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Twin Flames

The Twin Flame Awakening Process: Complete Guide with Tips

August 11, 20227 minute read

The twin flame journey is not an easy process, and it goes through many challenges and twin flame stages. There comes a time in this journey, right after we realize that we had an awakening ourselves, when we start asking “Is my twin flame awake yet?”; “Will they ever awake?”; “Can I help them awake?” If you are at this point, where your mind keeps throwing these questions at you, keep reading as we are going to try to clarify them for you and dive deep into these topics.

Do both twin flames awaken?

Yes, most of the times both twin flames awaken. This is actually one of the purposes of the twin flame journey and twin flame soul contract – to help you wake up and evolve in your consciousness evolution journey. Even when you try to fight it and remain in low levels of consciousness, the universe will find a way to “kick your ass” and open your eyes to what is going on so that you can start doing the necessary work that you came here to do as a twin flame. The twin flame journey is not just about love and romance, we came here as lightworkers to help the planet and mankind evolve.

Although twin flames don’t usually awake at the same time (usually the twin flame chaser wakes up before the twin flame runner), they will both end up finding out that there is so much more that they came here to do.

What happens when both twin flames awaken?

When both twin flames awaken, a world of possibilities suddenly opens for them. Usually this can lead to twin flame reunion, in case both have done the healing work, necessary in any twin flame journey. It is a beautiful moment when everything starts making sense, the twin flame separation and all the pain and suffering involved.

If the twin flames reunite, then they are likely to work together on their mission from this moment onwards and have a great impact in the world.
Even if they decide to go separate ways and choose to not be in physical union, they can do the work separately and find out beautiful soulmates who will become their partners and make them very happy.

Is my twin flame awake or awakening?

Unfortunately, most of the times, the answer is no, they are not awake yet, at the time you ask this question, but they might be in the process of awakening. If you are assuming the role of “twin flame chaser” and they are the “twin flame runner”, then chances are that you are the one who woke up first to the twin flame connection. So, is there any way to find out if your twin flame is awake? Can you feel it?

Can you feel your twin flame awakening?

Many twin flames report that they felt when their twin flame was awakening. They experienced weird symptoms and synchronicities in their lives at that time. They started having vivid dreams and downloads more frequently or they simply felt intuitively, in such a strong way that is hard to understand and explain. This is only possible though, if you have done all the necessary healing work on yourself and have learned how to detach from them. Usually after you detach from any potential outcome of your relationship, and feel healed, that is when you are able to unlock your full potential and intuitive abilities.

How do I know if my twin flame is awakened?

There are a few tell-tale signs of the twin flame runner awakening. If you want to find out if your twin flame is awake yet, check out if you relate to some of the below.

Signs your Twin Flame is awakening

  • You have gone through the all the twin flame stages up to the “Surrender stage” where you don’t feel the need anymore to control any possible outcome of the relationship. You feel genuinely happy and in peace and you wish them to be happy as well. When the twin flame that assumes the “chaser” role reaches this stage, that is usually when the twin flame “runner” has a profound awakening as the act of cutting cords with your twin flame and removing your energy from it, will make them feel a strong pull towards you, which can help them wake up suddenly.
  • You have received information and downloads through vivid dreams where you met your twin flame and they were awake.
  • You have a strong knowing, that you can’t quite explain, that tells you that they are awake. Your intuition is undeniable, and you also keep getting synchronicities through people, events or numbers such as 11:11, in your daily life.

Signs of unawakened Twin Flame

On the other hand, if your twin flame is not awake yet, you will also be able to tell. Here are some of the unawake twin flame signs:

  • You are still super attached to your twin flame and you have not worked on self-love, letting go of the past and healing yourself. You are still giving a lot of energy to the twin flame cord rather than using that energy to focus on yourself. That usually keeps them stuck and asleep for longer.
  • Your twin flame is still stuck in their head or in a fearful state of mind, more focused on toxic or negative energies and adopting self-destructive behaviours.

Dealing with unawakened Twin Flame

So, how can you deal with an unawake twin flame? The most important thing you need to know is that instead of worrying about how to deal with the state they are in, you should focus on yourself and fulfilling your twin flame mission. If you are awake, it is time to work on what makes you happy, follow your purpose and shine your light bright! Twin flames came here to help others with their beautiful and powerful energy, so if you are lucky to be awake, focus on gratitude for having met your twin flame who helped you wake up quicker and surrender to the process. Magical things will happen as soon as you surrender.

Can you awaken your twin flame?

Can you help your twin flame awaken? This is a common question, and the answer is yes! You can help them wake up if you stop focusing on them and focus on your mission and what makes you happy instead. This is the best way to speed up the awakening process. The thing is that this is not easy! You cannot just pretend that you forgot about them and don’t want to be with them anymore, no! It does not work like that. It needs to be genuine! You really need to reach the point where you realize that you will be happy either with or without them and that you are a beautiful soul who deserves love. Getting to this stage can take years if you don’t focus on healing.

Here is a pro tip: Before you completely stop giving energy to your twin flame, do the opposite and take the time to do this guided meditation to help your twin flame heal which will send them positive healing energy.  Then, completely detach and surrender. You have done everything you could, and you need to focus on yourself now.

Love and light x

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