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Affirmations for healing a broken heart

January 23, 20205 minute read

Did you and your loved one just go separate ways? We’ve all been there and experienced the dull ache of heartbreak. 

It’s such a difficult and painful experience that wounds us deeply.

In the midst of our pain, we grief, cry out and wish there were something to take the hurt away, but when we are suffering from a broken heart, it looks like there is nothing.

The World may seem like it’s crumbling around us and it’s so easy to have limited faith in brighter days.  

The intense grief we experience at the end of a relationship may even blind us from seeing and honouring who we really are.  

Then it becomes even harder to move forward if we completely forget our own worth.

That’s why it is necessary to remember that our thoughts can help or hinder our ability to heal and build ourselves up.

Cure for heartbreak

There is no guaranteed cure or way to avoid having a heartbreak. The more chances you take on relationships, the more people you grow to love, the more chances you are going to be hurt. Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in the article How to heal a broken heart,  “Loving is always a risk, but I found that it is an even bigger risk not to love at all.”

Also, when people think of heartbreak, the idea of finding meaning or anything beneficial from it seems contradictory.

But whether it’s a breakup or divorce, an ex soulmate or twin flame, there is also more to be found, depending on how you hold the thoughts around it.

Our thoughts are the most powerful tool to change everything that comes after the heartbreak. The goal is to become more mindful of them, as they powerfully impact our everyday experience and ability to heal.

If after experiencing sadness and grief, we allow ourselves to be broken and grief, a great transformation can then take place. In the midst of the pain, we become more accepting and open. Our broken heart becomes an open heart!

Endings are also beginnings!

Recovering from heartbreak

When we have a broken heart, all we want is for the pain to pass and for our heart to heal quickly, but sometimes, it just takes time. How much time, exactly, varies from person to person.

However, once the initial crying and grief are finished, it’s time to refocus our thoughts and let them manifest hope to our sorrow. Don’t you dare start thinking no one will ever love you again. Choose your thoughts wisely. You can go from grief to peace!

I know it’s hard to think positive but happiness is in there waiting for you.

Happiness comes from within and we don’t need anyone to extract happiness from, we are complete beings and are able to find happiness inside us.

Keep in mind that a broken heart is an open heart to love and happiness!

Affirmations for healing a broken heart

Visualizing yourself in that place of happiness and healing can really do wonders for yourself. Mantras and positive affirmations for healing a broken heart can help to remind you of just how amazing you truly are!

(Check out this article if you want to learn about the difference between mantras and affirmations)

Positive Affirmations can help you refocus your thoughts. You can use the power of positive affirmations for healing a broken heart and reducing the emotional pain you are experiencing. They also have the power to help rewire your brain to create a long-term positive change that can help you moving forward.

By choosing your thoughts wisely, for instance, choosing positive thoughts instead of negative ones, you are also remembering that you deserve love, raising your vibration and taking charge of your life.

It’s time to fall in love with yourself again!

So, if you are currently in the throes of a heartbreak and need a little help to get through this tough time, here are some positive affirmations for healing a broken heart.

Look in the mirror with determination and certainty and repeat them when you are feeling sad or lonely.  Allow them to remind you of who you really are so you can move forward and attract a new person into your life when the time is right!

  1. I have power over my own life
  2. I am loved
  3. I am whole on my own
  4. I love myself unconditionally
  5. I am releasing the past
  6. I matter
  7. I am enough
  8. I have a lot to offer
  9. I forgive myself
  10. I forgive my ex
  11. I am grateful for the lessons
  12. My wounds are healing
  13. I am becoming stronger
  14. I enjoy spending time with myself
  15. I am free to be the best version of me
  16. I am capable of loving again
  17. I am excited about this new beginning
  18. I am excited to start my new life
  19. I am healing more and more every day
  20. I attract positive and healthy relationships

Also check the free ebook 30 affirmations to attract love.

Affirmations for healing a broken heart

Love and Light x

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