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The New Earth and the 21st December portal

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It is a very exciting time to be alive!

Many souls, starseeds and lightworkers have come to Earth just to experience the transition to the new Earth and help mankind with the ascension process.

Many souls are awakening to their true purpose right now and realising that they are multidimensional beings having a human experience.

Although each person’s path is highly individual, we do experience similar “spiritual milestones” during our spiritual journeys and have one common denominator above all – LOVE.

Currently we are all going through one of those milestones, a huge collective shift in consciousness, and the beginning of the new Earth.

The New Earth

This shift has been predicted a long time ago by ancient civilizations, psychics, and astrologers who have been trying to prepare us for the great Jupiter Saturn conjunction happening in Aquarius on the 21st December 2020. It is the birth of a new cycle which coincides with the start of the Age of Aquarius.

Many believe there will be a split between 3D and 5D energy and humans will finally start seeing themselves as galactic beings, united as ONE. A great book that talks about this transition and all the beings that came to the planet to help during this time is “The three waves of volunteers and the New Earth” by Dolores Cannon.

Many of us have already been feeling this shift through the changes in our personal lives and in the world around us as well. It is the “fall of the patriarchy” and the shift from a focus on the ego mind to LOVE.

Scientists have been observing the sudden changes on the Earth magnetic field which even led to navigation GPS having to be updated in order to adjust to these changes that are occurring on the planet.

The planet is being showered with light codes to support the ascension.

If you have awakened and are already undergoing the ascension process (if you are reading this blog, then you probably are) you might have been feeling the changes in your life, including in your own body, as there is a massive DNA upgrade occurring. This upgrade will allow us to hold more light in our bodies. That’s why 2020 has been such an important year, where many of us have been doing a lot of shadow work, to get rid of the baggage that no longer serves us, and make space for new stuff – more light, more LOVE. It has not been an easy process, and you might even have been suffering from body discomfort and some mysterious health conditions (for instance joint pain is a common one) that suddenly show up and suddenly disappear.

Get Ready for the New Earth

More than ever, it is essential to stay truthful to your path and keep the vibration as high as possible in your thoughts and actions. (Check out the Hawkins scale of vibration to find out at what level you are resonating.) The energy that we are embodying at this pivotal time, will be amplified as we enter this new portal on the 21st December. If you are vibrating on a low energy frequency, you will struggle during this shift and on the crucial next years as this transition unfolds. If you are already staying truthful and listening to your higher self, vibrating on the LOVE frequency rather than FEAR, then not only this shift will feel easier, but you will also see how quickly and easily you start manifesting your dream life.

Although it might look difficult to stay centered and calm during this period due to all the madness you see happening around you, it is crucial to try to stay grounded and not let yourself be engulfed by all the negative energy that others might try to project on you.

You can join some of the beautiful meditations that are being organised globally right now, especially during the eclipses time, to help with receiving and integrating the light codes that are coming to Earth. This will help you personally and at the collective level.

If you are a gridworker lightworker or an energy transmuter lightworker, you might have been doing a lot of clearing and transmuting work lately which can be exhausting, so make sure that you are also taking good care of yourself and protecting your energy.

You will notice that some people will “mysteriously disappear” from your life during this transition, as unfortunately, many people will still be stuck in the 3D energy as they refuse to do the inner work and raise their vibration. This doesn’t mean that something bad will happen to them and they will physically leave the planet, no! This split will occur in more subtle ways, most of the time. You might just notice that some people either move to a different city and you are not able to see them as often, or suddenly you just feel a complete disconnect from someone and you don’t feel the need to reach out to them anymore.

This is because if you are raising your vibration high enough, you will be attracting more people that resonates at the same frequency. This is a beautiful thing! You will attract more people from your soul tribe and your life will be surrounded by pure LOVE.

It is a very exciting time, so remember to stay positive, calm, loving and in peace.

Love and Light x

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