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Divine Light Keeper Lightworker

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Do you feel a strong calling to heal and send out light to the world?  You might be a divine light keeper lightworker.

Not all lightworkers realize the nature of their spiritual calling right away. Many can only sense a drive to serve others and a deep compassion in their hearts. They are also sensitive and feel anguish for the misery that dwells in the world around them.

There are many types of lightworkers on Earth and even if you aren’t a lightworker yourself, you’ve most likely met one.

Lightworkers are beautiful and powerful beings who volunteered to act as a beacon for the planet and commit to serving mankind. They feel good when supporting others through difficult times.

Lightworkers have compassion towards humans and animals and feel a strong connection to nature.  

They tend to choose professions like nursing, therapy, healing, care-services, veterinary services, or teaching, wherein their empathetic nature can be used to assist others. 

In this article, I am going to dive deep into the traits of one of the different types of lightworkers – The divine lightkeepers.

What’s a divine lightkeeper lightworker?

Divine lightkeepers are also known as lightholders. There are millions of them currently on the planet and they do much more than they may realise.  They may not have passed all the way through the ascension gateway yet, but they are not far.

 These lightworkers carry a strong sense of desire to produce positive energy in the world. They are full of love and light and ready to share their gifts and spread knowledge and loving energy. They carry a powerful light to raise the energy frequency on Earth (check out the Hawkins energy frequency scale).  As mass numbers of people are awakening right now on the planet, divine lightkeepers play an important role in the Earth’s ascension. As they have awakened, they feel this strong sense of service, to assist others on their Journey.

They serve those they encounter in their every day life, with kindness, a smile and by simply being themselves. Their actions automatically elevate those around them.

The Divine Lightkeepers’ core mission is to embody the light and ensure that a higher vibrational frequency is present and maintained, regardless of external circumstances. They are the lighthouses of humanity during turbulent and chaotic events as their light shines brightly to give hope and inspire others.

By embodying the light and expanding it out beyond them, they are able to uplift humanity and support us all in the unfolding awakening process.

Perhaps, you know a divine light keeper lightworker as they live and work in normal surroundings, but possess a light within that is infectious. They do not necessarily suffer from deep exhaustion as the energy transmuter lightworkers, and they can work in normal jobs and careers, in every possible field of endeavour.

Most of them don’t even realise this is what they are doing and how powerful they are. They are often very autonomous by nature, and selflessly act unconsciously sometimes, as they are guided by their heart.

Think for instance of a lightholder working at a lighthouse. When the light guides ships into the harbour safely, the lighthouse keeper does not go telling the world that he helped a ship. Instead, he silently rejoices, often alone, and continues to shine the light. Most captains who reach the port safely due to the work of the lighthouse keeper, never even get to actually see him.

Are you a divine light keeper lightworker?

If you are a lightworker but do not feel like you do much of energy transmutation, then you might be a divine lightkeeper, someone who is simply holding and shining the light. This doesn’t mean that you are less important than other lightworkers, no! Every little bit helps to lighten the planet and support mankind on their consciousness evolution journey.

Some light keepers might also do some form of energy transmuting in smaller amounts than energy transmuter lightworkers but that’s because they need their strength to work hard in their jobs and careers, whereas transmuters take a lot of rest in order to complete large amounts of transmuting.

How to be a keeper of the light

Anyone can decide to become a keeper of the light by living an authentic life and serving other beings and the planet.

Here are some of the ways you can start the light keeper journey today:

  1. Help others selflessly – Open a door for someone, carry someone’s heavy bag, give someone a compliment, let others go ahead in a queue, smile to a stranger etc. A small gesture may mean the world to someone.
  2. Be kind to all beings –Treat others as you would like to be treated, including animals. Think of how animals are treated in the slaughterhouses and consider becoming vegetarian. Also be kind to yourself in the first place by practicing self-love.
  3. Practice gratitude – Be grateful for what you have in your life, the food you eat, the air that you breathe, the house you live in, etc.
  4. Celebrate other’s success – Be happy for others’ achievements as if they are your own. Celebrate the Universe’s abundance as there is enough for everyone.
  5. Live in the present – Focus on the present moment rather than clinging to the past of feeling anxious about the future.
  6. Change your diet – A plant-based diet rich in whole foods, which avoids processed and sugary foods, is the key to a healthy body. A healthy body will help with balancing your mind, body and soul which will allow you to help others doing the same.
  7. Hold the light –No matter how bad people or situations may seem, try to seek the goodness in them. There is always a bright side, and something good to emphasize.
  8. Share your knowledge – Whether through teaching, writing, singing, your unique wisdom and perspective of life are meant to be shared. They can uplift, inspire and help others to change their lives.

Independent of the way you choose to be a keeper of the light, the essence is to consciously embody your light and share it with all. Whether at home or at work, just be the light and shine bright like a diamond. Every day, you have the opportunity to be a keeper of the light.

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Love and light x

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