a smile on your face and happy to face the day as another chance to experience the miracle of life.

Besides that, deep inside your heart is full of excitement as if it knows that something big is about to happen, although you have no idea what it might be.

You might be confused about why you are feeling so happy but this is often a sign that you are close to reunite with your twin flame.


You trust the process

If you feel a big sense of trust in the universe and a deep inner knowing that everything will be alright in the end, then twin flame reunion might be near. Trusting that you are protected by your team of spirit guides and guardian angels, who are guiding you behind the scenes,  and believing that whatever happens is for your highest good, is a good indicator that you might be ready for reunion.



How long does it take to reunite with your twin flame?

It can take months or years to reunite with a twin flame, in most cases. How long it will take depends on how quickly both twins can heal the wounds of the twin flame relationship and do all the necessary inner work, which is the main purpose of twin flame separation. Separation occurs because you two just were not ready to be with each other. There is a whole process of healing deep core wounds that our twin flames help bring to the surface. It is our job to be aware of these wounds and heal them by clearing all our past negative energy and raising our vibration. It is an intense work that ultimately leads us to feeling whole and complete and puts us on the path to our mission. Every twin flame has a mission and sometimes it takes twin flame separation and a period when the twin flame chaser gives up to be triggered and find it. Some people might be resistant to going down that path and trusting the universal plan, which can delay the alignment and ultimate union.

Finally, both twins have to do this work. Only when both have surrendered and done the necessary healing work, physical union will occur. It is all written in your twin flame soul contract.


Will twin flames reunite in 2023?

2023 is a great year for twin flame reunion according to numerology. If we break down 2022 we get 2+0+2+3= 7

Number 7 is often associated with spiritual awakening and inner-wisdom in twin flame relationships. It can also symbolize the completion of a journey or the attainment of spiritual enlightenment. In numerology, the number 7 is thought to represent the search for truth and the pursuit of knowledge. In the context of twin flames, it may indicate that the individuals involved are growing and learning together on a spiritual level, as well as a deeper understanding of themselves and each other. However, reunion will not be possible if you are holding on to co-dependency, obsessive or negative thoughts. Letting go of all attachments is key in the year of 2023. 


How to reunite with your twin flame

If you are not experiencing the twin flame reunion signs yet, and wondering what makes the twin flame runner return, do not panic! There are a few steps that you can take to help accelerate the twin flame reunion. Here are some actions you should take to align with your twin flame.

Clear your energy

Make sure you are clearing your energy daily through the practice of meditation and the use of some tools such as herbs and crystals. Sage and palo santo are great for smudging and keeping negative energy at bay.

Check out the article about how to clear karma from the twin flame connection and try the meditation below.

Heal your wounds

In order to accelerate union with a twin flame, it is essential to identify and heal our deepest wounds. This can be past traumas and fears. The best way to heal is to feel the emotions and pain associated with the wounds, and accepting it, rather than trying to deny it or escape from it. You need to feel to heal! Ask for professional help if needed as this is an essential part of the process.

Help your twin flame heal

Just by healing yourself, you are helping your twin flame heal as well, as you are deeply connected. The more you heal yourself, the more you help them heal.

You can also try this powerful meditation to help your twin flame heal.

Do what you love

It is essential that you find out what your soul is craving for, either it is a new job and career path or a new hobby. This will help you realise what you truly desire and put you on the right path to your mission. Finding out your mission is a powerful way to raise your vibration and align with your twin flame.

Keep a dream journal

Make sure you take notes of your dreams as they hold important messages that can guide you in your twin flame journey and give you tips on the actions you should take that will lead you to union.


Learning how to forgive yourself and your twin flame as well, is a powerful way to accelerate union with your twin flame. Try the Ho’oponopono healing meditation technique which is very powerful for forgiveness.



Meditation is a great way to ground yourself and learn how to deal with your emotions. Twin flame meditations, are wonderful for this purpose, especially if you are going through all the twin flame separation pain.


Trust that the universe has your back and everything happens in divine timing. There is a reason why you are not in physical union with your twin flame yet, even if you think otherwise.


Believe in and visualize your union. You can use visualization techniques and meditation to put you in the right state where you can actually see and feel as if you are already with your twin flame. “Be as if!”


This is probably the most difficult one but it is essential. You need to feel whole and complete if you want to reunite with your twin flame. Only when you release the need of having them in your life, you will be able to align.

For more tips on how to reunite with your twin flame check out the best manifestation tools for twin flames.


I hope this article helped you on your twin flame journey. Stay strong and remember, you are a beautiful soul! Take care!

Love and light x

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