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Twin Flames

Why can’t you forget your twin flame?

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Have you been questioning why you don’t seem to be able to stop thinking of or to forget your twin flame as you have done on previous relationships? Does it sometimes feel like you are losing your mind or even developing an obsession? If so, you may also feel like you can’t recognize yourself anymore as you always thought of yourself as an emotionally strong person but now you feel weak. You might have even tried the usual techniques such as numbing yourself with distractions such as other people, alcohol, or food but nothing seemed to work. You feel confused, exhausted and just want to forget about your twin flame once and for all. You just can’t take this anymore!
It is time to breathe deeply and read on as we are about to dive deep into this topic and hopefully help you stop thinking of your twin flame, move on and be happier than you could ever imagine.

Can you forget your Twin Flame?

Firstly, is it possible to forget a twin flame at all? Can you stop thinking about your twin flame? Well, the short answer is though it is not possible to simply “forget” a twin flame, as if they have never existed, it is possible to stop thinking about a twin flame when you learn how to quiet your mind through many different techniques such as meditation and by doing the necessary healing work, associated with a twin flame connection. I will go deeper into this further down but to start, it is important that you understand that you are powerful beyond measure and no matter how strong the energetic bond you have with someone, for instance powerful connections such as soulmate or twin flame, you can learn how to control your thoughts by understanding where they are coming from and why they are being presented to you. I wish someone had told me this many years ago. There is always a reason behind your thoughts and feelings. One of the purposes of a twin flame journey, is to develop the skill to accept them, understand them, release them, and heal. Not everyone is on a win flame journey but if you are, then there is definitely a lot that you came here to do on this planet, which implies a lot of self-development work and core wounds and ancestral healing.

Though this might sound scary and painful at first, I want you to know that it is possible to do all this and at the end, everything will suddenly make sense, like magic! You will feel healed, lighter, and so powerful – a completely new person, on their mission! As a twin flame chaser, your obsessive thoughts about your twin flame runner will gradually become less frequent and intense and you will get to a point where these thoughts will shift to beautiful and pleasant memories, wrapped in gratitude for the simple fact that they happened and that your twin flame connection was the trigger to your healing, growth as well as you finding your purpose and mission on this planet.

That’s right, twin flames have agreed before coming to Earth, to meet and trigger each other at some point, in order to help each other wake up (check out the spiritual awakening triggers and twin flame awakening process) and put themselves on the path to fulfil their mission quicker. This mission usually involves helping other people and the planet. That is such a beautiful realization and every twin flame who has gone through all the difficult twin flame stages, exhibits this exact feeling of gratitude for all the pain they have been through and deep understanding of why things happened the way they did. Though this realization might sound too far away from you because of all the pain that you are going through, please trust that you will get there.

So, let’s look at how you can get to this point.

How can I forget my twin flame and move on?

The first thing you need to do is to understand at which of twin flame stages you are at. If you are reading this article, you are probably dealing with a twin flame runner and going through the twin flame separation which is one of the most painful. The good news is that there is so much more to the journey and you have beautiful things coming your way if you are willing to do the work. Not everyone is willing to do it and that is why you see cases where twin flame reunion becomes difficult to come into fruition.

When you are separated from your twin flame, that’s when thoughts can become obsessive as you try to process everything that led to your separation in the first place. You start over analysing every single action and behavior, as well as blaming yourself or them for everything that went wrong.  So, how do you stop these thoughts?

How to stop thinking about Twin Flame

The twin flame longing is a very difficult cycle to break, but it is necessary that you go through this obsessive stage so that you realize that something needs to change. You can’t stay in this self-destructive energy forever. A new you is waiting to be born!
This uncomfortable situation and obsessive thoughts lead you to the “dark night of the soul” stage, where everything seems like it is falling apart in your life and around you. This is when your “old identity” starts to “die” because it realizes that the state you were in, does not served you and it was not how you were supposed to be living. You are supposed to live light and free!

You start questioning “how can I stop thinking about my twin flame?” It is a great starting point!

And as you ask this, your ego starts dissolving and everything crumbles down around you. It leaves you confused. You then enter “the void” stage where you feel kind of lost and in between your old and new self. You keep thinking a lot about your twin flame though, but you notice that something has changed. You have new thoughts asking for your attention too. They ask you to look back at what happened with your twin flame but in a different way. These new thoughts want you to dive deeper.

Look at the hidden lessons

At this time, you need to look at the lessons you took from the relationship and everything that has happened in your life, including previous relationships. You are asked to go deeper and deeper until you find behavioural patterns. Questions such as, “why do I keep attracting emotionally unavailable people?;” “why do I keep pushing people away?”; “why do I always try to control everything?”; “why do I always attract toxic people?”;  keep popping into your mind. And this is a huge turning point, when the healing starts.

You start to realise that the type of people you have attracted into your life, not only romantic partners but also friends and work colleagues, where a reflection of yourself. For instance, if you were working at a job that you hated, you probably have dated a lot of people that hated their job too. Or if you had self esteem issues, you probably attracted people with the same issue. Twin flames in particular, are great reflections of ourselves – they are our mirror!
That’s how energy works, we attract people and events that reflect our energetic frequency – that’s the law of attraction in motion.

Find your wounds

After you dive deep into these questions, you find out that you had hidden core wounds since your childhood which led you to behave and act in certain ways that kept attracting the same type of people and the same type of events or outcomes into your reality. For instance, you might have been betrayed in the past which led you to not trust people in general or adopting avoidant behaviours when you felt you loved someone. You might have also felt that all your relationships were programmed to fail because you thought you were not good enough and your partners would always end up leaving you for “someone better”. This is the most common wound – the feeling of not “being enough”. Do you feel you are enough? Please reflect on this, as it might be the key to start healing and becoming the new version of you.

 Bringing these core wounds to the surface, acknowledging them and being willing to heal them is the key for the new you to be born and that’s when magic starts you happen.

Heal your wounds

Now that you know exactly what has been preventing you from becoming your best self and attracting everything that you deserve, it is time to heal! How do you heal? Well, everyone will have their preferred methods such as asking for help from a friend, family member, therapist, etc, as well as trying twin flame meditation, clearing karma from the twin flame connection, and using techniques to heal a broken heart, let go of the past and limiting beliefs. At the end, all these techniques will help you realise how beautiful and powerful you are, you just need to see what works best for you. I have written many articles on healing and you can check them out as well as some of my twin flame meditations.

As you heal, you notice how the obsessive thoughts about your twin flame that kept haunting you, are not there anymore and you don’t see external things or people as a source of your happiness anymore. You suddenly realize that happiness comes from within you, and what was preventing you from being happy was not the fact that you didn’t have specific things or people in your life but the hidden wounds that you were not aware of, such as the lack of self-love and self-worth.

After you heal and surrender to the process, you notice how amazing things start entering your life, magically! This includes the possibility of twin flame reunion, though many twin flames decide to just be with someone else, like a soulmate. Anything is possible when you believe you are enough, and you take your power back!

Also, it is time to find your mission – your twin flame mission and see how your life transforms.

So, even though there is so much more to be said about this topic, I couldn’t possible put everything in one post. I have written many other articles and created meditations to help you navigate this journey and here are some of the most important I think could help you right now:

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Love and light x

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