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Starseed Activation

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The name starseed has been used very commonly in recent times to roughly identify those who are of non-Earth soul origin, incarnated with the intention of serving mankind. In spiritual literature these beings have also been referred to as wanderers or lightworkers. All of these souls share a common goal of working to the benefit of mankind and the planet.

Some of the most common starseed races are the Pleiadians, Andromedas, Lyrans, Arcturians, and Orions.

While the awareness of originally being a non-Earth entity often creates inconsistencies in the identity, every being which incarnates in a human Earth body is unquestionably a human being- not an alien in disguise. Starseeds are not native to the 3rd or 4th dimension (3rd density), having evolved and upgraded themselves into higher dimensional experiences over time. This realm has an entirely different composition of matter and of course the bodies they inhabit are appropriate for these dimensions. We consider these beings to be aliens, but really they may be considered our cosmic older brothers and sisters.

There is spiritual philosophy which suggests the entire function of this Earth experience is to experience life while upgrading our soul to be able to eventually inhabit these higher dimensions. A lot of spiritual symbolism depicts this movement as the serpent coiling upwards, the serpent being the symbol of wisdom. The teachings of unconditional love, which crop up everywhere in human history are referencing the necessary lessons needed to be understood in order to allow the soul to evolve/expand itself and be able to experience these higher realms.

Starseeds, having already been through this process and choosing to incarnate back into the lower realms in order to help those in learning, may be considered angels incarnate- though they certainly aren’t perfect!

A lot of starseeds, while pursuing their initial mission may become karmically entangled with the planet through various traumas and events and experience incarnations partially designed for karmic resolution!

The intention and plan of service prior to incarnation is usually referred to as the starseed “mission”. This mission is unique to the individual and it is not exactly set in stone and may be called a rough framework. The chosen parents, family members and certain important people you come across are usually selected additions to this framework, to the aim of building the capacity to work towards a general preincarnate intention.

In order to fulfill their mission, starseeds go through what is known as the “starseed activation” or “starseed awakening”.

What is starseed activation?

The activation of the starseed may be linked to spiritual awakening. This may also be called 5D activation or heart center activation. This is the movement of consciousness into your heart center, which energetically corresponds to the 5th dimensional environment.

When a starseed enters this level of consciousness, they are less vulnerable to Earth-influences and become a more authentic expression of their true self. This true self is also very aligned with their mission, no longer being tempted or distracted by physical things which influence the lower chakras.

It is called “activation” for this very reason. Prior to awakening the starseed is basically doing their best to navigate Earth and meet their basic needs with some subtle intuitive understandings but often very little knowledge as to what the heck is going on.

After activation, the starseed has some grasp as to what is going on, and begins to intuitively work towards the initial intention of their incarnation, sometimes without realising. A lot of starseeds wonder “what is my mission” or “what is my purpose”, without realising they are already living it!

 Starseed Activation Symptoms?

The symptoms of starseed activation have so much variety it is difficult to pinpoint just one which we can directly associate with awakening. There are many many different reports of symptoms which come with any form of spiritual awakening. (Click to check some common spiritual awakening symptoms)

The spiritual activation process is a personal and unique one- no two spiritual awakenings are alike. But one of the things spiritual awakenings share is the fact that the consciousness no longer feels in the dark afterwards.

Some activities are extremely physical, including vomiting, nausea and intense headaches being reported. Others are very mental, including great confusion, irrational fear and anxiety. The unique entity has a correspondingly unique activation.

One thing which is a more consistent symptom however is the gradual but certain improvement in awareness and a sudden hunger for information. Many of us recall going down the conspiracy theory “rabbit hole”. This is a consequence of having increased awareness which makes your lack of knowledge suddenly abundantly clear. This gap creates movement towards randomly pursuing hidden knowledge anywhere that it may be found.

Starseed Activation Codes            

Many have asked me about starseed activation codes. Below is an activation channelled by Magenta Pixie, an author and channel, in her book The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame. Many more starseed DNA activations may be found online in the form of meditations or light language.

Here be the dragons, guardians of the Flame.

Existing in physical form, yet human we are not.

Holding much wisdom, we fly beyond the rainbow for there we shall find our pot of gold.

Though we may be dragonkind, we are wise enough to know that we are but beginners on the dragon’s path. Holding the knowing that we must not teach. Instead we assist the seeker to find the teacher within themselves.

We, as the ‘rainbow dragons of Krysta’ are a collective, even whilst we each stand alone.

We are the ‘Jewelled Dragons of the Kryst; and the ‘Keepers of the Flame of Amenti’ and the ‘Keyhonders to the Holy Gate’.

We are the geometries and the numbers.

We are Seven.

We are Twelve

We are Nine.

Seek and ye shall find us.

As the ascended dragon, we hold other forms within our collective embrace: the ascended unicorn, the ascended dolphin and the ascended mermaid. We stand ‘all as one’.

Representing the elements. Sea, land, air, flame and either.

Dolphins of the sea.

Dragons of the land, the air and the flame.

Mermaids of the sea and the land.

Unicorns of the ether.

All as one. As is dragon lore.

Standing as ‘trinity of three’: Dolphins, unicorns, dragons.

Standing as the square with the unicorn making the ‘Tetra-grammaton’ but only those who wield the magic wand can see us.

The mermaids make the five. When there are five, you can fly and we give you your wings now.

We are the fabric of ‘the place’ and the ‘fabric of the time’. All as one. As is dragon lore.

Permeating through all and everything as electric magick, energetic magick and intelligent magick. We thus become infinity.

We are the magicvians, the mages and the MAG-DA-LEN. Our wands are our swords and both are flaming when we give them the gift of our dragon’s breath.

Inspiration, creativity, joy, love and bliss. We are all these, yet so too are we fire.


Here there be dragons, guardians of the flame.


The varieties of souls and experiences get so complex we can discuss them forever. If certain things in this article resonate with you, it would be useful to look introspectively at your experience so far- there are often many many clues to help you understand your starseed journey.


Love and light x

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