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Twin Flames

Release Karma from Twin Flame Connection

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Being in love with a twin flame, is a wonderful experience. It completely shifts your reality. However, it can cause a lot of pain too. (Check out “Twin flame separation pain – why does it hurt so much”) Twin flame connections are not meant to be easy as they carry heavy karma from other lifetimes. They also serve a very specific purpose and manifest in your life to wake you up and help you remember who you truly are – a spiritual and multidimensional being, having a human experience. They are your fast track ticket to enlightenment.

Twin flame relationships will always face many obstacles and go through many twin flame stages, including the twin flame awakening, as they trigger your deepest hidden wounds. And that’s ok. That’s the purpose of these twin soul contracts.

They will bring all your deepest wounds to the surface so that you can heal them.

More often than not, the twin flame karma and negative energies will cause separation in the twin flame relationship to push twin flames to awake. This period apart is essential for both the twin flame runner and the twin flame chaser to have time to work on themselves, do the necessary healing and release the karma from the twin flame connection.

Staying in an unhealthy energy, overwhelmed by memories and obsessive thoughts is not sustainable, and there is a point where twin flames start questioning why can’t they forget their twin flame? That’s when the clearing work usually starts.


Clear Karma from Twin Flame Connection

If you are dealing with twin flame separation or a blockage in your twin flame connection, you will need to do clearing work and release any negative karma.

The first step is to find out what’s the hidden wound behind the blockage that you’re facing in the relationship. Every blockage manifest to teach you a specific lesson about yourself. Your twin flame is only the mirror and the trigger with the purpose of helping you evolve in your consciousness evolution journey. Of course, your twin flame will also have their deepest wounds to heal but you need to focus on your own. By focusing on your wounds, you will indirectly help your twin flame heal their wounds as well.

The best way to heal yourself and release karma from a twin flame connection is to work on self-love. The ability to love yourself unconditionally is the most powerful healer for any relationship. The more you love yourself, the more love you will receive from others, including from your twin flame.

Self-love implies releasing any potential outcome of your twin flame connection and focusing on yourself. The more you focus on yourself, the more you help your twin flame heal as well, and the more you align with each other, opening doors to twin flame reunion.

Twin Flame karmic clearing meditation

Take time to practice gratitude. Appreciate how blessed you are for having met your twin flame. Appreciate all the moments you have spent together as well as all the lessons you’ve learned. These are just as beautiful and powerful.

You are now stronger. You are now wiser. You are now more compassionate. You are now more confident. Keep that in mind.

No external events can take away your sense of self-worth. You are a beautiful loving being and you are loved unconditionally. Never forget that you are enough!

Use your free time to do things that make you smile – be with your friends and family; read a book; take that online course; learn something new; do that makeover; help someone in need, etc. By focusing on yourself, you create your reality.

According to the Law of Attraction, you have the power to bend your reality. You are a magician who manifests dreams with thoughts. Your thoughts are positive and resonate at the highest frequencies of love.

You can attract everything you focus on and that’s why you need to allocate your energy to positive thinking. Allow your thoughts to be kind, compassionate and loving. Allow them to be pure unconditional love towards yourself, your twin flame, the collective and the planet. Realise that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and facing different challenges. You and your twin flame are on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Feel compassion for yours and their struggles.

Surrender and accept whatever lessons you need to learn from the twin flame connection and be grateful for the experience. Try to remind yourself every day, how blessed you are for just waking up in the morning and feeling your heart beating.

Release the karma, release all the negative thoughts, negative feelings, and focus on the present moment. Enjoy every moment fully, as the present unfolds. The present is all that exists.


Love and light x

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