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Lyran Starseed – Are you from Lyra?

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Are you a Lyran starseed? If you’re asking yourself if you could possibly be a Lyran starseed or any other starseed, that’s often an indication that you may well be one. If you’re unsure, check out the article “What is a starseed”. The next step is to find out your origins. Starseeds come from many different planets, galaxies and star systems. Some of the most common starseed types are Pleiadians, Sirians, Avians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orions and Reptilians.

In this piece, I explain the meaning of Lyran starseed; Lyran ancestry; Lyran appearance; Lyran traits and characteristics associated with Lyran starseeds so you can learn more about them and join the dots to find out if you’re one.

What are Lyran Starseeds?

Lyran starseeds are said to be the root race of all humanoid races in our galaxy. They played a unique role in the creation of humanity, offering the element of fire to Earth and seeding the first souls to Atlantis and Lemuria. They taught about work ethic and how to make the best use of energy.

Lyrans often struggle with finding their starseed connection as they identify with multiple star systems. Most Lyrans have also incarnated as Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians.

As they have plenty of experience incarnating onto different planets, when they arrive at a 3D world, they enjoy experiencing it to the fullest and they are very independent in their nature. 

Lyrans are very intelligent and tend to know a lot, about a wide range of topics!

There are not many Lyran starseeds incarnated here on Earth currently, as it’s said most have decided to leave due to the Reptilian starseeds.

Lyran Starseed


Lyran Starseeds Origin

Lyran starseeds come from Lyra, a small constellation bordered by Vulpecula to the South, Hercules to the East, Draco to the North, and Cygnus to the West. Covering 286.5 sq degrees, it ranks 52nd of the 88 modern constellations in size. The brightest star in this constellation is Vega, which is also one of the brightest stars visible from our planet.

Lyra was often represented on star maps as a vulture or an eagle carrying a lyre, and sometimes referred to as “Falling Vulture” or “Falling Eagle”.

According to the Greek mythology, Lyra represents the lyre of Orpheus – the first lyre ever produced. Orpheus’s music was said to be so great that even inanimate objects such as rocks and trees could be charmed.

Lyran Starseed Mission and Purpose

In the pivotal times which we are living on the planet today, it’s become clear that we need help to navigate the unknown territories during this shift.

That’s why many old souls made their way from the depths of the universe to Earth in order to guide mankind through this transitional period.

Lyrans are here to share their knowledge and help us realize our true nature.

Lyran starseeds understand that the level of consciousness on Earth has an effect on every other part of the universe, as everything in intrinsically connected. For this reason, they volunteered to come to our planet to help evolve the collective consciousness.

Lyran Energy

The Lyran energy is very powerful and warm. Lyran starseeds naturally radiate high vibration energy which can deeply impact people around them. They are energetic and dynamic, setting the example for others to follow. Lyra’s powerful energy allows them to become great leaders.

Lyran Symbols

The most common Lyran symbols are the Lyre and the harp.  Besides being associated with Orpheus in the Greek mythology, the lyre is also connected to entertainment, fun and feasts. This symbol represents the Lyrans’ side that likes to indulge and enjoy the good things in life.

lyran_symbolsLyran symbol


Lyran Starseed Appearance

Lyran starseeds are diverse in appearance but they have some common features.

Although they look like humans, they have prominent feline features, with noses and eyes looking particularly cat-like.

Are you a Lyran starseed? Here are some common lyran starseed traits to help you find out.

Lyran starseed traits

1. Connection to cats

They either like cats or have memories of being a cat-like humanoid. They can also feel as if they understand cats, like people. This is one of the main Lyran characteristics.

2. Like to indulge

Lyrans are very energetic and like to be involved in many activities.

They love indulging in good food, drink and music or simply learning new subjects. They genuinely enjoy immersing themselves in the physical world.

3. Natural leaders

Lyrans can easily step up into positions of leadership as they are assertive, and

people often listen more closely to them and trust their opinions. When they speak, people can feel that they’re very confident. This is because Lyrans are naturally comfortable living the 3D world.

4. Inteligent and Skilled

Lyran Starseeds are very experienced since they are the oldest humans. Coming to Earth is not as hard for them as for many other starseeds and they can excel even in the harshest conditions because they carry ancient wisdom. They believe in themselves and their skills to survive in such a dark place like the earth.

5. Emotionally strong

Lyran starseeds often appear to be emotionally strong and are always supporting others during difficult times. However, there is a depth of sensitivity beyond the surface. Nevertheless, they seem to easily keep a balanced and healthy state.

6. They pursue their dreams fearlessly

Another Lyran characteristic is that they go after what they want and encourage other people to do the same. Usually they don’t even need help or a mentor, they are self-encouraging.

7. Strategic

They work very hard, but they are always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. They easily find new ways of doing things as they are very strategic and able to work out their own solutions to specific problems.

8. Loners

Lyrans tend to observe the people they’re surrounded by, as they feel different to others. They don’t quite understand these differences and often try to blend in and appear more human, so they study human interactions so they can get these right. However, sometimes they just stand out as a bit exceptional or as loners.

9. Drawn to Metaphysics

A common Lyran starseed trait is their natural interest in metaphysics, nanotechnology, space travel, sciences and the paranormal. They also like crystals and sacred objects.

When they get deeply connected to their spiritual side, it becomes easy for them to channel or develop clair gifts.

10. Sporty and adventurous

Lyrans make excellent athletes as they enjoy physical activity and pushing physical limits. They love activities such as rock climbing or jumping out of planes and sometimes they can simply go for something without thinking through. Lyran starseeds can do things that would make many people panic. 

11. Fight for justice

Lyran starseeds pursue justice fearlessly. They identify injustices and fight for worthy causes they believe in. They never give in against those who are wrong doing to others.

12. Independent

They are very independent since a young age.  This may be painful for their loved ones, especially for their parents. They resist all forms of illegitimate control over their lives.

13. Flirtatious and sexual

Lyrans may have many romantic relationships as they enjoy the physical connection but have a hard time committing to one person. They are highly passionate lovers but can be bored easily because they love diversity so much.

However, they have a pure heart and they are highly trustworthy as a friend.

14. Temper

If a Lyran is unbalanced and do not know how to work with their energy, they can have a bit of a temper. Not a rage, or anything, but if they are mad, you should look out. However, they are mainly lovely and easy going, until provoked.

15. Impatient

Lyrans can also be impatient and seem moody and aloof if there is nothing exciting going on. This is because they need constant stimulation, and diversity to be happy. Staying in one place for a long period of time could depress them.

Does any of these Lyran characteristics resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Love and light x

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