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Twin Flames

Twin flame mission

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Meeting a twin flame can be the most life changing encounter a person can experience. Twin flame relationships are incredibly strong, powerful, and challenging. These don’t have to be romantic relationships, twin flames can be a friend, family member or anyone else who crosses your path. But, they always end up being someone you will never forget due to the role they will play in your life.

So, why do some people meet a twin flame and others don’t? Well, it’s all connected to your life’s mission and soul contract in this incarnation. Twin flames will manifest in your life if they are relevant for your consciousness evolution journey and the lessons you came here to learn.

In this article, we will look at what the twin flame mission is, how do you find yours, and some actual examples of twin flame missions that can help you in your journey.


What is the twin flame divine mission?

The twin flame mission is to love and raise the planet’s and humanity’s frequency. The twin flame love is so powerful that can help in many different ways.  Collectively, twin flames are here to support Earth’s ascension, using the power of love.

Twin flames carry a very high frequency within them, which intensifies after they meet each other. When twin flame reunion occurs, the vibrational frequency of mankind and the entire planet is raised.

It is part of the twin flame’s divine mission and journey, to learn how to love themselves unconditionally as well as every single being around them so that they can serve humanity for the greater good.

The more twin flames evolve, the higher their frequency will ascend and the more the planet will benefit from these frequencies. (Find out your own energetic frequency by checking – The Hawkins scale of vibration)


Do twin flames have the same life purpose and mission?

Twin Flames have a shared life purpose and mission which is to work for the good of humanity and the planet. They will do this by raising their frequency and sharing their light with all who need it. They also have a specific twin flame soul contract.

If twin flames unite physically, then they are able to work on this shared mission in an even bigger and more powerful way.

However, twin flames have their own individual missions which they must accomplish in order to achieve a successful twin flame union.

Sometimes, twin flame union is not possible or not even relevant for their individual mission. In many cases, the twin flame encounter is just the necessary trigger to awaken your untapped potential and push you to grow and evolve spiritually.

Evolving includes healing past traumas and wounds, as well as learning how to develop self-love and love for others. It also involves learning how to be truthful and authentic. That’s what will allow you to share the best version of you with the world.

This is not easy though, and that’s why you need to be triggered and challenged in order to fast-track your growth. That’s when twin flame connections come into the picture.

Twin flame relationships are very challenging and go through many twin flame stages that can be painful, such as twin flame separation. But, at the end of the day, they open up a world of possibilities you never even dreamed of. They lead to an exceptional inner growth and higher planes of consciousness, helping you fulfill your mission.


Examples of twin flame missions

The twin flame divine mission doesn’t have to be related with what one does for work or hobby, but sometimes this will help in the learning process and inner growth. For instance, if you have a specific passion for a particular activity, like teaching, but you always feel as if you are not good enough to teach other people, then improving your confidence and self-worth perception might be part of your mission, and it will relate to that specific job. If you are able to overcome the challenges, you can then follow your dream of being a teacher and help many people through your work, not only through your teachings but mainly because you are being your true self and therefore you have raised your vibrational frequency. This energetic shift is what will help humanity and the planet.

Each individual’s mission combines as a collective.

Twin flame romantic relationships that are successful, can raise the vibration to another level as they unite the divine feminine and divine masculine energies through unconditional love. You might have heard or met these couples who are doing extraordinary things such as working in educational projects together, doing volunteer work together, or creating art together.

At the end it’s all about love! Loving yourself and others.

Here are some examples of twin flame missions:


How do I know my twin flame mission?

The best way to find your twin flame mission is to take the time to go within and be more aware of what is going on inside you. Ask yourself questions such as “What has triggered me in this situation?” or “Why do I feel triggered by this?” or “Is this a recurrent pattern in my life?”
Think about what your twin flame is mirroring in you. Twin flames mirror your deepest insecurities and trigger your deepest wounds. As soon as you realize what these are, then you can start working on your healing so that you can become the best version of yourself and raise your vibrational frequency. If you want to learn how to do this, the best way to start is to understand what twin flame stage you are in and then try a meditation to clear karma from your twin flame connection.

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Love and light x

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