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Astral Traveler Lightworker

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The concept of astral travel and the idea that humans can leave their bodies during dream states is ancient. Many people around the world, believe that it is possible to communicate with higher intelligence through astral projection or out-of-body experiences. But can anyone do it? And how do you do it? Should you even try doing it? What is the purpose of astral travel? These are some of the most common questions on astral travel.

If you are someone who has actually done it spontaneously, with no recreational intention, you might be one of the different types of lightworkers – the Astral Traveller Lightworker!

In this article, we will try to answer some of the most common questions on astral travel and out of body experiences, as well as on these beautiful souls, the astral travellers lightworkers.

What is Astral Travel or Astral Projection?

Astral travel, also known as astral projection, is a term used in the spiritual community to describe an intentional out of body experience. It implies the ability of separating the astral body (soul) from the physical body and travelling outside it throughout the universe.

According to some Theosophists it means journeying to other worlds, astrological spheres and dimensions. Usually this is possible in a dream state, through some forms of meditation, or induced through various hallucinogenic and hypnotic means such as hypnosis.  

This idea of astral travel is ancient and present in numerous cultures.

For instance, in ancient Egypt, the soul (“ba”) was believed to have the ability to float over the physical body via the subtle body (“ka”).

In Japan, there’s a phenomenon known as  ikiryō (生霊) which consists of a manifestation of someone’s soul separately from their body, for example when the body is extremely sick.

In Hindu scriptures, there are also mentions to astral projection such as the story of Paramahansa Yogananda who witnessed Swami Pranabananda doing a miracle through a possible astral projection.

Astral Projection vs Out of Body Experience

Although most people refer to out of body experiences as astral travel or projection, others believe that there are some key differences between them.

Some people believe that the main difference is that astral projection is an intentional effort to send consciousness out from your body while an out of body experience is usually unplanned. It is said that in an out of body experience, consciousness simply floats above the physical body rather than travel to other dimensions.

Out of body experiences have actually been recognized within the medical industry and have been the subject of many studies. Astral travel, however, is considered to be very esoteric or a spiritual practice.

2014 study has looked at cognitive awareness in 101 people who had survived cardiac arrest and concluded that 13% of the participants felt a separation from their body during resuscitation. One patient actually gave an accurate, detailed description of what took place for about 3 minutes during his resuscitation.

According to many people who have had out of body experiences, they usually involve a feeling of floating outside the body; the feeling of looking down at themselves; and a deep sense that what’s happening is very real.

Astral Travel and Yoga

Yogic traditions also mention astral travel. In Yoga there are 5 dimensions of the body:

Annamaya kosha, or the “food body”

Manomaya kosha, or the mental body

Pranamaya kosha, or the energy body

Vignanamaya kosha, or the etheric body

Anandamaya kosha, or the bliss body

The physical body, mental body and energy body are physical while the bliss body is totally beyond the physical. The etheric body is a transitory energy, and it is neither physical nor beyond.

Astral travel means leaving the physical, mental, energy and bliss body intact, and just allowing the etheric body to float around.

However, many mystics such as Sadhguru, have mentioned that astral travel requires a lot of practice to master it. Also, this is not for entertainment seekers and unless there is a specific purpose, this is something that should not be explored because it takes an enormous effort to be able to do it.

They also warn that astral travel has been commercialized and became a big business, as there are many people nowadays promising to teach how to easily leave their physical bodies and access other dimensions, when this is something that requires a lot of work and energy.

What is an Astral Traveler Lightworker?

In the spiritual community, people who report astral projection experiences, are usually also referred as Astral Travellers, Dreamers or Astral Travellers Lightworkers.

These beautiful souls are able to interdimensional travel in their dreams or deep states of meditation. It is believed that they are significantly older than most souls on the planet, and many were even present at the creation of Earth.

They are able to access alternate dimensions of experience and specific knowledge and messages. They are also able to do “light work” and “complete assignments” during their astral travel experience.

The Astral Traveller Lightworker always feels driven to seek a deep understanding of the Earthly experience, which makes them constantly try to reconnect with their soul plan and mission crafted prior to their birth. The dream space and deep meditation states are great tools to achieve this.

Astral Traveler’s Mission

Astral Travellers Lightworkers volunteered to assist humanity and the planet Earth through the ascension process.

They have committed to be a shining light in the world, to serve humanity, and support with the ascension to the new Earth.

They make a difference through embodying their authentic truth, living authentically, and serving in many ways. Astral Travellers aren’t just channels and spiritual teachers, they can be found shining their light in just about every profession you can imagine.

You can find for instance, an Astral Traveller Lightworker working for the police during mass shooting and hostage situations, describing exactly how many suspects there are, where in the building they can be found, and other key details.

How to Astral Travel

If you are not an astral traveller lightworker you can still develop this skill through some meditation practices such as the below.

So, are you an Astral Traveller Lightworker or do you know any? Let me know in the comments below.

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Love and light x

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