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10 Types of Lightworkers

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Lightworkers are souls sent here with a specific purpose of helping the Planet raising its vibration. These are beings on the ascension path who are aware of their need to contribute to humanity. They are constantly searching for meaning and self-growth along their journey.

No two lightworkers are the same, each one has their own mission – a unique encoding.

There are different types of Lightworkers. While some may choose to use their gifts in a very public way and become spiritual teachers or healers, others take a more ‘behind the scenes approach’. Lightworkers can live a normal looking life, work on a corporate job, and that doesn’t diminish their journey and purpose in any way. Each Lightworker type plays a very important role in serving mankind and the Planet.

Video: Types of Lightworkers – Are you one of them?


Types of Lightworkers


There are some common lightworker traits that we’re going to look at in this post. Check if you resonate with any of these types of lightworkers.

1. Divine Lightkeepers


The divine lightkeeper lightworkers retain a higher vibrational frequency despite whatever is happening around them. The core mission of the divine lightkeepers is to embody the light. During difficult times and disasters, they are able to neutralize chaos and share their light.


They work as the up lifters and supporters during times of trial.

They are essential in helping mankind to awaken and move forward into more peaceful times.


2. Gridworkers and Gatekeepers

The gridworkers and gatekeepers work with the grids and gateways on Earth. Earth creation theories see the Planet as a living, breathing organism with chakras and high energetic grids such as the crystalline grid.

There is also a human heart grid and interdimensional gates which provide the opportunity to connect and share with awakened humans, allowing higher levels of light to descend upon us.

Gridworkers are a kind of a spatial Empath who does clearing work.

This type of lightworker can sense karmic imprints and dense dark energy of specific places when they enter there. They use their loving presence and compassion to transmute and clean these dark energies.

Gatekeeping is a more advanced form of light work. It consists in working in a team of lightworkers and opening interdimensional gates to allow higher levels of light and love in through their wide-open hearts.

While grid workers bring light through already opened gateways, gatekeepers open new doorways where there were no doorways before or open gates that have been closed.


3. Healers

Most healers are empaths and highly sensitive individuals.

There are many different forms of healing – emotional, physical, or spiritual. Healers can focus on one or many and use several different techniques.

These types of lightworkers work on healing not only humans but the earth, animals and all beings.

The work of healing as a lightworker is very complex and it always starts with healing themselves. In order to heal others, you need to raise your vibration first and fill yourself up with light so you can then share it with the ones around you.


4. Transmuters

Energy Transmuter Lightworkers are highly evolved souls who carry the important task of diving into the negativity in order to neutralize karma, transmute it and release it into the light.


While some transmuters will work in a broader scope, others have a specific focus for their gifts. For instance, they can be born into an ancestral line that has plenty of negative karma.

Their mission is to help the entire ancestral line to vibrationally level up.

Transmuters are also able to change a timeline (like stepping on to a parallel reality) lighting the way for others to follow.


5. Messengers

Messengers receive guidance and messages from spirit guides, angels and ancestors and their job is to share these messages withy the world.

Messages can be shared in many different ways – writing, teaching, public speaking or arts.

Regardless of how these lightworkers choose to pass the messages on, they serve humanity in their awakening process.

Popular entertainment has been a common medium for these messages to filter through into the mainstream. Think famous movies such as “The Matrix”, “E.T”, “The Davinci Code”, etc.

Lightworkers often channel these messages in moments of heightened creativity and realms of the 4th or 5th dimensions.


6. Seers, Psychics, Clairvoyants

These are Lightworkers who can see beyond the physical. They have opened their third eye which allows them to see beyond the veil of illusion. They are spiritually gifted.


They are aware of timelines and some have the ability to see into the future.

They are also great at personal and even instant manifestation.

These gifts allow them to provide readings or services to inspire, empower, and guide others. This can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

However, Seers, Psychics and Clairvoyants may often feel isolated from and misunderstood by others as this is not an easy gift to carry.


7. Dreamers or astral travelers

Light work can happen during dream time. Going into the dream space allows these lightworkers to access alternate dimensions of experience and interdimensional travel. Dreamers and astral travellers can access a ripple of potential experiences, ask questions and discover alternative and harmonious ways of living.


Lightworkers who act as dreamers can connect with their higher self and understand and interpret the various imagery that comes through to them in their dream space.

They pay attention to the dreams, write them down and meditate on them analysing what the messages mean for themselves and those that they encounter in their current reality.

 Dreamtime is an incredible opportunity to grow and learn.


8. Ascension Guides

Ascension guides are ascending beings. These lightworkers are actively working towards ascension and stepping into greater levels of light in their own lives.

They are in a learning process from the initial stage to overcome their own struggles through to the final steps of enlightenment.

They learn how to overcome their journey pitfalls and then share their learnings with others.

Their mission is very important in helping and guiding people through the ascension process.


9. Wayshowers

Wayshowers are lightworkers who have found their own inner peace and are walking their own walk. They live awakened and inspired lives, always keeping in mind the highest interest of all beings.

They may not be actively trying to teach and share their gift as the ascension guides do but they set an example for others by simply being themselves and continuing in their own authentic journey.


Their outer reality reflects their inner one and they have mastered the 3rd dimensional material reality. They have ascended to the 5th dimension and vibrate at a different frequency.

Just by embodying the ascension process, and living in their highest authenticity, they end up showing the way to others. They have no other needs than simply being.


10. Divine Blueprint Creators and Manifestors

All lightworkers have a unique divine blueprint; a template for their fully awakened self. The Divine Blueprint Creators are actively tuning into it and retrieving the codes of awakening that are unique to them and shining this forth.

They are actively involved in weaving light in order to manifest positive changes on the Planet.

These types of lightworkers will carry back an idea, usually an invention that can enhance our lives and manifest the global awakening.

Indigo and crystal children especially have been bringing great inventions that are changing the world as we know it. These are usually related to the environment and the use of resources.

Divine Blueprint Creators and Manifestors weave light to promote positive change on Earth.  They focus on the highest interest of all rather than self-interest.

So there it is – 10 types of lightworkers. Which one do you resonate with? You may find that you resonate with all or some of these. Regardless of which of these gifts you connect with, you have an important role on this Planet! By connecting with your higher self you will discover what you feel called to do throughout your unique journey.

Share with a lightworker friend who needs to wake up to their true power.

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Love and Light x

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