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Twin Flame Guided Meditation – Healing And Reconciliation Meditation

January 11, 20203 minute read

Welcome to this twin flame meditation for healing your twin flame’s connection.

Before you click on the twin flame meditation video below, keep in mind that twin flames are always connected in higher dimensions of consciousness. The separation that you think you experience in the third dimension, where we live in, is only an illusion.

This illusion has the purpose of helping you awake quicker and remember who you truly are!

A twin flame journey is part of your consciousness evolution journey.

Not everyone meets a twin flame in this third dimension. If you have met a twin flame, it means that you have agreed on a soul contract, before coming to Earth, that you were ready to evolve and move to the next level on your soul’s journey.

Twin flame encounters are powerful triggers that help you learn faster, in this school we call planet Earth. They help you with finding your soul’s purpose by connecting to your higher self and accessing higher levels of knowledge from other dimensions.

You and your twin flame have agreed, to working together, on behalf of the collective one, to raise the collective consciousness. This doesn’t mean that all twin flame connections will be physical on the third dimension. It always depends on the alignment of energy between both of you. This alignment will only happen when both souls have done the necessary inner work to heal all past negative energies and let go of all the attachments to the idea of getting into physical union. Your beautiful mission will only be fulfilled when you are able to completely release yourself and surrender to the Universe.


Twin Flame Meditation

I hope you enjoy this twin flame healing meditation. So let’s get started! Turn off the lights, put your headphones on, and close your eyes. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, or lying in bed.

Breathe deeply and let yourself go!

Twin Flames Guided Meditation – Healing And Reconciliation Meditation 

I hope this twin flame meditation helped you somehow. Remember to love yourself and keep your vibration high ♥️♥️

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Love and light x

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