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Twin Flames

The Twin Flame longing

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Longing is at the heart of every twin flame relationship, especially during twin flame separation.

Reporting intense feelings of missing their partner is common amongst twin flames and it can be very painful and overwhelming.

Twin flame relationships are powerful spiritual connections.

When you first meet you feel that you have found “the one” and the person you have been searching for all your life. This is because before entering the earthly realm, you agreed on a soul contract to meet at some point to help speed your consciousness evolution process. Thus, when you meet, you are so determined to make the connection last. Unfortunately, this is not always easy, and twin flames go through many twin flame stages which include experiencing a lot of yearning for each other.


Sudden longing for twin flame

It is not unusual for twin flames to feel a sudden longing for their twin flame even if they are experiencing harmony and happiness in their relationship as this type of agony goes a lot further and deeper than just feelings of guilt, shame or regret. The twin flame longing can be so strong and intense and come up suddenly, without any notice, when you are doing all sorts of mundane activities.

Even in situations where twin flames decided to move on from each other and enter soulmate relationships where they feel happy and fulfilled, sometimes it can happen that some memories show up flashing and looping in their minds accompanied by a sudden longing out of the blue.

If you have been through this, you know what I am talking about. Suddenly you start questioning yourself “what is going on?”, “this doesn’t make sense”, “am I going crazy?”.

The fact is that there are many reasons why you can’t forget your twin flame and I have written an article on that topic in case you want to find out more.

In any case, a sudden longing for your twin flame can feel like it’s unbearable and incapacitating sometimes. You just want to see, touch and talk to them if they are not nearby.

It is important to make a distinction between twin flame longing and obsession though. Many twin flames can get confused on this point and think that their feelings are due to the twin flame bond, when in fact they are in a toxic relationship or clinging to someone with attachment, which is not healthy at all.

It is essential to learn how to distinguish them. The main difference between twin flame longing and obsession is that the first one origins in the soul, and the second one, in the ego.


Why am I longing for my twin flame?

When we are longing for our twin flame, many people will tell us to simply “let go” and move on. However, as a twin flame you know how difficult it is. Even if you consider yourself a strong person, not prone to attachments, you might struggle to let go as you would normally do.

You might start wondering what happened to you and start blaming yourself for not being strong enough.

The thing is that twin flame connections are all about spiritual growth. The purpose of meeting a twin flame is to speed up your growth and put you on your true soul’s path.

In order to trigger this growth, you need to remove blockages, heal old wounds and past traumas as well as learn how to love yourself unconditionally.

Only when you get to that point, twin flame reunion can happen. However, not all twin flames will want to reunite as this depends on their mission in the planet.

So, if you are longing for your twin flame, remember that there is a reason and a higher purpose for why you two met.

This connection had the purpose of shining a light on your insecurities, feelings of inadequacy as well as your deepest fears and everything that you didn’t want to deal with.

It is harsh! But it is necessary for your spiritual growth to happen.

You can learn more about the twin flame awakening process so that you can find a quicker way to heal and navigate the difficulties.


Does your twin flame feel the longing to be together as you do?   

If you have been longing for your twin flame, perhaps you’ve been also wondering whether your twin flame is missing you and yearning for you as well.

Do twin flames yearn for each other?

Well, twin flames have an inbuilt sacred longing for each other. However, twin flames don’t necessarily think about each other all the time. It’s more of being constantly connected and in each other’s energy.

Everything is made out of energy, including your thoughts, emotions and your twin flame connection. This bond is very strong as it shares a divine purpose of growing together in consciousness.

That’s why you tend to gravitate toward each other because your energies match and align.

This energy can manifest in many different ways from feeling your twin flame’s presence, sharing dreams and even twin flame telepathy.

So, remember that even though your twin flame might miss you and yearn for you because the strong energetic bond you share, their deepest wounds such as fear of rejection and lack of self-love can be blocking them from connecting, and triggering them to do the inner work required so that they can grow as well.

Instead of focusing on what they are feeling, you need to focus on doing your inner healing. By healing yourself first, you will automatically be helping them heal as well, due to the shared energetic cord.


The Twin Flame longing and pull

The twin flame longing and pull is an intense experience very common in twin flame relationships. Twin flames yearn for “oneness” and reunion as being apart can be difficult, or downright painful.

Many times you will feel yourself moving in the direction of your twin flame, without even realizing or knowing why. The attraction is intense and magnetic.

When this pull becomes too strong, it can lead to either clinging and trying to “get” your twin flame to commit or act the way you want them to act or to push them away so that you can “escape” from such energy, and free yourself from the pain of the intense pull.

This is when usually one of the twins assumes the role of twin flame chaser and the other assumes the role of twin flame runner.

Find out which role you are currently playing, and you will then be able to deal with the longing and pull in a more manageable way.


What to do if you are longing for your twin flame?

The first thing you need to do if you are longing for your twin flame is to remember that you are a whole and complete soul, not missing any parts of yourself. You are enough, you are beautiful and lovable! You are here on this planet as a spiritual being having a human experience and meeting your twin flame was part of the contract you signed before coming to Earth. Now it is time to focus on the lessons of the experience and learn from it. Think about what you have learned from all the beautiful and difficult moments that you have experienced thanks to your twin flame. What were the wounds that they triggered on you or what were the skills that you found out you had and you have never realized before.

How can you apply all this knowledge on your path moving forward to build a better life not only for you but for everyone around you and the planet?

You have a mission to fulfill, you are here with a purpose, so it is time to work on that and shine your light with others. Your power is immense, embrace it!

Love and light x

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