As the planet is currently going through an important transition period – the birth of a new Earth – more and more old souls have volunteered to come down here and help make this process as smooth as possible. They come from different planets, star systems and universes and the most common are the Pleiadians, Sirius, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orions and Avians.

In this article we are going to focus on the beautiful Mintakans.

What is a Mintakan Starseed? 

Mintakans are so beautiful, rare, compassionate and wise old souls. Mintakas or Mintakan Starseeds are one of the many starseeds we currently have on our planet. In a manner of speaking they are one of the oldest non-native races which occupy Earth in terms of how long they have been present. Being one of the first inhabitants on the planet when fourth dimensional life began to form, it is believed that their souls have been incarnating for approximately 70,000 to 75,000 years. 

The soul is a kind of an archive of information and experiences. Often Starseed personalities are influenced by the countless lifetimes they’ve had on their home planet. Mintankans in particular are characterised by their kind and good natures, coming from a watery planet where light and love found the basis of nearly every interaction.

We can only imagine how difficult it must be for a Mintankan soul to adjust to an environment like Earth which has such dense energies. Like many starseeds from harmonious and community driven worlds, the low frequencies such as fear and hate are very difficult to adapt to (check out the Hawkins scale of vibration). 

Mintakan Starseeds obtain great strength from being involved with positive and spiritual communities as it is reminiscent of their Utopia-like home world. There is a desire for these Starseeds to create a new world of harmony on Earth and they often find themselves being in positions of influence or value in spiritual environments, usually as per their soul missions. 

These Starseeds also often incarnate into configurations with a great activation of the heart and violet chakras, allowing for particularly radiant personalities. This crystallisation of positivity and love is an asset to Earth as it assists in the raising of the planetary vibration in this period of ascension. 

Mintaka Starseed Origin

The Mintaka star is located in the constellation of Orion and is one of the three main stars that form Orion’s Belt. The planet which Mintankan Starseeds associate themselves with has been named Artuvia and was a planet composed mostly of crystal clear water. 

Though beings on Artuvia primarily lived underwater, they did have the capability to walk on land, and breathed air just as we do. It is highly unlikely that they were breathing anything similar to our combination of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, however they had a similar system of breathing to underwater Earth mammalians- they existed primarily as sea creatures though came up occasionally for air. It is said they could spend around three days underwater without pause and could to a degree breath through the skin. If they so wished they could potentially spend even longer periods underwater using technology their society developed. 

Artuvian water was very different to Earth water. It was so transparent you could see through it as if you were looking through polished glass. The water’s molecular structure, combined with how the planetary system interacted with the laws of physics gave the water a lightness that we are unfamiliar with. It was less dense than Earth water and could be moved through quite easily in comparison. 

For these reasons Mintakan Starseeds have a very intense relationship with water. It may be a great love for water, or a great aversion to water in response to how dense and murky Earth water appears to be. This depends on the personality of the Starseed and how they unconsciously interact with their own past life memories.

The home planet of Artuvia is no longer habitable, due to there being a destruction of their environment. It is speculated this was caused by negative-oriented beings operating in the local galaxy. Artuvian souls were transferred to Earth as their new permanent home, resulting in strong feelings of homesickness and longing for their paradise-like home world through their lifetime. 

Mintaka Starseed Mission

Mintakan starseeds, like almost every other off world soul group, are bent on raising the planetary vibration and have incarnated in a huge variety of roles to make that happen. Because of their radiance and compassion, they often find themselves in positions of being around those who need their positivity. Though these contracts are pure in nature, once manifest it is often found that Mintankans struggle to set boundaries and end up either draining themselves or being taken advantage of. 

The current lesson humans are attempting to learn as a collective is the necessity and ultimate truth behind unconditional love and unity. These concepts are deeply understood by Mintakans and they are currently undergoing the challenge of expressing these understandings whilst integrating with an environment where these concepts are systematically undervalued. It is for this reason a lot of Mintakan starseeds are at risk of being taken advantage of, as they have a philosophy of giving which sometimes is not reciprocated by others in a fair way. 

Mintaka Starseed Appearance

The physical bodies which Mintakan souls on Artuvia used as vehicles for incarnate experience, were what we would understand to be mermaids. Of course, it was hardly anything like our depictions of mermaids, however there are similarities in the sense that these were bipedal, underwater, self-aware beings. 

From our standards of beauty and aesthetics these beings would appear to look extremely alien, with little resemblance to humans apart from a similar structure of limbs on the body. It has been speculated by many that our myths of mermaids and an underwater civilization however come from the memories of these Starseeds, as they had quite an advanced underwater society. 


mintaka mermaid

When it comes to their physical appearance on Earth, they can incarnate in basically any type of body or race in every corner of the world.


Mintakan Starseed Traits

Not sure yet if you are a Mintakan starseed? Here are a few Mintakan starseed traits to help you find out:

  • Able to hold a positive outlook in nearly every situation. Often able to see the good in people and can sometimes devote themselves to serving others to a near self-sacrificing degree. 
  • Deep and sorrowful homesickness due to the permanent loss of their utopia-like home world. 
  • Can be very black and while about their understanding of right and wrong. Though optimistic, they can hold a very strong opinion and judgement for actions which they interpret as wrong or negative. This often causes them to find solace in engaging within social justice movements and protests, as an act of progressively working towards the greater good. 
  • Often very drawn to water and sea creatures. Drawn to island nations like Indonesia, Japan and Hawaii and love vacationing to where there is an abundance of water. 
  • A percentage of Mintakans struggle to adjust to the loss of their home world and find themselves deeply resisting residency on Earth. This manifests in the form of disliking Earth water, maybe even taking form as a fear or phobia. Our heavy and hardly translucent Earth water is an alarming diversion from the crystal clear water environment they are used to. 
  • Sometimes so bent on expressing love and positivity they may attempt to help and serve others where it is not desired. Those who are perhaps young in their spiritual journey are learning early lessons and an eager Mintakan may be a little pushy in having them understand the importance of love and harmony. This convolutes the potential for service, as lessons which a soul is not ready for will rarely ever be integrated. From an outside perspective this can be perceived as being controlling, even though there is always good intentions. 
  • As they have been on Earth for so long, some Mintankans have gained great wisdom, participating in nearly every major civilisation in Earth history; including Lemuria and Atlantis. While some have struggled to adjust and still learn lessons of personal expansion, others have integrated deep lessons from many lifetimes and take up roles of being teachers or leaders with a huge capacity for expressing love and light without corruption. 

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So, are you a Mintaka starseed? Let me know beautiful soul.

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Love and light x