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Pleiadian Starseed – Are you from the Pleiades?

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Are you a Pleiadian starseed? If you clicked on this article, chances are you’re a starseed – a soul who has experienced existence on other planets and dimensions, different from the Earth. There are many starseeds on the planet right now, helping humanity during the great awakening and the new Earth’s shift. We are living in a very important moment from an evolutionary point of view and many galactic civilizations have chosen to come here and witness this evolution, whilst simultaneously helping to raise the planet’s vibration and supporting the transition.

Some of the most well-known Starseeds are the AndromedansLyrans, Orion, Arcturians, Avians, Reptilians and Sirian starseeds.

Many starseeds have lived several lifetimes already but they don’t have any memory of it until they undergo a starseed awakening. When this happens, is common for starseeds to start exploring their different origins, as a deep curiosity and longing for the stars, often takes place within them.

According to many books and people who are able to channel information from higher levels of consciousness, one of the most common starseed types currently on Earth are the Pleiadians.

In this article, we will look at who are the Pleiadians, what traits set them apart from other starsseds and what’s their mission on Earth.

What is a Pleiadian Starseed?

Pleiadian starseeds are souls that have had a previous incarnation in the Pleiades before incarnating on Earth. The Pleiades are a group of stars in the Taurus constellation, also known as the “seven sisters”. Pleiadians are thought to exist in several dimensions including 3D (the Earth plane) through to the 9D.

Peiadian starseeds are highly evolved and it is said that they might have inhabited Earth since the time of Lemuria.

Although Pleiadian starseeds are not all the same, they do have some common traits and qualities that we will look at in this article. These are unique and distinct characteristics that set them apart from other individuals on Earth. One of their most notable traits is their highly intuitive nature. Pleiadian starseeds are thought to have a strong connection to their inner guidance and may rely on their intuition to navigate their lives. They are also highly empathic and can easily pick up on the emotions of others, often feeling them as their own. This sensitivity can sometimes lead to emotional repression, as they may struggle to process and express their own feelings.

In addition to their intuitive and empathic nature, Pleiadian starseeds are known for their creative abilities. They may have a natural talent for the arts, music, or writing, and may use their creative expression as a means of healing or self-expression. Pleiadian starseeds are also known for their strong connection to nature and may feel a deep sense of purpose in protecting the environment and caring for the planet.

While Pleiadian starseeds are often seen as healers, they are also known to be reality “escapists” and may struggle with feelings of disconnection or detachment from the material world. They may challenge social norms and question societal expectations, often seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

Despite their unique traits, Pleiadian starseeds are said to have a deep desire to connect with others and may struggle with people-pleasing tendencies. They may be highly charismatic and attractive to others, but may also avoid conflict and struggle with setting healthy boundaries.

Overall, Pleiadian starseeds are believed to be highly evolved and spiritually advanced beings with a unique mission on Earth. While their traits and qualities may present challenges, they are said to possess a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Pleiadian Starseed Origin

Pleiadian starseeds come from the Pleiades, an open star cluster dominated by hot blue and luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years. The Pleiades are a prominent sight in winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and are easily visible out to mid-Southern latitudes. Galileo Galilei was the first astronomer to view the Pleiades through a telescope. He thereby discovered that the cluster contains many stars too dim to be seen with the naked eye.

Here are a few more interesting facts about the Pleiades:

Attribute Information
Name Pleiades (also known as the Seven Sisters or M45)
Location Constellation of Taurus
Distance from Earth Approximately 440 light years
Number of stars Around 1,000
Age Estimated to be around 100 million years old
Size Spans approximately 8 light years
Notable features The stars are often visible to the naked eye and have been the subject of mythology and folklore in many cultures
Scientific significance The Pleiades cluster has been studied extensively by astronomers and is used as a benchmark for studies of stellar evolution and formation
Cultural significance The Pleiades have been important in many mythologies, including Greek, Native American, and Japanese, and have been used for navigation and timekeeping in many cultures

The Pleiadian Starseed Mission

So, let’s start with their mission. It is believed that Pleiadians are here to help us in our consciousness evolution journey. The Pleiadian’s mission is to support mankind to understand that we are all ONE.This is already happening in our current society as we see people waking up to the fact that we are all equal, no matter our gender, colour, economic status or sexual preferences. We are all pure consciousness.

Pleiadians have agreed to assist as guides during this shift. They are helping humans to open their heart chakra and remember who they truly are – pure LOVE.

Pleiadians believe that humanity is currently undergoing a significant shift in consciousness, and they have taken on the mission of supporting and guiding humans through this process. They believe that we are all interconnected and part of a larger whole, and their goal is to help humans understand this fundamental truth. They seek to assist individuals in opening their hearts and tapping into their innate capacity for love and compassion.

According to the Pleiadians, humans have the potential to transcend their current limitations and access higher states of consciousness, and they are here to support this transformation.

In addition to assisting with the shift in consciousness, Pleiadian starseeds may also work as healers, teachers, and guides. They may help individuals tap into their own intuition and inner guidance, and may provide guidance on spiritual practices such as meditation and energy healing.

Overall, the mission of Pleiadians is to support humanity in awakening to the truth of our interconnectedness and to help us remember our true nature as beings of pure consciousness and love. While their role may vary, they are here to assist us in this journey towards greater awareness and spiritual evolution.

Pleiadian Starseed Traits and Signs

If you’re still not sure if you might be a Pleiadian starseed, have a look at some Pleiadian starseed traits and signs. Pleiadian starseeds are:

Highly intuitive:

Pleiadian starseeds are known for their highly intuitive nature. They are often able to tap into their inner guidance and trust their intuition when making decisions. They have a natural ability to sense the energy around them, whether it’s positive or negative, and use this information to navigate their lives. This intuitive ability is often heightened through meditation and spiritual practices, allowing them to connect with their higher self and the divine.

Emotionally repressed:

Despite their intuitive nature, Pleiadian starseeds may struggle with expressing their emotions. This may be due to past life experiences where they were taught to suppress their feelings or fear of being judged by others. They may also have a tendency to put others’ needs before their own, leading to emotional neglect of their own needs. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to learn healthy emotional expression and self-care practices to avoid emotional repression.

Highly sensitive:

Pleiadian starseeds are highly sensitive to the energy around them, which can include emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations. This sensitivity can lead to feeling overwhelmed in busy or chaotic environments, and may result in anxiety or stress. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to practice energetic boundaries and self-care to protect their sensitive nature.

Drawn to metaphysics:

Pleiadian starseeds are often drawn to metaphysics and spirituality. They have a deep desire to understand the mysteries of the universe and their place within it. This may lead them to explore various spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, or energy healing. They may also have a natural inclination towards esoteric knowledge, such as astrology or tarot.

Highly empathic:

Pleiadian starseeds are highly empathic, meaning they have the ability to feel and understand the emotions of others. This can lead to taking on others’ emotions and feeling drained or overwhelmed. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to practice energetic boundaries and self-care to protect their empathic nature. They may also have a natural ability to heal and support others through their empathic abilities.

Nature loving:

Pleiadian starseeds have a deep love and appreciation for nature. They are often drawn to spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, gardening, or simply taking a walk in a park. They may feel a deep connection to the natural world and feel recharged and rejuvenated by being in nature. This connection may also lead them to adopt eco-friendly practices and work towards protecting the environment.

People pleasers:

Pleiadian starseeds may struggle with putting others’ needs before their own, leading to a tendency to be people pleasers. They may feel a strong desire to make others happy, even at the expense of their own well-being. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to learn healthy boundaries and self-care practices to avoid becoming overwhelmed by their desire to please others.

Highly creative:

Pleiadian starseeds are known for their highly creative nature. They may have a natural talent for artistic expression, such as music, painting, or writing. They may also be innovative problem solvers, able to find creative solutions to challenges they encounter. This creative nature may also extend to their spiritual practices, as they explore new ways of connecting with the divine.


Pleiadian starseeds have a mystical and otherworldly quality to them. They may have a deep sense of connection to the spiritual realm and a desire to explore the mysteries of the universe. This mystical nature may also manifest in their intuitive abilities, as they are able to connect with higher realms of consciousness.


Pleiadian starseeds have a strong nurturing quality to them, often acting as a caregiver or support system for those around them. They may have a natural ability to provide comfort and support to others, and may be drawn to careers in fields such as nursing, counseling, or social work. This nurturing nature may also extend to their spiritual practices, as they seek to provide healing and support to others through energy work or other spiritual practices.


Pleiadian starseeds have a natural inclination towards healing, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual. They may be drawn to careers in fields such as alternative medicine, energy healing, or counseling. Their empathic and intuitive nature allows them to sense and understand the root causes of an individual’s issues, allowing them to provide effective healing.

Reality “escapists”:

Pleiadian starseeds may struggle with the harsh realities of the world, and may have a tendency to escape into their own inner world. This can manifest as a desire to spend time alone, daydreaming, or indulging in fantasy or science fiction. While this trait can be helpful for self-care, it’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to maintain a balance between their inner and outer worlds.

Challengers of social norms:

Pleiadian starseeds may have a rebellious streak and may challenge social norms and conventions. They may feel a deep sense of purpose to change the world for the better, and may be drawn to activism or social justice causes. This desire to challenge the status quo may also manifest in their personal lives, as they reject societal expectations and follow their own unique path.

Drawn to “toxic” people:

Pleiadian starseeds may have a natural desire to heal and support others, which can lead them to be drawn to people who are struggling or in need of help. Unfortunately, this can also lead to attracting people who are “toxic” or draining, and may leave Pleiadian starseeds feeling drained or emotionally exhausted. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to practice energetic boundaries and self-care to avoid being taken advantage of by these types of individuals.

Very emotional:

Pleiadian starseeds are highly emotional and may have a tendency to feel deeply. They may feel a range of emotions, from joy and excitement to sadness and despair, and may struggle with regulating their emotions. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to learn healthy emotional expression and self-care practices to avoid being overwhelmed by their emotions. Their emotional sensitivity can also be a gift, as it allows them to deeply connect with others and provide support and empathy.


Pleiadian starseeds have a strong sense of honesty and integrity. They may struggle with being dishonest or inauthentic, and may value honesty and transparency in their relationships. Their honesty can sometimes come across as blunt or harsh, but it comes from a place of integrity and a desire to help others grow and develop.


Pleiadian starseeds have a generous and giving nature, and may enjoy helping others in any way they can. They may feel a sense of purpose in supporting others and may be drawn to charitable causes or volunteering. Their generosity may sometimes be taken advantage of, so it’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to learn healthy boundaries and discernment in their giving.

Conflict avoidant:

Pleiadian starseeds may have a natural aversion to conflict and may go to great lengths to avoid it. They may struggle with asserting themselves or speaking up when they disagree with others, and may feel overwhelmed or anxious in confrontational situations. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to learn healthy conflict resolution skills to navigate challenging situations.


Pleiadian starseeds have a natural charisma and may be highly magnetic and attractive to others. They may have a charming personality and may excel in social situations or public speaking. Their charisma can sometimes make them feel like they need to perform or be “on” all the time, so it’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to practice self-care and maintain healthy boundaries in their relationships.

Highly attractive:

Pleiadian starseeds may have a natural physical attractiveness, but this trait also extends beyond physical appearance. They may have an inner glow or radiance that draws others to them, and may be highly magnetic or captivating. Their attractiveness may also come from their kind and compassionate nature, making them highly desirable as friends or romantic partners. It’s important for Pleiadian starseeds to recognize their own worth and value beyond their external appearance or societal expectations.


The Pleiadian Awakening

Not everything is perfect in the life of a Pleiadian. It’s not easy to be born in a very dense place as the planet Earth, where they are surrounded by heavy energy (influenced by the ego mind). This makes it very difficult to adapt to the planet and remember who they are.

Most of the times, pleiadian starseeds are born with poorly integrated energy and they spend many years working on this integration as they mature and evolve in their journey. This usually happens after a life changing moment when they “wake up” and realise who they are and what’s their mission. There are many events that can trigger a spiritual awakening and I’ve written an article on that, in case you’re interested – Spiritual awakening triggers – What leads to spiritual awakening?

But how do you spot a Starseed from the Pleiades? Are you a Pleiadian starseed?

Pleiadian Starseed Appearance 

Pleiadians have some common physical traits. They are usually very tall and slim, with a Nordic look. It’s common for Pleiadian starseeds to have light hair and skin, almond eyes, high cheekbones and strong jawlines. Pleiadians also often have an androgenous look and are considered extremely beautiful, with amazing bodies and perfect symmetrical features.

They usually adapt well to cold climates. They prefer cold rather than hot weather.

Their bright eyes are also highly sensitive to light. 

While many Pleiadians may typically have these common traits (and I have one in my life who looks exactly as the described above), there are also Pleiadians who don’t look completely like this.

When Pleiadians incarnate on Earth, they can choose to incarnate into Earth bodies which are much more varied in appearance, than what they are used to in the Pleiades.

Pleiadian Starseed Symbols

As Pleiadian starseeds origin from the Pleiades, the Pleiadian starseed symbols are usually associated with this star cluster. You will see this symbol in many products and spiritual articles related to the Pleiadians.



In conclusion, Pleiadian starseeds are a unique and fascinating group of individuals who have originated from the Pleiades star system. They possess a range of traits that set them apart from others, including their high levels of intuition, creativity, and empathy. While their traits can be both a gift and a challenge, Pleiadian starseeds have a deep sense of purpose and a desire to make the world a better place. Whether you believe in the existence of starseeds or not, there is no denying that the idea of Pleiadian starseeds has captured the imagination of many and has provided a lens through which to view ourselves and our place in the universe.

So, are you a Pleiadian starseed? Let me know in the comments below.

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Love and Light x

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