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Spiritual Awareness: The Gateway to a More Fulfilling Life

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The world is hurting and the majority of us are too. Many of us live most of our lives believing that we ought to grab all the wealth there is in the World in order for us to be happy. In this pursuit  we tend to become focused on the superficial.

All this is happening because most people are not spiritually aware of themselves. If we don’t realize the truth selves and begin the journey of spiritual awakening, joy, peace, and fulfillment, this will continually keep eluding us.

Spiritual Awareness- What is it?

Spiritual awareness is the dynamic shift in consciousness to the realization that you are more than yourself. We are all connected!

It is about appreciating the reality that has not been previously recognized and understanding that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

With such a realization, you begin to understand that the absolute truth is far beyond all the belief system and concepts of mankind.

When you become spiritually aware, the body does not have any control over you except performing all its functions and activities.

Regardless of the emotions you feel, you will not be affected by them because you are filled with love, kindness, and compassion for every human being.

Most importantly, when you become spiritually aware you never stop evolving spiritually because spiritual growth is a lifelong process.

How to Become Spiritually Aware- The Journey

The process of transitioning from your current belief system to being spiritually aware is possible but it’s not easy.

Every person in life does encounter life challenges during their spiritual journey. Sometimes we are faced with roadblocks. Regardless of how your journey to spiritual awareness starts, don’t quit. The journey is long but worth it.

If you embrace this truth and are ready to embrace the process, you need to know that spiritual awareness like all other journey requires some effort. You must continue to persevere to grow spiritually even if you succeed in achieving your spiritual awareness.

Here are some few skills that you will develop on your consciousness evolution journey.

Silence Observance

In the silence of our being, the Universe speaks. Learning to be quiet for a period of time will give you mental strenght to reduce the number of thoughts produced by your mind. 

Creating silence within is an art. It starts with the observance of shorter periods of silence, which can be gradually increased as you progress. Communicating with the super-consciousness requires inner silence. This inner silence requires less inner dialogue.

When you feel silence and peace within, your awareness will be enhanced and you will be able to listen the messages that the Universe is trying to send you.

Judge No One

Some of us hold to very specific standards in life because of our background and external environment. We are most prone to judging other people, events, things or situations in comparison to the standard benchmarks we have firmly established in our sub-conscious mind.

The result of these comparisons creates a lot of internal dialogue within our minds, which is eventually expressed as opinions, views, and perspectives.

When what we judge does not measure up to our benchmarks, it causes a lot of stress and unhappiness within us. However, if we stop judging others we can create inner silence and peace.

Give and Receive

The law of cause and effect is a universal law. What we give to others will come back to us. 

If we give love to others, we too will receive it, If we give happiness to others, we will receive it, and even more abundantly. Give more of what you lack so that you will receive it more. Giving and receiving connects our self with the self of others, which means that we are connecting to the Universe.


Practicing meditation regularly will connect you to the super-conscious realm. Meditation has the power of showing you the marvelous inner world that exists within you. The revelation of such a world through spiritual awareness will enable you to attain and achieve anything you desire that is within the limits and bounds of nature.

Spiritual Growth Is an Ongoing Process

You are considered to be spiritually aware when there’s a dynamic shift in your consciousness. As a spiritually enlightened person, you identify with the soul but perform all the functions and activities with the body. You exhibit the attitude of a detached observer. This means that you are not negatively affected by your emotions because of your abundance of positive energies such as love, empathy, kindness, and compassion towards all. You sincerely accept that whatever occurs in your life is somehow beneficial to your journey.

You will learn that when you become spiritually awakened, you will never be fearful of losing anything in life since you have realized that all worldly things are impermanent. 

The path to spiritual growth is unending and does continue to take place even after you have attained spiritual enlightenment.

Don’t forget to mend the bridge behind you because there are others after you. Kindly share your experience with us as you take this adventure so other readers will be inspired by your journey.

Love and light x

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