As our planet undergoes an important transition period – the birth of a new Earth – more and more old souls have volunteered to come down here and help facilitate this process and make it as smooth as possible. They come from different planets, star systems and universes. The most common are the Pleiadians, Sirius, Andromedans, Arcturians, Lyrans, Orions and Avians.

In this article we will discuss the spiritually and technologically advanced Alpha Centaurians. 

What is an Alpha Centauri Starseed?

The Alpha Centauri are a group of starseeds who are understood to be oriented primarily towards mechanical knowledge and spiritual liberation. These Starseeds are not the most numerous but certainly of great influence. Influxes of various Alpha Centauri civilizations may be seen in various global industrial revolutions and behind the building of ancient spiritual structures such as temples. Their understanding of technology and its usefulness to aid in spiritual development has been utilized in various civilizations in order to ‘prop up’ the spiritual capacity of whatever environment they incarnate into. 

More recently, there has been less emphasis on improving technology and working mechanically with matter and more attention towards liberating the minds of humans trapped in circles of programmed negativity. In this way, more recently Alpha Centauri starseeds have been assigned roles which are more in line with social justice movements and working in communities that prioritize positive change. 

This is not to say that the mechanical expertise of the Alpha Centauri is not valued. Those who offer themselves in this way usually work in areas of research and teaching, advocating for positive change in how humans manufacture, interact with the environment and take care of their health. 

These starseeds are quite forthright in their approach to assisting Earth and often use the opportunity of human experience to influence the planet to make positive changes, rather than taking a more supporting passive role. This of course positions them to be targets of criticism, confrontation, negativity and in some cases danger. 

Collectively, they are natural initiators of action and are driven towards working with the mechanical side of the Universe. This energetic expression has been instrumental in the forward progression of Earth over the centuries and will continue to be as we move through this transition period. 

Alpha Centauri Starseed Origin

The Centaurian systems are one of the closest star systems to Earth, being about 4.3 light-years away. It is composed of a binary pair of stars; Alpha Centauri A and B and a third star by the name of Proxima Centauri or Alpha Centauri C. The beings working with Earth mostly come from a planet unofficially named Selo in Alpha Centauri B. 

This planet is quite a bit larger than Earth, and experiences extremely short nights due to having a secord star in its system, so the planet never quite reaches complete darkness. The Selo population is quite small and quite a few of these beings spend time off-world in their ships. 

This is a civilization of humanoids who are significantly further ahead than Earth humans in terms of technological and spiritual advancement. They have in fact been called one of the most advanced native civilizations in our star neighborhood. 

These beings enjoy playing with masculine archetypal concepts and thus enjoy mechanically working with matter. They are said to be extremely proficient at harnessing Universal life force into crystals, something many skilled humans do to a lesser extent when ‘charging’ crystals and stones. 

They believe strongly in using technology with wisdom and are very benevolent. While they interact with Earth through the starseed system, they maintain a position of inter-galactic neutrality in relation to other species. 

The Alpha Centauri Starseed Mission

Alpha Centaurians have various missions, however they are often related to working with communities or groups in order to promote positive social change. They may also be in the field of sustainable use of technology. This is not in reference to employment or career path but refers to a broad theme in the method of service a great deal of Alpha Centauri starseeds choose. 

They often are involved in protests and organized community approaches to social change. This may be in politics, in their local community, online or some type of non-government organization. Starseeds with this mission have a strong sense of justice and robust moral compass. 

The Alpha Centaurian starseeds who bring their technological expertise encourage humans to use technology in a less destructive way. This may be in the form of working in fields of technological development themselves, or having a more teaching and researching role, aiding in steering the planet towards a better technological mindset.   

These starseeds have a lot of wisdom to offer and often take the role of initiating the change they desire to see. 
These beings are also skilled in telepathy.

Alpha Centauri Starseed Appearance

Beings from the planet Selo in Alpha Centauri are tall humanoids with white hair and white skin. Like most non-Earth humanoids they have slightly larger eyes and the colours vary between gray and pale blue.

When it comes to their physical appearance on Earth, they can incarnate in basically any type of body or race in every corner of the world. Though Alpha Centaurians are able to incarnate in both male and female bodies, they favour the archetypically male expression which is more oriented to “taking action”.

Alpha Centauri Starseed Traits

Are you wondering if you are an Alpha Centauri starseed? Here are a few common traits of Alpha Centaurians. Your intuition will tell you if you resonate with most of them.

  • Self certainty. This may not be inherent and may be programmed through the lives experience, but is to prepare these starseeds for their more initiatory role. 
  • Radiant. It is not uncommon for there to be strong blue chakra activation in these starseeds, giving them a natural charisma when comfortable. 
  • Inquisitive. As many of these starseeds find themselves being in a position of teaching, they naturally have a desire to acquire knowledge. 
  • Being from a system that creatively works a lot with masculine energy, these starseeds may sometimes come across as aloof. Though passionate about their own desires, they will find themselves passively supportive of others, often from a distance.
  • Alpha Centauri starseeds have a strong moral compass.  
  • Due to working with crystals in the home system, these starseeds often enjoy working with crystals and may be quite talented in this area.
  • Depending on the mission, not all Alpha Centauri starseeds will be mechanically skilled with technology but a lot of them will find tech to be of deep interest. They may enjoy the newest computer devices, or electric cars for example.

So, are you and Alpha Centaurian? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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