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Spiritual awakening triggers – What leads to spiritual awakening?

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It is evident that the Planet is ramping up its vibration and with it, is bringing the vibrational uplift of humanity as well.

The late Dolores Cannon did talk often about the awakening event that was imminent and how it will affect us all on Earth. This event known as, “The great awakening”, started a few years ago and will last for many more, each year becoming more intense.

Spiritual awakenings are overwhelmingly positive encounters. They are encounters of joy with our higher self, in which we start seeing reality at an elevated level of consciousness, feeling inner abundance and deep connection with others and our environment. 

A spiritual awakening will change your life in such a way, that your mind could never imagine!


What leads to spiritual awakening?

Traumatic events, misfortune, testing encounters and life threatening situations have been known to be somehow connected to spiritual awakening. Some professionals in energy healing often talk about how most of their clients have experienced actual physical events, such as a life-threatening car accident or a fall that could have taken their life. Also, events such as a job loss, family member loss or a broken romantic relationship. These people often talk about a feeling of deep-rooted emotional disturbance that they suddenly are having to work through. They also mention that experiencing those events has brought together a deep understanding of self after. But there are other triggers that can lead to this life changing moment on your journey.

Let’s look at some triggers of spiritual awakening.





An overwhelming number of people will tell you that their own spiritual awakening came in their late 40’s to early 50’s and that it was apparently brought on by a life changing event that caused a measurable amount of contemplation into their life. They specifically talk about how a reflection into the first 50 years of their life ended up showing them that their life seemed to be a waste and had amounted to nothing that resulted in doing anything for other people.

Such a contemplation can have a deep-rooted effect on those who are naturally compassionate and can result in an immediate change in how they live their life, which then gives way to a great spiritual awakening.



Alister Hardy, who built up the “Religious Experience Research Unit” at Oxford University in 1969 dissected the triggers of spiritual or religious encounters. He found that the most widely recognized trigger was ‘misery and sadness.’ 18% of the encounters were evidently activated by this, contrasted with 13% by reflection.

Losing a friend or family member, or breaking up a romantic relationship can be such dramatic events and cause such immense pain that lead some people to spontaneously awake.


Life-threatening events

Surviving a car accident or a heart attack are just a couple of examples of life-threatening events that can change the way you look at life. These can be so powerful to the point of triggering a spiritual awakening.

When the mind starts producing thoughts of,  “what if”, such as, “what if I died tonight, what would my life have amounted too?” there’s no doubt that these thoughts have the power to change someone’s life drastically by calling them to their own individual mission and path.

People who had near death experiences often come back with a similar message:  Love everyone and don’t take life so seriously!

Suddenly they start talking about the fact that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that our purpose is to LOVE ourselves and everyone as if we are ONE. This is the most important and life changing realisation people have after a spiritual awakening.


Seeking justice

In many cases, the awakening process begins with seeking justice and truth.

For instance, you may feel upset with how those in power are seemingly working against the best interests of humanity and you have a strong desire for justice and fairness for everyone.

You might be led into the metaphysical field and start to gain a greater feeling of an overall awakening of society which will then lead to your own spiritual awakening.


Books and Videos

For many people, a specific book, video or movie can lead to their awakening process. You might randomly come across a specific spiritual book at someone’s house or a YouTube video that pops in the playlist you are watching. As soon as you have contact with a specific type of content, it can immediately feel as if you have finally found the answers you were seeking for some old and deep questions. You will feel and be 100% sure that what you just read/listened/saw is 100% correct and that feeling can lead to a spiritual awakening.


Being in the presence of awaken people

If you know a spiritual teacher or a friend or family member who has already awakened, it is more likely that you will be able to awake as well. Just by being in the presence of one who is already awake some have found it much easier to change their perspective on life and access higher states of consciousness.



Meditation teaches you how to be aware of your thoughts, acknowledge them, accept them, embrace them and release them whenever needed. It helps you to learn how to live in the Present and enjoy each moment fully.

Many people experience a Kundalini awakening during the practice of meditation as this is one of the most powerful tools you can use while pursuing the path of enlightenment.


Psychic experiences

Other people may see UFO’s or have psychic experiences such as seeing ghosts, which can also change their perspective on life and may lead to their awakening. These are very powerful triggers of spiritual awakening and usually after these events, people are not able to go back to their previous perspectives on life.


What to do after a spiritual awakening

A spiritual awakening can be overwhelming and there is usually a misunderstanding about what is actually happening. In any spiritual awakening it is advisable to seek expert spiritual support to gain as much of an understanding as possible as you start contemplating on your life towards awakening.

It is imperative to comprehend the best way for dealing with these situations and utilize them for your consciousness evolution journey. You will need to learn that painful and traumatic events can occur for you and not to you, which is not easy to accept. This implies learning how not to think of yourself as a victim of the Universe. Instead, you will learn how to see yourself as someone who can use events to advance and awaken spiritually. This is the point at which the lessons become something beyond a training and with such force that they can take you to the next shore. In Buddhism it is taught that the “next shore” is a spiritual advance to the deeper path.

What about you? Tell us about what have triggered your spiritual awakening.

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Love and light x

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