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What is a Starseed?

November 14, 201913 minute read
What Is A Starseed

Have you ever felt a sense of misplacement, as if you were an “alien” dropped here on Earth without a compass, just longing for the stars and wanting to go back home? There might be a reason for that.  You might be a Starseed, sent here on a mission to benefit humanity.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds, also known as star people, are highly intelligent souls whose origin lies outside of the Earth plane. It is believed that Starseeds originate from far-distant stars, planets, galaxies, alternate dimensions and parallel universes. These are highly evolved and old souls who carry a plethora of wisdom deep within the core of their being.  They’ve incarnated on this planet as volunteers to seed a new consciousness and to assist earth into the Golden Age. Their mission is to serve mankind, bring light and knowledge to help steer the world in the right direction.

They play very important roles in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

However, Starseeds are not aware of their true identities and mission until the moment of their “starseed activation”.

Starseeds are often confused with moonchildren. The main difference is that Starseeds have stronger connections to different star systems while moonchildren have strong connections to the moon. To learn more check out starseed vs moonchild.



The Origins of Starseed Theory

The belief in Starseeds can be traced back to the New Age movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which was characterized by a focus on spirituality and the occult. The term “Starseed” was first coined by Brad Steiger in his 1975 book, “Star People.” Steiger’s book popularized the idea that some individuals are not native to Earth and have their origins in other star systems.

Notable figures and movements that have popularized the idea of Starseeds include the spiritual teacher and author, Barbara Marciniak, who has written extensively on the topic, and the spiritual movement known as the “New Age” or “Ascension.”

Starseed Races and Traits

Starseeds possess certain physical and psychological characteristics that set them apart from the general population. These include a strong sense of not belonging on Earth, an innate understanding of spiritual concepts, and a heightened sensitivity to energy. Starseeds have a connection with ancient civilizations as well as a strong sense of purpose.

Some of the physical characteristics associated with Starseeds include a slender build, large eyes, and a high forehead. Psychological characteristics associated with Starseeds include a tendency towards introversion, a love of solitude, and a deep sense of empathy.

Starseed Main Traits
Pleiadians Peaceful, empathetic, sensitive, artistic, and intuitive.
Sirians Intelligent, analytical, logical, and technology-oriented.
Lyrans Creative, passionate, independent, and adventurous.
Andromedans Wise, spiritually advanced, and compassionate.
Arcturians Highly evolved, wise, healing abilities, and visionary.
Orions Strong-willed, warrior-like, ambitious, and adventurous.
Reptilians Controversial, intelligent, complex, and secretive.
Alpha Centaurians Curious, scientific-minded, and exploratory.
Avians Harmonious, peaceful, and freedom lovers.
Mintakans Inventive, scientific, and have a thirst for knowledge.
Venusians Gentle, loving, spiritual, and connected to nature.
Hadarians Curious, exploratory, with diverse abilities and traits.
Polarians Peaceful, compassionate, and focused on unity and harmony.

Starseed awakening

Starseeds experience a total amnesia to their true identities as they are born, however, they have a programmed “alarm clock” or “activation switch” inside of them that will unlock their knowledge at a pre-determined or spontaneous time on earth allowing them to fulfil their specific mission.

This knowledge can, for instance, hold clues on ways to advance the planet and create new technologies or help struggling civilizations. An awaken starseed is able to access this information from other dimensions by vibrating at very high frequencies.

These spiritual awakenings can have different triggers and occur in different ways. In some cases it can happen gradually and be very calm and serene but in others it can be a very abrupt and intense event. Through their awakening of consciousness, Starseeds recall where they come from by regaining memories about their mission. They also connect with their starseed orgins and past lives while experiencing an increase or development in their intuition and/or psychic abilities.

You can learn more about how to develop and strengthen your starseed abilities if you are going through this phase.

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Starseed challenges

Starseeds have unique challenges and experiences that are different from those of “Earth-born” humans. Some of the main challenges that starseeds may face include:

  1. Difficulty fitting in and feeling like they belong on Earth: Starseeds may feel like they are “aliens” in a sense, as they may have a difficult time relating to and understanding the customs and norms of human society.

  2. Struggling with a sense of purpose: As starseeds may have come to Earth with a specific mission or purpose, they may struggle with feelings of uncertainty or confusion about their place in the world.

  3. Feeling isolated and alone: Because of their unique experiences and perspective, starseeds may have a hard time finding others who understand and relate to them, which can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

  4. Experiencing physical or emotional challenges: Some starseeds may also experience physical or emotional challenges due to their higher vibrational frequency and sensitivity. This can include things like allergies, sensitivities to certain environments or substances, and emotional challenges such as feeling overwhelmed or drained.

  5. Dealing with negative reactions from others: Some people may not understand or believe in the concept of starseeds, and may react negatively or dismiss the experiences of those who identify as starseeds. This can be difficult for starseeds to deal with, as it can be invalidating of their experiences.

  6. Navigating a feeling of dual identity: Starseeds can feel at times that they are both stuck in between two different identities. Learn how to navigate your dual identity as a human and starseed.
  7. Dating: Starseeds may struggle with dating and romantic relationships because of the difficulty in finding people who understands them. Learn more about the challenges of dating as a starseed.


Signs you are a Starseed

Have you ever felt different or alienated like you just can’t relate to anyone around you? Well, this is one of the most common feelings amongst Starseeds but there are some other Starseeds characteristics and signs that can tell if you are one of them, including:

  1. You started feeling different from a very young age. You didn’t fit in as a child and felt far different from other kids as though they could not understand you. Starseed children have an inherent wisdom that usually comes later in life for other people so they are usually considered very mature for their age. They can also start talking, walking or reading much earlier than other kids.
  2. As a child you struggled with hyperactivity or anti-social behaviour or were diagnosed with having A.D.D or autism. Starseed children tend to be either more hyperactive, more shy or introverted. They also tend to be highly creative.
  3. You decided to become vegetarian when you were a child at a very young age. Starseed children tend to have a deep connection, love and respect for animals and Nature.
  4. You are incredibly intelligent, but bored easily by traditional teachings and conventional academics. You lack the passion or intrigue to truly devote yourself to common academic areas as they look like banalities.
  5. You are interested in spirituality and drawn to metaphysics and the science behind other dimensions. You prefer to steer away from organised religions and follow your own beliefs about spirituality instead. You like studying the Universe and the concept of time travel. Starseeds have an ability to emotionally or spiritually grow much faster than those around them.
  6. You are highly intuitive or have psychic gifts. Some Starseeds have paranormal or psychic experiences such as seeing “ghosts”, UFOs, aliens or angels, having premonitions that become reality, channeling, telepathic or energy healing abilities.
  7. You feel as though you have a purpose or mission to fulfil. Deep inside you know that you’re meant to do something big. It’s like a deep yearning and call to serve and support mankind but you struggle to find out how to do it. Starseeds often feel as though they should be able to do more but they are vexed by their restrictions.
  8. You are very empathetic to others emotions and you have the ability to feel and relate to their struggles in an overwhelming way.  Most Starseeds are also empaths and can easily pick up on others energies, especially from those whom they are closest to.
  9. You have very intense and vivid dreams. They can be so real to the point of feeling like they are out of body experiences. At times these dreams may feel like your imagination has created an alternative paradigm, completely off planet. Starseeds also often report having reoccurring dreams of alien abductions.
  10. Though your dreams are exceptional, you’ve always had trouble sleeping. Most Starseeds are “night owls” and feel more peaceful and even more focused at night.
  11. You often see repeating numbers such as 11:11 and other synchronicities appearing on clocks and popping up in other unexpected places. These are common phenomenon among Starseeds.
  12. You feel different, lonely or isolated in this world as if you are from somewhere else. Everything around you looks strange and society makes little sense to you. Starseeds often find this world hostile and illogical and many human behaviours look hard to accept for them. From a young age, they question the ways of society and feel perplexed as to how others don’t see their mistakes and limitations.
  13. No matter where you are, you experience a strange sense of longing for home. The feeling of homesickness is constant. Upon hearing that you might be a Starseed from another dimension, you immediately know that this is indeed true.
  14. You have a natural ability to make others feel better and strangers will often open up about their problems to you. Starseeds can be powerful healers whether through medicine or just their words.
  15. You have a deep connection with animals and Nature. Animals are naturally drawn to you and you seem to be able to communicate with them on some level. You have an aversion to violence or animal cruelty of any sort. Starseeds tend to be animal lovers and wish to protect the environment. They feel energized when surrounded by Nature.
  16. You enjoy meaningful conversations and have no patience for “small talk”. Communication may seem painful for you when you already know what the other person is going to say sometimes before they even start. You can also see beyond people’s external façade and instinctually know when they are lying.
  17. People’s first impression of you is often not positive. They might consider you a bit strange, cold, disinterested or different. People might be wary of you or feel uncomfortable in your presence without knowing why. Starseeds can often be seen as being somewhat weird or eccentric, even when they are trying to just blend in. However, once people get to know them, they consider Starseeds to be the most loving people that they know.
  18. It’s not easy for you to deal with large crowds. You may suffer from social anxiety as you’re very aware of energy and how the energy of others can affect you. Busy places can feel like chaos and energetically overwhelm you. Starseeds often prefer to be alone or simply enjoy observing others out of curiosity.
  19. You have very few friends, but those who you do connect with seem to understand you on a deep level without need of explanation. As soon as Starseeds meet others who they resonate with, they will know deep within that they are looking at someone from their soul family.
  20. You’ve been told by other people that you’re an old soul and you agree. You feel like you may have existed before. Starseeds feel that they are very ancient to their core.
  21. Your body feels very limited to you as if you are stuck inside. Starseeds often struggle with being in touch with their physical body. The physical limitations can frustrate them a lot of times.
  22. Sometimes your body is an enigma to doctors as if it functions differently. You can have symptoms hard to explain or find a cause. Starseeds can also often heal from disease in a mysterious way.
  23. You may experience high sensitivity to extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Many Starseeds have an inability to withstand heat or tolerate cold.
  24. You may have a strange tendency to bruise very easily or find other unusual marks or scratches on your body. Usually when this happens, Starseeds have no idea of how it happened and they don’t remember how they bumped themselves or got the bruise.
  25. You may have Starseed birthmarks – an unusual birthmark or mole somewhere on your body. Sometimes Starseeds have very unique birthmarks or freckles that form interesting designs or patterns.
If you are still unsure if you are a starseed, take our quiz “Are you a starseed?“.

Starseed signs

Are you a Starseed or Lightworker?

If you’re a lightworker reading this article you might be wondering now if you are a Starseed as well. The terms Lightworker and Starseed can be a bit confusing and are often used interchangeably. All Starseeds are Lightworkers as they share a common mission of spreading the light but not all Lightworkers are Starseeds. This is because there is a subtle difference between Lightworkers and Starseeds, which has to do with the soul’s origin, their core mission, and the foundations of their knowledge.

Difference between Starseed and Lightworker

Starseeds originate from other planets, galaxies, star or solar systems. They come from other dimensions. There are different types of Starseeds according to their Starseed origins.

 Starseed races:


Lightworkers originate from places above the 3rd dimension (3D), the inter-dimensional energies around Earth but not too much farther. Therefore, they are more closely connected to Earth.

This makes it easier for them to adapt to this world and share their light with others, while Starseeds usually have a harder time with fulfilling their mission. Starseeds find it more difficult to exist in the 3D surrounded by lower vibrational energies.

There are some well-known types of lightworkers:

Divine lightkeepers

Gridworkers and gatekeepers




Seers, psychics, clairvoyants

Astral travellers

Ascension guides


Divine blueprint creators and manifestators


Starseeds and Lightworkers also have a slightly different core of their mission.

Lightworkers are here to raise the vibrations on Earth by spreading love and light to all of us and especially during times of struggle.

Although Starseeds are also considered to do the same, their main focus is to “seed” a new consciousness originating from other dimensions.

So, whether you are a Starseed or Lightworker or both, your goal should be clear – Spread your light! 

It is time to learn how to use your starseed abilities to create a positive change in the world.


Love and Light x

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