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Polarian Starseed

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Most of you reading this article are aware of the huge shift our planet is going through – the birth of a new Earth – as well as of all the starseeds who have volunteered to come and help mankind during this transition period. They come from different universes, planets, and star systems to help us with raising our collective vibration. The most well-known starseeds are the Pleiadians, Sirius, Andromedans, Arcturians, Lyrans, Orions and Avians.

In this article we will look at the beautiful Polarian Starseeds.

What is a Polarian Starseed?

Polarian starseeds are as interesting as they are few in number. Their approach to understanding the universe is slightly different from other positively oriented civilisations, as they are a slightly more secular or passive in their devotion. They focus their positive energy towards a robust grounding in their physical experience and an investment in making their lived experience as fruitful as possible.

This differs slightly from other civilisations who often focus more so on devotion, faith and understanding the unseen forces of creation.

We shouldn’t confuse this with the material obsession as seen on Earth. Their society still follows a philosophy of unconditional love while securing the happiness and wellbeing of all inhabitants. The method of doing so comes from a focus on the structures and systems which are followed in order for the prosperity of all beings and life to be maintained. We can say this is of an “orderly” nature but without the centralization power, instead fairly taking everyone into proper consideration.

This focus on a cohesive society and structured community comes through in the Polarian starseed personality. These starseeds seek to bring everyone together and make group decisions which take everyone’s needs into account. These are “low key” starseeds, not typically having the fiery charismatic energy which inspires, but make a massive contribution of establishing a foundation of collective cooperation.

We find that if a Polarian stops engaging with a group of people/friends, this group may become less engaged with each other and less inclined to blend their energies- often without realising how or why. Polarian energy is one of structured cooperation, yet not in a bossy way! It is a compassionate, ordering energy. These starseeds are the antidote to chaos and are a great addition to any community.

Because their society is very grounded, they sometimes may find themselves a little lost when around those who are less grounded and identify exclusively with their spiritual beliefs. Polarians enjoy deep conversations by the fire, yet may find they have something to learn when conversations about the creator and unseen energy come up.

Polarian Starseed Origin

Polaris is also known to us as the North Star. This star is fascinating as it so nearly perfectly aligns with our northern axis. This results in all the other constellations seeming to spiral around it while it stays perfectly still as the night and seasons progress.

The number of planets associated with this star is unclear, however, this civilization has evolved into the fourth density (fifth dimension) and has other early third density life currently evolving on the still third density, physical aspect of their world.

Polarians have built a very effective structural system which benefits their entire civilization. This has naturally lessened their utilization of spiritual abilities which has influenced their evolution somewhat. While a lot of other higher dimensional civilizations have evolved adept metaphysical abilities, such as telekinesis, healing and magic; Polarians are slightly less skilled in this particular area. Of course, their evolved bodies are naturally lighter and able to utilize a lot of these abilities, yet there is a slight “catching up” being done in terms of the understandings required to make the most of these powers.

They make up for this in the highly ordered and utopian society they have built. While a lot of the faith and intensely spiritual societies are content with basic physical needs and harmony, Polarian starseeds desire to make the absolute most out of the physical experience. Their environment allows for people with talents and skills to be able to explore and display these skills in exciting ways. You may call their infrastructure a vehicle for more profound and elaborate outer experience. We can compare this to more pious societies which focus on a deep inner experience. It’s like comparing a monastery or spiritual temple to an advanced utopian city.

Polarian starseed incarnations are far and few and in between. They are very cautious about humans, and like a lot of other space civilizations, consider us extremely unpredictable. As their nature seems to be quite structured and focused on collective benefit, our Earth structure comes across to them as counterintuitive.

They rarely work through channelers or visit the planet and prefer to passively observe in the interest of learning. A lot of other civilizations are very curious and daring in their Earth interactions by comparison.

Polarian Starseed Mission

When Polarians incarnate they actually adjust to Earth society surprisingly well relative to other starseeds. Many starseeds come from planets of intense spirituality and faith, with little need for the structures and technology which Earth obsesses over. This more often than not results in home sickness and confusion during the lived experience.

Polarians understand and appreciate Earth structure to some degree. They are far less rebellious when it comes to rules than others and do not exhibit much disorderly behavior. This is a virtue, as there are very few starseeds who can appreciate administrative authority while holding a great degree of love for the self, the community and the environment. Often we feel we must resist administrative authority in the name of these things! This is a huge contribution Polarians add to Earth’s energy.

Of course, when this structure results in inequality and exploitation, Polarians begin to struggle and are deeply challenged. All humans encounter things on Earth which our sensibilities naturally resist at all costs. For Polarians it is the Earth-human habit to organize ourselves for the benefit of the few rather than the all.

The mission of these starseeds is to rectify this imbalance. As the dawn of a new age begins, new structures are required which are more appropriate for the higher vibrational environment. We are a planet which values structure, civilization and technology and while this is a good thing, it must be oriented towards the 5D philosophy of unconditional love in order to preserve harmony. Polarians bring this understanding, as they have spent a very long time perfecting this understanding.

Starseeds not only contribute spiritual understanding and radiate light, but work in the physical to improve our physical systems as well. This may be radiated very passively in the authentic Polarian self expression, or these starseeds may actually take up positions where this may be pursued.

Polarian Starseed Appearance

The native Polarian appearance is humanoid, but has some Lyran feline DNA involved which influences their appearance. They have to some extent cat-like features, but look human for the most part. They are also slightly shorter than Earth humans.

When it comes to their physical appearance on Earth, they can incarnate in basically any type of body or race in every corner of the world.

Polarian Starseed Traits

  • Very enthusiastic about group activities
  • Loyal
  • Often learn towards staying in the same situation for long periods of time
  • Generally follows rules
  • Selfless towards others in community or group
  • Very grounded
  • Team players
  • Not a fan of dividing social constructs
  • Subtle presence. Not usually loud or eccentric in personality
  • Enjoy the structure which comes with being in a romantic relationship- ideally with clear boundaries
  • May be seen as not being particularly spontaneous


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Love and light x

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