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Spiritual Awakening Stages, Signs and Symptoms

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Going through a spiritual awakening can be overwhelming, confusing and alienating, but simultaneously the most beautiful experience in your life.

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are on your way to a spiritual awakening or you have just recently awakened.

Welcome to a new world my friend! ?

I truly believe that spiritual awakening is an amazing moment that can come in all different shades and shapes for everyone. As it is so unique, it can leave some people feeling alone and lost with no idea of what’s going on with them.

I remember of my own experience and the specific time when I had no clue why suddenly I felt like a completely different person I could not recognise anymore. I felt like a stranger in my own body and literally thought I had developed a sort of mental disorder. I couldn’t find any other scientific explanation for why in the space of one month, I stopped enjoying the activities I liked doing the most and started enjoying some others that I had never even considered before.

I also suddenly started enjoying completely different foods that I had never liked for decades, I felt a strong need to spend time in nature, I felt an overwhelming compassion for all people and beings, I started enjoying time alone, I started seeking books and knowledge, I developed an aversion to certain negative people and behaviours, I realised I hated my job and quit the next day, among many other sudden changes that led me to believe I had a health problem.

Fortunately, I ended up coming across the term “spiritual awakening” which helped me understand that I was just remembering who I truly was, someone who had always been there asleep, waiting for the right moment to wake up and start fulfilling their mission.

Now I try to help other people wake up to their beautiful consciousness evolution journey.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand a bit more of what might be going on with you.


What is spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening marks the beginning of your consciousness evolution journey. You start to question old beliefs and realise that there is much more to life than what you have been taught.

Suddenly you find out that nothing outside yourself has ever, and can ever, bring you true happiness or abundance.

In this profound revelation, a powerful energy starts moving and transforming you. You start craving for knowledge, healing old wounds, dissolving false beliefs, and shifting towards your truest way of expressing yourself and living your life.

It’s your “wake up call” to life!

It is also the start of the dissolving of the illusion that you are separate from oneness.

Spiritual awakening is the rising of a dimension of reality beyond the confines of your ego – the exclusive sense of self or “I.”

The ego is mostly a set of beliefs, archetypes and behaviours that has the purpose of protecting your human life from specific situations. You acquire these behaviours since birth.

However, they can lead you to live your life on an “autopilot” and unconscious mode.

The ego, also called the lower soul by the Taoists, is in charge when you say things like:

  • “I am Black/White/Indian/Asian”…
  • “I am John/Maria/Jessica”…
  • “I am a manager/salesman/chef/driver”…
  • “I have a car/house/husband/son”…

It’s a possessive state as it experiences itself as separate from everything and everyone else.

The ego is mostly driven by earthly pleasures and survival needs. 

As the process of spiritual awakening unfolds, the ego begins to sublimate to the spirit, the lower soul begins to listen to the higher soul.

This process involves opening the heart center and realising that pursuing earthly things such as money, fame and power, only leads to emptiness. True happiness comes from within.

When does spiritual awakening occur?

Spiritual awakening often occurs at the least expected times and can be triggered by many different life events. Check out the article the spiritual awakening triggers.

One thing is for sure, spiritual awakening happens at the time you need it the most.  

You might experience life changing events such as a divorce, accident, illness, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, etc. Sometimes you might experience several of these at once, as it happened to me.

When it happens, it will make you slow down and re-examine who you are and what your life means to you. While it can be painful and confusing at first, it ultimately leads you to a more meaningful and abundant life, free of negative beliefs and toxic behaviours. When it happens, your expansion begins, and the possibilities are limitless.

As a personal example, I never thought one day I would be writing blog posts in English as it is not my native language and I never felt confident to do it but hey, here I am following my purpose and fulfilling my life’s mission. ?

Spiritual awakening doesn’t mean that you will become enlightened overnight, that’s just the starting point of your journey, the beginning of your spiritual path. 

The path to enlightenment is complex, multi-layered, and different for everyone.

It is a gradual process as the individual begins to see how they bought into a certain way of living and a certain state of mind. 


There’s no one single way to experience spiritual awakening as everyone has their own journey, experiences and states of awareness. However, there are some common signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening that you can check below to help you find out if you are in this process.

Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms

  1. Your behaviour changes suddenly
  2. You start questioning your reality and who you are
  3. You start to desire more time alone
  4. You start slowing down and reflecting
  5. You feel as though life doesn’t make sense
  6. You feel lost and alone
  7. You start craving for meaning and purpose
  8. Most people’s conversations seem shallow to you
  9. You develop an aversion to negative people or behaviours
  10. You start thinking of quitting your job
  11. You feel anxiety and/or depression
  12. You become highly sensitive
  13. You feel the need to become more authentic
  14. You feel the need to change your eating habits
  15. You feel the need to change your lifestyle habits
  16. You feel drawn to nature
  17. You begin experiencing deep empathy towards animals
  18. You start feeling more compassionate about other people
  19. You start caring about the planet and the environment
  20. You want to make the world a better place
  21. You feel a shift in your priorities and values
  22. You feel more curious about random things
  23. You feel a sense of interconnectivity or oneness
  24. You feel more appreciation and gratitude
  25. Your intuition is heightened
  26. You start seeing more synchronicity around you
  27. You feel more wonder towards life
  28. You feel a growing sense of responsibility for your thoughts
  29. You start appreciating the present moment
  30. You start to feel love unconditionally

These are some of the most common spiritual awakening signs that you can experience but there are many more. It’s different for everyone.

Also, there are different spiritual awakening stages that not everyone experiences, or they they might go through them in a different order. The awakening stages can last for different periods of time for different people as well. Nowadays it looks like this process is speeding up for most people and they don’t spend months or years in the same stage. This is because we have entered the age of Aquarius and we are assisting to the birth of the new Earth which is pushing millions of people to awaken quicker.

Spiritual Awakening Stages

The spiritual awakening stages are:

Stage 1 – Chaos

In the first spiritual awakening stage you suddenly wake up due to a spiritual awakening trigger. This can be shocking events such as a divorce; job loss; near death experience, etc.

There are also situations where people don’t even need a spiritual awakening trigger, they just wake up spontaneously, without the need to go through a lot of pain. Many times people just start asking themselves questions such as “There’s got to be more to life than this…” and start seeking for truth which leads them to wake up.

Stage 2 – Bliss

 This is such a beautiful stage where you start experiencing pure bliss just for being alive. You feel so connected to the world as you have never felt before. Suddenly you look at plants, animals and everything around you, with completely new eyes. You develop huge compassion for everyone and everything and realize that everyone is on their spiritual journey. You feel so happy and excited about life and you don’t understand how have you never realized how beautiful everything is. You also start to feel more intuitive, and some of your spiritual gifts might start to come up and surface, which you didn’t know you had!

This stage can last days or weeks.

Stage 3 – The dark night of the soul

After the beautiful Bliss stage, it’s time for the great purge, which is also the most difficult spiritual awakening stage – the dark night of the soul. At this point your soul starts to bring up all the things that need to be healed and released. It can be deep wounds from your childhood, past experiences and even past lives. You can suddenly feel completely lost, go through depression, despair and/or anxiety. This is because your “ego” and the past version of you is “dying”. It needs to die to be born again, just like a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately this is very painful as the ego tends to hold on to everything that looks “familiar” either it is a person or relationship; a job; career; or even general beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world in general.

This stage can last months to years.

Stage 4 – The void

After a difficult period where you let go of everything that was not serving you anymore, you get to a stage where you dive into a void. It is like a “rest period” where your life just pauses and you feel a bit lost, not sure of what to do next after you have transformed into a completely new person.  You feel like you are somewhere in between your old life and your new life. This can lead to a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. At this point the universe might close all the doors on you, so that you can take time to reflect and get your energy back.

This stage can last months or years.

Stage 5 – Grounding

After a lot of rest and reflection, things finally feel like they start to stabilize. You feel so grounded and grown up. You are more mature and emotionally stable. You feel like you are stronger and able to deal with anything so much easier. Your energy system becomes so powerful, and your vibration is so high that you start manifesting abundance with ease.

This is like a more grounded stage of the Bliss phase. You feel connected again and in your full power.

This stage can last years.

Stage 6 – Purpose or life mission

When you get here, you’ve gone through so much and you are able to fulfill your mission, or life purpose! Even if you don’t really know your full mission, you have hints of your path and you walk through it with confidence. You don’t let anything sway you out of your path, you’re rooted!

This will last until the rest of your life!

Check out the deeper explanation of all the spiritual awakening stages in this video by Christina Lopes. Her tips helped me so much during my spiritual awakening and made everything easier to navigate.

Spiritual awakening stages


For those of you reading this and feeling like you have had hints of awakening, keep in mind that this is just the start of a beautiful journey. Now comes the need to clean-up, heal, and expand to higher levels. 

There are many obstacles that can show up during your spiritual awakening such as fear, anger or grief.

Make sure you stay away from negativity and open yourself fully to its potential by learning how to meditate, spending more time in nature, practicing gratitude and smiling more.

Share this message with a friend who is waking up.

Love and Light x

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