Sooner or later, we all must deal with separation in our relationships. Whether through death, life’s circumstances or incompatibilities, separation is part of the human experience. Unfortunately, separation is usually linked to pain, but we eventually learn how to deal with it, as we get older, and end up accepting it as something that helps us grow. When it comes to the twin flame romantic relationship though, separation is not like the typical breakdown. This is one of the most difficult twin flame stages you can experience. You question if you are going mad and why can’t you forget your twin flame?

In this article, we will discuss the twin flame separation stage; how long does it last; twin flame synchronicities during separation; the twin flame separation pain and why is twin flame separation so painful; the twin flame separation sickness and depression; and how do you deal with a twin flame separation.

Twin Flame separation

Meeting a twin flame and being romantically involved in a relationship, is one of the most special and beautiful experiences. Twin flame relationships start with an initial state of bliss. It’s like a fairy-tale story, where everything looks perfect and beautiful. The most common sentence twin flames use to describe the feeling of being in a twin flame relationship is “being home”. It feels as if we are where we belong, as if we have known them all our life. It makes all our previous relationships feel meaningless as if we have always been waiting for our twin, our “one”.

Unfortunately, in a twin flame relationship, the initial blissful connection is usually followed by separation and devastation. As twin flames constantly mirror and trigger each other, egos begin to clash and deep wounds start coming to the surface. As a result, almost every twin flame relationship ends up going through the twin flame separation phase, also known as the “runner and chaser” phase. This is one of the most common stages in the twin flame relationship.

During the twin flame separation stage, one of the twins (usually the one predominantly masculine) – the twin flame runner – gets overwhelmed by the strong connection and suddenly “runs away”. This leaves the other twin – the twin flame chaser – in a state of complete devastation and confusion. It is a profound and life-changing event.


twin flame separation

Why do twin flames separate?

A twin flame relationship is not an easy road and there are so many questions such as “why do twin flames hurt each other?” or “why are twin flame relationships so painful?” that are not easy to answer. However, our soul attracts a twin flame to support our consciousness evolution journey. The twin flame journey is one of the most painful but also most rewarding and growth boosting experiences. Twin flames mirror our deepest insecurities and traumas, bringing them to surface so that they can be identified and healed.

If you are separated from a twin flame, it means you were not ready for twin flame union. Most of the times, the “chaser” thinks that their twin are the ones who were not ready for the connection but in fact, none of them were. As perfect mirrors, twins reflect each other.

If your twin is struggling in a certain area, you will also, in some way, be facing that same issue but just not being aware of it. Subconsciously, there is always something hiding within yourself, that is an exact reflection of your twin.

Let’s say your twin has insecurity issues, have you ever wondered if deep inside, you struggle with being confident? Have you ever wondered if you might have a fear of intimacy or a lack of confidence?

If you are in separation and it looks like the situation between you and your twin is not improving, it means that there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be healed and probably one of the twins still needs to go through the twin flame awakening process.
Although one of the twins is usually more awake than the other, both will have to go on their journeys separately and work towards feeling whole and complete without each other. Only when both are able work on their self love, let go of any potential outcome of the relationship and heal their wounds, they will be in alignment. When this happens, twin flame reunion is then possible.

However, not all twin flame relationships are supposed to be in union in the 3D. Many of them have the purpose of simply waking us up quicker and helping us grow so that we can fulfill a specific mission (the twin flame mission) that we came here to do on this planet.

This is what happened to me personally and some of my friends. After a long and painful period of healing, we ended up finding our mission and then attracting abundance as well as beautiful soulmates into our lives, and experiencing a new wonderful and more mature connection, much better than we could ever imagine. We would have not been able to experience all of this if we had not grown and evolved in our consciousness evolution journey, thanks to the twin flame triggers.

How long does twin flame separation last?

Twin flame separation can last weeks, months and years. In most cases the separation lasts at least a few months. This is because the separation period is when twin flames have the opportunity to heal all the deep wounds that were triggered by meeting each other. The amount of healing and the time needed for that will vary for every twin flame couple. Some twin flames are able to recognize their issues and start working on them very quickly, while others might take years just to realize that they actually have wounds that should be addressed.

As soon as both twins do the necessary healing work, they will be able to align and reunite to build a healthier and stronger relationship.

Twin flame permanent separation

In rare cases, twin flame permanent separation can occur. This is when one or both of the twins decide not to do the necessary healing work which keeps them stuck at a low vibration. There are also cases of twin flames that did the healing work but still decided to not reunite. Instead, they found beautiful soulmates.

There is free will on the planet Earth and we always have the power to decide which path we take, nothing is set in stone, even in twin flame relationships, no matter how powerful they are.

Twin flame synchronicities during separation

During twin flame separation, it is common for twin flames to experience several synchronicities. Here are some examples of twin flame synchronicities:

  • Seeing 11:11 and other repeating numbers
  • Seeing the name of the twin flame in unusual places such as online videos, license plates, ads, etc.
  • Turning the radio on and listening to their song
  • Thinking of them and then receiving a text
  • Dreaming with them and getting answers to a specific question

Twin flame separation pain

Many people has asked me what does twin flame separation feel like. The twin flame separation stage can be very difficult and painful. As someone who has been in a twin flame relationship, I can personally relate to how my clients describe the feeling of separating from a twin flame. It is such an intense twin flame longing and agonizing pain that becomes almost incapacitating. It feels that all our hopes and dreams have been crushed. We feel empty, profoundly hurt and lost. The pain of being separated from our twin flame engulfs us from within, shattering our entire life. It’s an unbearable loss and it feels like there is nothing in life that can quite compare to this deep and painful suffering. The twin flame separation pain is indeed, one of the hardest things humans can experience.

If you are wondering how does the twin flame runner feel during separation, and if they feel the same pain than the “chaser”, the answer is yes. The “runner” also goes through a lot of pain during separation as they also have their wounds to heal, which were triggered by the twin flame relationship.

Twin flame separation sickness

Twin flames in separation also report sudden and unexplained physical pain and illness during the separation stage. Some of the most common twin flame separation symptoms that people describe are problems in the solar plexus area and stomach pain. Many people also mention chest pain. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, make sure you still check with your doctor as it might be something serious that needs your attention.

Twin flame separation depression

Twin flame separation depression is also very common and it can be experienced by both twins, not just the “chaser”. As the “chaser” struggles with missing their twin and, most of the times, lack of self-love as well, among many other deep emotions, the “runner” tries to suppress their feelings which often leads to depression. Not being able to accept their own emotions can have deep and harmful consequences to one’s mental health.
If you are experiencing the twin flame separation depression, please reach out for help and try some of the tips that I am sharing below. Depression is very serious and should not be ignored.

How to overcome the pain from twin flame separation

During twin flame separation, pain becomes unbearable and we wonder if it will ever go away. The answer is yes! The pain will go away as soon as we learn the lessons that we were supposed to, at the right time. A twin flame separation is not the end of your story, it is just the beginning of a new phase in your consciousness evolution journey.

The intensity of the pain from the twin flame physical separation can be managed by the inner strength that you will grow from within as you take back your power. You become stronger as you start learning how to love yourself more and more.

Heal twin flame separation pain

Here are some tips to overcome the pain from twin flame separation.

Develop Self-love

Remember, in order to love others, you need to love yourself first. This means accepting yourself as you are, a beautiful soul having a human experience on Earth. Be your best friend, and appreciate some time alone, enjoy your own company.


Surrender to the soul lessons that you are supposed to learn. Surrender to self-love. Surrender to the current circumstances and allow your twin to “run”. Just love them for whom they are without judgement and regardless of the pain you feel. Accept that everyone is on their own consciousness evolution journey, learning their own lessons, at their own time. Be gentle, allow them to learn and grow without conditions or expectations. 

Raise Your Vibration

The universe exists in energy and vibrations. When you are vibrating at lower frequencies, you attract negative events and people into your reality, this is the Law of Attraction. As you let go of obsessive thoughts, heal and connect with your higher self, you raise your vibration which will help you feel fulfilled and happy. Your energies with your twin will also begin to align, because there will be no despair energies just love. You can raise your vibration by practicing yoga, praying, and meditating. Try this guided meditation for healing twin flame connection

Have Gratitude

The pain from a twin flame separation is so intense that you stop enjoying everything else in your life. It’s essential to be grateful for everything in your reality, whether big or small. Firstly, be grateful for having met your twin flame as you don’t have that chance in every life time. Then, be grateful for the good times you spent together and for the lessons they taught you and how they’ve made you stronger.

Follow Your Dreams and Goals

One of the common outcomes from a twin flame relationship is waking up to your soul purpose. Find out what really motivates and drives you. What are you most passionate about? Then, work on a plan to follow your hopes and dreams. There is nothing more fulfilling and also more attractive to both you and your twin flame, than being on your soul’s path.

Eat a Healthy and Clean Diet

Following a healthy diet and taking care of your body is essential for your consciousness evolution journey. Food also carries energy that can lower or raise your vibration. Clean eating keeps your physical body in the best state for evolving and attracting a more positive reality. Try to eat more vegetables, fruits and stay away from processed foods. Eat foods to their most natural and whole state. Check out how to raise your vibration with high vibration foods.

Try Positive Affirmations

Positive love affirmations are a good tool to help you developing self-love and changing negative behaviours. The most powerful affirmations start with “I am” such as:

“I am loved”

“I am confident”

“I am healing”

“I am attracting love”

“I am powerful”

“I am beautiful”

Check out Affirmations for healing a broken heart.

I hope this article helps you somehow with overcoming the immense pain you’re experiencing from your twin flame separation. Remember, your twin flame is not responsible for your happiness. You don’t need your twin flame in order to be happy. You are whole and complete. You are a beautiful and unique soul on a consciousness evolution journey. Wholeness and fulfilment come from within.


Share this message with a dear soul dealing with twin flame separation pain right now.

Love and Light x