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In the last few decades a large number of beings from other galaxies have taken birth on Earth in order to take part in the Planet’s ascension to a New Age. Many of these , come from other galaxies, planets and star systems, and are here to fulfil a specific mission and, at the same time, advance in their own spiritual evolution journey.

Some of these beings are known as Lightworkers and Starseeds.

These words can be a bit confusing, and they are often used interchangeably, as both Starseeds and Lightworkers share a common mission of spreading love and light and help humanity.

However, there are some differences between them, such as their soul origin, and other missions that they came here to fulfil.

In this article, I will talk about these differences and explain why sometimes, you might hear people saying that all Starseeds can also be considered as lightworkers, but not all Lightworkers can be considered to be Starseeds.

Just as a sidenote, this article does not intend to say that one of these types of beings, is more important than the other. No! Although they have different origins, and other different missions to fulfil, they both are very beautiful souls, playing very important roles amongst the collective.

So, in order to understand the differences between a Lightworker and a Starseed, we need to first understand who they are, where do they come from, where do their knowledge comes from, and why are they here.

Let’s start with lightworkers!


What is a lightworker?

Lightworkers are beautiful and kind souls, sent here with a specific purpose of helping the Planet raising its vibration.

These souls originate from places above the 3rd dimension, (known as the 3D), the inter-dimensional energies around the planet Earth.

As the name Lightworker suggests, they are here to spread their light. These are beings on the ascension path, who are aware of their need to help humanity. They have lots of love to share and are constantly searching for meaning and self-growth along their journey. The more they work on themselves and their personal development, the more they are able to help others.

Lightworkers receive guidance and messages from their ancestors, angels and spirit guides and is part of their mission to then share these messages with the world.

These messages can be shared in many different ways, for example, through teaching, public speaking, writing, music or arts.

Their gifts allow them to provide help or services, to inspire, empower, and guide others. Lightworkers can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

While some may choose to use their gifts in a very public way, and become healers or spiritual teachers, others take a more ‘behind the scenes approach’, and help people and the Planet, in more discreet and subtle ways. For example, lightworkers can live a “normal” looking life, work on a corporate job, and still help mankind. They do it by living authentic lives and always keeping in mind the highest interest of all beings.

So, although they may not be actively trying to teach others, they set examples for others, by simply being themselves, and progressing in their own inspiring journey.

No two lightworkers are the same, each one has their own mission – like a kind of unique encoding, but there are some well-known types of lightworkers.

The most common types of lightworkers are:

Divine lightkeepers

Gridworkers and gatekeepers




Seers, psychics, clairvoyants

Astral travellers

Ascension guides


And Divine blueprint creators and manifestators

Each type of Lightworker plays a very important role in serving mankind and the Planet.

So, now that you know what lightworkers are, let’s look at Starseeds!


What are starseeds?

Starseeds, are old and highly intelligent souls whose origin lies outside of the Earth plane. They are from far-distant planets, stars, galaxies, parallel universes and alternate dimensions. These highly evolved souls carry ancient wisdom, deep within the core of their being.  They’ve incarnated on this planet as volunteers to seed a new consciousness and to assist the planet earth, into a new Age. Their mission is to help humans and the Planet, by bringing light and knowledge.

However, these beings are not aware of their true identities and mission until the moment of their “starseed awakening”.  Most of them spend part of their lives feeling a sense of misplacement, as if they were aliens, just longing for the stars and wanting to go back home.

This is because Starseeds experience a total amnesia to their true identities as they are born, however, they have a programmed “activation switch” inside of them that will unlock their knowledge at a pre-determined or spontaneous time, allowing them to find their purpose.

This knowledge can, for instance, hold clues on ways to advance the planet, help the environment, create new technologies, or help civilizations that are struggling. Starseeds are able to access this high value information from other dimensions by vibrating at very high frequencies. (Check out the Hawkins scale of enlightenment to find out more about the different energy frequencies.)

For instance, some of the most amazing technologies we have available today, were created because Starseeds have picked up on ideas and knowledge from these other dimensions, through their power of connecting with these higher energies.

There are different types of Starseeds according to their Starseed origins. The most well-known are:








Alpha Centaurians






Starseeds T-Shirts


Difference between Lightworkers and Starseeds

So now that you know what Starseeds and Lightworkers are, it will be easier to understand their main differences.

The main difference between Lightworkers and Starseeds is their origin. As I mentioned previously, Lightworkers come from places above the 3rd dimension (3D), the inter-dimensional energies around Earth, but not too much further. Therefore, they are more closely connected to Earth.

Meanwhile, Starseeds originate from other planets, galaxies, star or solar systems. They come from other dimensions.

The fact that Lightworkers are more connected to Earth, makes it easier for them to adapt to this world, and share their light with others. While Starseeds, usually have a harder time with adapting to the life on Earth and fulfilling their mission. Starseeds find it more difficult to exist in the 3D because they often feel as if they are surrounded by lower vibrational energies.

Starseeds and Lightworkers also have a slightly different core mission.

Lightworkers are here to raise the vibrations on Earth by spreading love and light to all of us and especially during times of struggle.

Although Starseeds are also considered to do the same, (and that’s why they can be considered lightworks as well), their main focus is to “seed” a new consciousness coming from other dimensions.

Starseeds carry ancient knowledge and wisdom from the master races, that humanity needs in order to speed up their awakening. This doesn’t mean that Starseeds are more special than Lightworkers. No! Both have very important roles in helping raising the collective consciousness on the planet, they just do it in different ways, by using their different types of knowledge and experience.

I hope this article helped you, with having a better idea of the differences between lightworkers and starseeds. You might now be wondering if you are one of them. You can be both!

Anyway, whether you are a Starseed, a Lightworker or both, your goal should be clear – Spread love and light!

Take care and have a wonderful time!

Love and light x

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