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Light Codes 2023

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Did you know that all beings have light codes but not everyone remembers or have access to theirs? In this post I will try to help you remember and access your light codes in 2023. They are such a powerful tool to assist us with expanding our consciousness and understanding more about ourselves and the universe.

But before we dive deep into it, it’s important to understand what light codes are and what is the difference between light codes and light language.

What are light codes?

Light codes are energy patterns that hold specific energetic frequencies encoded with information from higher dimensional sources.

Every living being is encoded at birth with a specific set of light codes which function as their personal frequency or cosmic fingerprint.  These codes are written in the DNA and contain the blueprint of the soul and ancient healing knowledge so great that it is beyond our spoken language and comprehension.

They are usually dormant in our DNA until we are able to tap into their energetic frequency and awaken the knowledge within ourselves.

Light codes can be transmitted in many ways so, in order to access them we need to understand the specific light language that is being used by Source to communicate with us. Although spoken language is considered by many as a form of light language because it emits an energy pattern, there are other types of light language symbol-based instead of spoken.

What is light language?

Light language is a form of communication from higher dimensional realms.

Just as there are many different languages and dialects on Earth, there are also many different light languages and they can be specific to the person they are meant for.

For instance, light Language can be expressed in the form of binaural beats, physical movement, mudras, audible vocals, drawings or symbols like ancient hieroglyphics and sacred geometry.

All of them tell stories beyond conceptual language waiting to be translated.

Light Language connects with the soul rather than the logical mind. It distributes energy to convey messages that are interpreted by the heart, and soul rather than the programmed mind.

When light language is channelled, it is funnelled through a stream of higher consciousness and decoded through the being who is acting as a conduit for the light codes.

If the light language resonates with the receiver, specific words, sounds or symbols can trigger DNA’s activation. When this happens, people often experience a deep sense of knowing and a longing to know more. It is a powerful experience!

Many believe that they channel light language from other beings from higher dimensions while others say that the communication comes from their higher self. Some believe that it is both.

Are you receiving light codes?

As you move up on your consciousness evolution journey it is common to begin to receive light codes. You might start receiving them in your meditations, during states of heightened awareness or during deep contemplation in nature.

You may experience these frequency patterns manifesting in a more obvious, or subtle way.

Light codes can sometimes show up as perceptible light particles, sounds, feeling sensations, or geometric symbols. A common example of someone receiving light codes is when symbols often appear to them in a repeated way in the centre of the third eye. Sometimes they even get a name for the codes they receive. 

Artists sometimes receive light codes into their artwork visually through colour, or through music and movement.

light codes
light codes

You may also notice a familiar feeling is felt upon receiving a light code as it triggers an awakening and activation within you. Your DNA recognizes the frequencies, and attunes accordingly, providing you with a deep sense of resonance with the message. 

It is essentially about how the information makes you feel rather than what you think about the message coming through. Your emotional body will let you know if you have received a light code.

If you feel that you are receiving light codes, try to record the symbols or sounds as best you can, and ask for more information as you receive it.

How to transmit light codes

In order to access light codes you need to be ready first. Have you been working on yourself? Are you open to explore your ancient ancestral and star lineage’s languages? Are you open to any type of information that might come through?

If you are ready to activate the dormant portions of your DNA, open your third eye, and remind yourself of your mission and true soul essence, then there are a few things you can do to facilitate the process.

Find inner peace

It’s essential to start by entering into a centered and receptive state to receive the light codes that are meant for you. A moment of silence a day can help you entering this state.

Spend time in nature

Being in nature and enjoying the sunlight can be very powerful as it helps with raising your energetic frequency.


You can visualize light codes traveling through your body. There are many free meditations online which help with activating light codes.


It’s essential to detach from any old limiting beliefs, thoughts, habits and reactions that might be weighing you down as these will keep you stuck in dense energy. The “lighter” your energy, the easier it will be to receive light codes.

Love and gratitude

Foster love and gratitude in all your relationships. Be grateful for all you have, including the people in your life. This will help you align with lighter frequencies.


Light codes 2023 and the new Earth

Many in the spiritual community believe that we are experiencing a huge energetic shift from the 3D to the 5D on the planet right now – the birth of the new Earth. Since it started, we have been showered with new light codes and our DNA has been changing and preparing to adapt to these higher frequencies. It is believed that some children are already being born with a completely different type of DNA, able to easily support higher frequencies – hold more light!

Many adults like me and you, lightworkers and starseeds have had to do the hard work to make space for these new light codes, by releasing everything that doesn’t serve us (lower frequencies) and becoming “lighter” – raising our vibration to higher frequencies.

It is essential that we are open to receive these new light codes during this ascension process.

So, are you receiving light codes? We are always surrounded by light codes, and at the end, it is up to us to become attuned to them and allow them into our energetic field, or not.

Love and light x

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  1. no dont think I have been receiving any light codes. But very often in the night I think the light is on and when I open my eyes it’s dark. When I close my eyes its light. Very strange. And I have a tinnitus sound in my right ear most of the time 🙂

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