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Hadarian Starseed

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As our planet goes through a huge transition period – the birth of a new Earth – more and more old souls have volunteered to come down here and help humanity. They come from different planets, star systems and universes and  the most common are the Pleiadians, Sirius, Andromedans, Arcturians, Lyrans, Orions and Avians.

In this article we will discuss the spiritually advanced Hadarians.

What is a Hadarian Starseed?

Hadarians are one of the rarer starseeds. Like a few other races, they have completely relocated their civilization away from their home planet. These starseeds are known for their great capacity of love and compassion, and are known to express this to almost extreme levels once incarnate on Earth. They are beautiful souls who are a huge asset to the Earth’s ascension!

These starseeds take pride in their lack of reliance on technology in order to be in service to each other and may find themselves during their Earth experience to be less interested in tech. This is unlike the more advanced races who love their various gadgets once incarnate. This may however slightly vary depending on other influences on the individual starseed.

The Hadarian energy is that of a vast ocean of lovingness, even compared to many other famously empathetic races. This is a mixture of two forces at work, one being a natural cultural and spiritual evolution of selfless love in their home star system, mixed with the very human genetic influence of compassion. 

This gives them a great “threshold” of selflessness, where they may help those in need without much desire for return. This is almost incomprehensible to more logically oriented observers. One may call this self-sacrifice, however, they do not feel taken advantage of as they often very consciously choose to give to this extent.

Imagine a teacher who never gives up on an especially problematic child at school. Hadarians have this kind of energy!

There is a deep love in these starseeds, not only for people but for all things. This energy is very radiant. For those who cannot bear the light it can be almost irritating or blinding.

As these starseeds come from a star system which is very diverse, you will find little to no bigotry in them. People of different races or religions are not a novel, or difficult thing to get used to at all for Hadarians. They adapt to new people easily, and welcome people from very different backgrounds into their lives with ease.

Even though they have strong service to others philosophy, they have very little judgement for those who do not agree. They are often of the opinion that everyone has the capacity to change, or everything will get better with time, patience and effort. This opinion of course is not shared with everyone, who often find this to be naive. Other times they will perhaps incarnate with a contract with another more reserved soul who acts as a “guardian” to ensure these kind souls are not exploited.

The entire philosophy of Hadarians is to give without expectation of return, while believing the Universe will look after your needs. It is a loving purity which is quite rare on Earth. This makes them excellent role models and teachers for younger or traumatised souls, still struggling to let go of the desires and whims of the ego.


Hadarian Starseed Origin

Hadarians come from planet Hadar in the triple star system of Beta Centauri,  about 391 light-years away from Earth and part of the Centaurus constellation. It has a total of seven to seventeen planets in total (not quite known) which are quite diverse in their populations. These planets hold reptilians, amphibians, insectoids and humanoids alike. The humanoid population, known to us as the Hadar, but may be also called the Dahl are the Hadarian star seeds which we know of here on Earth. These Dahl, like most humanoids spread across the galaxy, originate from the Lyran system, many many years ago.

These entities have an interesting origin, coming from a planet which was enjoying basically utopia conditions. They lived in a society of complete selflessness and love without the stresses of tribalism or war.

For some reason however, war came to them and they were invaded. The species which invaded them is speculated by many but it is not explicitly clear. We can, of course, make some good guesses!

The reason for invasion is unclear however it is assumed the immense love and harmony in this world was desirable prey for entities who feed off negativity. To take a pure and loving spirit and transmute this energy into fear is greatly nourishing for those who have chosen this negative path of spiritual understanding. The purer the better. Of course the Hadarians were quite unique in their very undistorted, radiant, loving energy and thus were very “appetising”.

At this time there was little local “security” in that star system, much unlike the security we enjoy here on Earth without realising. It is said Earth is surrounded by over 1 million ships and has a local Federation of Worlds whose members speak through many active channellers here on Earth.

Following their rescue (facilitated by benevolent entities), this species accumulated some trauma and karma which needed resolution. Their former planet was considered an unsuitable place to do so and Earth is widely known as the most effective planet on this side of the galaxy for experience. This is considering how the illusion of physicality is so vivid and heavy here, allowing for an intense experience of energetic manifestation, giving souls a great opportunity to resolve any inner issues. By comparison, their home planet would have provided little opportunity to confront their karma or trauma, as it was almost too “quiet.”

Interestingly, the karma of this civilization was more or less completely resolved and after this point they decided to stay here on Earth. They act as normal wanderers or starseeds, aiding in the spiritual evolution of Earth humans. Considering the nature of this civilization, this is hardly surprising!

Many Hadarians may remember this experience of captivity or it may sound familiar to them, however they are not bound by it. In fact, this experience gave them more optimism! They know no matter how bad or hard things get, it will always get better.


Hadarian Starseed Mission

The Hadarian mission is to spread their loving energy in various, dynamic ways. This energy is very needed on Earth as spiritually we are understanding the lessons of unconditional love, which may be compared to an environment of the green ray chakra. This is just as the experience of ego and the will may be understood as the environment/dimension of the yellow ray chakra.

Their energy is used in two ways. One; as a passive radiator of love which raises the overall vibration of the planet. Much like how you enter a room and a “vibe” can be felt, an entire planet also has its own “vibe” or feeling, serving as an accumulation of the many frequencies and states of consciousness on our world.

Unfortunately the overall frequency of our planet is fear, wanting help and a desire to survive. Benevolent starseeds are basically acting in according to their philosophy, which is serving those who are in need.

The second way the loving Hadarian energy may be used is to help people on an individual level while incarnate. Hadarians are particularly drawn to those who are in great pain and in need of serious help. The more in need, the better! They are undaunted by those in great suffering, willing to give a great deal to aid them. This of course may be draining if done too recklessly, and Hadarians may often incarnate with a soul-partner of sorts which will encourage balance in the expenditure of energy.


Hadarian Starseed Appearance

These entities are humanoid, originating from the human seed colonies within the Lyra constellation. However, like many humans on various corners of the universe, they evolved and greatly changed in their appearance after migration to other worlds and stars.

The Hadarian species interestingly somewhat resembles the species shown in the famous Avatar movie by James Cameron. They have the same cat-like nose, blue-ish skin and pointed ears as the alien species in this movie.

Hadarians however have much larger eyes, like other humanoids in other systems and are shorter than Earth humans in general. You may say they are a blue elf-like species.

The appearance between men and women differed but not in a way that can be easily described or understood. Similar to how men and women differ in how feminine and masculine they physically look on Earth, Hadarians have a similar differentiation- though of course appropriate to their planetary context.

This appearance was of course the result of their planetary evolution and now that they have more or less completely vacated this world, their appearance is generally that of the Earth human.

Here on Earth they may take the appearance of virtually any race, gender or body type on any corner of the world.


Hadarian Starseed Traits

Still unsure if you’re a Hadarian starseed? See if any of these traits resonate with you!

  • All about love, love and more unconditional love. Some may even consider it to be “a bit much”.
  • Do not understand the big deal about racial and religious differences. Very little unconscious bias towards those who look or act different to you.
  • Incarnated in a situation where someone in your life is extremely difficult or in pain and everyone aside from you seems to give up on them.
  • Attract people who like to take advantage of you.
  • Feel happier and more fulfilled while being in a romantic relationship (no matter how unhealthy the person!)
  • Do not care very much about technology.
  • Do not care very much at all about money or financial success.
  • Find themselves drawn to the humanitarian sector or “people helping” sectors.
  • Optimistic to the point of being seen as illogical. You may be on a sinking ship, still certain things will work out somehow!  


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Love and light x

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