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Ascension Guide Lightworker

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Have you been feeling super excited about the current shift from 3D to 5D on the planet Earth? Do you feel a strong calling to help people wake up to what is going on? Have you been working hard on sharing your bright healing light with others?  You might be an Ascension Guide Lightworker!

No two lightworkers are the same, each one has come down to Earth with their own mission – like a kind of unique encoding, but all types of lightworkers are here to help the planet evolve.

Unfortunately, not all lightworkers are immediately aware of their purpose and mission. It can take time to come to this realization. Many lightworkers go through very difficult lives and have to overcome great hardship in order to grow and reach a point of unconditional self-love, which will allow them to help others. However, as they heal and self-actualize, they dramatically transform their life.

Even if they lead a regular life and career, away from the spotlight, lightworkers simultaneously shine their light, help and support others by creating positive experiences for those around them. 

What is an Ascension Guide Lightworker?

Ascension Guides Lightworkers are beautiful souls who incarnated on Earth to help mankind in this crucial transition period.

These souls are always on the lookout for newer possibilities, driven by the belief that good and better things await, if one just looks beyond the obvious. They are always working towards creating higher inter-dimensional possibilities and broadening mankind’s vision for the future. They believe in people’s potential to self-actualize and ascend! It is all about healing and raising one’s vibration.

They are usually very adventurous, incredibly positive and not afraid of trying new things.

Ascension guides are always sharing optimism, being kind and compassionate. Their authenticity uplifts the ones around them and has the power to change the world.

Ascension Guide’s Mission

Ascension Lightworkers volunteered to assist humanity and the planet Earth through the ascension process.

These lightworkers have been feeling especially challenged lately. This is due to the current transition from 3D to 5D. The new frequencies that are now streaming onto the planet are powerful than ever, pushing us to a new age by unravelling many structures, systems and patterns at a global level. 

This has been very disturbing and difficult for most people who have been facing the dismantling of the reality around them, without understanding what is really going on.

That’s one of the reasons why the Ascension Lightworkers mission is so important now. They are the ones guiding mankind during this transition, helping them seeing the bigger picture and waking up to the new greater possibilities of a new way of living.

The Earth has been plagued by negativity, density, and darkness. Ascension Guides are here to help swing the pendulum far the other way and free every soul that has been trapped in the lowest frequencies.

They are here to share their high vibrational energy, embody light, peace, and truth. They assist other souls on their consciousness evolution journey.

Ascension Guides show us how to overcome some of the pitfalls of enlightenment so that we don’t lose ourselves on the way to ascension.

These lightworkers have progressed further than Wayshowers, and have taken on personal responsibility for teaching, guiding, and mentoring others through the ascension process on a larger scale.

This doesn’t mean that they are better than Wayshowers, no! All lightworkers help humanity in a different way. Ascension guides have just found a different way to reach people, which is generally more public.  They often share their ascension experience publicly and guide others who have also made the choice to ascend.

While Wayshowers might not even be aware sometimes of how much they are doing and helping mankind simply by living authentically, Ascension Guides are completely conscious of their purpose and have devoted their life to the work of waking up others and helping them ascend.

Some of their teachings might even contradict the regular teachings of some lightworkers. This is because sometimes they can approach reality from a much higher viewpoint and see the flaws that might surface with some types of “blind” spirituality.

Ascension Guides are not alone in the ascension process. Not only there is immense support from the invisible realms, but on the physical realm as well. Many other lightworkers are waking up all over the world, bringing their different skills and expertise, and working together to enter the new age emerging.

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Love and light x

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