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Avian Starseed

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Have you been asking yourself if you’re a starseed? Starseeds are very advanced souls, who originate from many different star systems, planets, galaxies, dimensions and parallel universes. Some of the most well known starseeds are the Pleiadians, SiriansOrionsReptiliansArcturiansAndromedans and Lyrans.

I’ve written a few posts on the different starseeds, in case you are interested in finding out more about your galactic origins.

In this article I am going to focus on the Avian starseed, their common traits, origin and mission.

What is an Avian Starseed?

Avian starseeds are beautiful and highly intelligent interdimensional beings who have for millennia brought messages of hope and peace to our planet. 

Avians live in higher dimensions between the 6th and 9th and they have birdlike features. The Blue Avians are the highest known Avian race and they are more energetically fluid, opaque, and less attached to their physical realities.

It is believed that they travel across the universe using devices such as spherical crafts and that they have created a blockade in our solar system to prevent the “Cabal” from escaping. Their technology is super advanced and far surpasses human’s secret technology programs which are further ahead technologically than most of us can imagine.

Avian starseeds are part of the so-called “Sphere Being Alliance”, along with other races, and many of them came to Earth to help working against the ruling cabal of this world.

Although Avian starseeds are still a bit of a mystery compared to many others, as they seem to prefer to observe rather than get directly involved with us, there are some brave souls who decided to come to our planet and help with the ascension process. They have chosen many ways to help us including, sending messages through some channelers such as Corey Goode with whom the Avians have been in communication with.

Avian starseeds are highly telepathic and often their first contact with humans takes place through dreams.

Avians have been visiting Earth since the ancient times and have been represented in many ways and forms in different cultures. For instance, Ra, the Sun God; the God Horus; and Toth. All of them represented as bird-headed beings in Ancient Egypt.

Currently, there are not many Avians on Earth as these beings are so evolved and used to living in higher dimensions, that they feel extremely uncomfortable in the human form. They do not enjoy being confined in any way and are always seeking freedom.

Avian starseeds can be found in any field, but often those requiring high intelligence and attention to detail because they are very good observers and have great memory as well. They can be great detectives, spies, inventors, scientists, and innovators. 

Avian Starseed Origin

Avian starseeds origin from a different universe but they have evolved and expanded to other galaxies and seeded many planets on the 3D. They have assumed a huge diversity of color, size and appearances and are now located throughout this universe in many forms.

It was Avian’s visionary perspective and expanded consciousness that led them to broaden their horizons and move to other planets.

It is believed that the birds we have on Earth, are a gift from Avian starseeds to help regulate our electromagnetic atmosphere.

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The Avian Starseed Mission

The Avian starseed belief system is similar to the teachings in the Law of One, which is something I recommend you have a look at in case you are not familiar with it (as this is a huge and complex topic that would require several blogs to discuss).

The Avians came to Earth in partnership with other starseeds, to assist with the movement for global disclosure on the planet and help us understand the potentialities around spiritual freedom and our multi-dimensional abilities.

Avians are supporting our consciousness evolution journey and the creation of the new Earth.

They do a lot of observation and monitoring work, as well as keeping energies stable to facilitate the process of diffusing the powerful light codes coming into our solar system currently.

They also act as messengers and have been more active and involved lately as the planet faces such a negative influence from other entities such as the draco Reptlilians and other humans at lower vibrational frequencies.

Avians’ core message states that we must learn to be more loving and to be at the service of others by focusing on raising our vibration and releasing karma. They want us to learn how to forgive ourselves and others.
Their messages also focus on our bodies as they ask us to treat them “as a temple” and change over to a high vibrational diet to help with raising our vibration.

Avian Starseed Appearance

Avian starseeds are usually represented as blue/indigo feathered, bird-like beings, very tall and similar to humans as regards to torso, arms, hands.

When they incarnate on Earth, they can assume many different races, colours at different parts of the world. However, it is said that they are currently more concentrated in areas of the planet which are struggling the most and need more help.

Avian Starseed Traits

Do you have any Avian galactic origins? Take a look at some of the most common Avian starseed traits.

Highly Intelligent:

Avian starseeds possess a remarkable intelligence that sets them apart from others. They have an exceptional ability to grasp complex concepts and ideas quickly, and they possess a natural curiosity that drives them to explore new things. Their intelligence is not limited to the physical world, as they also possess multi-dimensional sight. This means that they can perceive beyond what is visible to the naked eye and can sense things that others cannot. They are able to see the interconnectedness of all things, which gives them a unique perspective on life.

Free Thinkers:

Avian starseeds are known for their independent thinking and their ability to break free from the confines of group consciousness. They are not easily influenced by societal norms or the media, and they are not afraid to challenge the status quo. They have a strong sense of individuality and are comfortable being themselves, even if it means going against the norm. Their free thinking allows them to see things from a different perspective, which often leads to unique and innovative solutions.


Avian starseeds possess a unique ability to take an idea and elevate it to new levels of thought. They have a natural creativity that allows them to see things that others cannot, and they are not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible. They have a strong sense of intuition and are often guided by their inner vision. This allows them to envision new possibilities and to bring about positive change in the world. Their visionary nature makes them natural leaders, as they are able to inspire others to follow their lead.


Avian starseeds possess remarkable observation skills that allow them to notice details that most people miss. They are highly attuned to their environment and are able to perceive subtle changes in energy and vibration. They have a keen eye for detail and are able to see patterns and connections that others cannot. Their observation skills allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them, which often leads to new insights and breakthroughs. They are able to see things from a different perspective, which makes them valuable contributors to any team or group.

Good Memory:

Avian starseeds possess an exceptional memory that sets them apart from most people. They are able to recall details and information with incredible accuracy, even from their early childhood. This skill allows them to learn and retain knowledge quickly and efficiently. They are able to process vast amounts of information and make connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information. Their memory skills make them valuable assets in any field that requires detailed knowledge and information processing.

Connection to Birds:

Avian starseeds feel a strong connection to birds from a very young age. They are often drawn to birds and feel a sense of comfort and familiarity in their presence. They may have a natural affinity for birdwatching or bird-related activities, and they may feel a sense of peace and calm when they are surrounded by birds. This connection may be due to the fact that birds are often seen as messengers and symbols of freedom, and avian starseeds may resonate with these qualities.


Avian starseeds are often gifted with telepathic abilities, which allows them to communicate with others through their minds. They may be able to sense the thoughts and emotions of others, and they may be able to transmit their own thoughts and feelings to others without speaking. This skill makes them excellent communicators and allows them to connect with others on a deep level. They may also have prophetic abilities, which allows them to see into the future and gain insights into upcoming events.

Uncomfortable in Their Bodies:

Just like most higher dimensional beings, avian starseeds may feel uncomfortable in their limited human bodies. They may feel like their true essence is being constrained by the physical limitations of their human form. This may lead to feelings of restlessness or a sense of being out of place in the world. They may have a strong desire to connect with their true spiritual nature and to transcend the limitations of their physical bodies. This discomfort may also lead to a sense of longing for their true home in the higher dimensions, which can be difficult to find on Earth.

Freedom Seekers:

Freedom is of utmost importance to avian starseeds as they have an innate desire to be free from any restrictions. They do not like to feel constrained or limited in any aspect of their lives. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual restrictions. They have a strong desire to be able to express themselves freely and to explore their true nature without any hindrance. They seek a life of authenticity, where they can follow their inner guidance and live according to their own values and principles.


Avian starseeds have an uplifting personality, and they strive to raise the vibration of the people around them. They have a keen sense of humor and often use it to uplift others. They are optimistic and hopeful, even in challenging situations. They have a contagious energy that can make others feel uplifted and inspired. They are natural healers, and they have the ability to make others feel better simply by being in their presence.


Like many starseeds, avians can struggle with social interactions and may feel a bit awkward or shy at times. They may find it difficult to fit into mainstream society, as their perspectives and beliefs can be quite different from those of the people around them. They may have a sense of being out of place or not belonging, which can make it challenging for them to connect with others. However, they are often able to find like-minded individuals who share their values and beliefs.


Avian starseeds have a deep appreciation for music, particularly singing and instrumental music. They may have a natural talent for singing or playing a musical instrument. They are often drawn to music that is uplifting and inspiring, and they may use music as a tool for healing and raising their vibration. They may also have a deep connection to the frequency and vibration of sound, which allows them to use music as a way of communicating with higher dimensional beings.

Nature Sounds:

Avian starseeds are often attracted to the sounds of nature, particularly those of rain falling or birds singing. They may find these sounds calming and soothing, and they may use them as a way of connecting with the natural world. They may also have a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, and they may spend time in natural settings as a way of recharging their energy and connecting with their higher self.


Avian starseeds have a loyal nature to those they connect with. Once they have established a connection with someone, they are likely to remain loyal and committed to that person. They value deep connections and meaningful relationships, and they will go to great lengths to support those they care about. They have a strong sense of empathy and can sense the needs and emotions of those around them. They are often able to provide comfort and support to others during difficult times.

Sleep Patterns:

Avian starseeds may have unusual sleep patterns, including being alert in the night-time and having a very light sleep. They may find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, and they may wake up frequently throughout the night. This can be due to their heightened sensitivity and awareness, which can make it difficult for them to fully relax and let go. They may also have a tendency to experience vivid dreams or astral projections during their sleep, which can contribute to their restless sleep patterns. Despite this, they are often able to function well during the day, and they may find that they are most productive during the early morning hours.


In conclusion, avian starseeds are highly intelligent, free thinkers, visionaries, and observers who have a strong connection to birds and possess telepathic and prophetic abilities. They may feel uncomfortable in their human bodies and have a deep desire for freedom. Despite their uplifting personality, they may also struggle with social interactions and may feel a bit awkward or shy at times. They have a deep appreciation for music, particularly singing and instrumental music, and are often drawn to the sounds of nature. They have a loyal nature to those they connect with and may have unusual sleep patterns. As starseeds, they have a unique role to play in the awakening and transformation of humanity and are here to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Earth. Understanding and embracing these traits can help avian starseeds to better understand themselves and their purpose in this lifetime.

So, are you an Avian starseed or do you have an Avian starseed friend? Let me know in the comments below.

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Love and light x

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