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Twin Flames

How do you forgive your twin flame

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We grow up believing that forgiveness is a sign of weakness and if we have any self-respect and self-love we should not let other people get away with their harmful actions. However, this mentality can lead to many issues in our lives, including bitterness, resentment, anger, frustration and feeling powerless. Eventually, these negative emotions prevent us from enjoying our lives fully and moving on towards our dreams.

This is very common in twin flame relationships as they go through many difficult twin flame stages that are not easy to navigate and can lead to several negative emotions and the inability to forgive.


What does it mean to forgive

Forgiving doesn’t mean ignoring or forgetting. These are completely different things.

To forgive doesn’t mean that you are “ok” with what someone has done to you and how much they hurt you.

To forgive doesn’t mean that you are doing a favor to someone else and letting them get away with their unreasonable behaviors.

It means above all that you love yourself and you are doing a favor to yourself. To forgive means that you are mature enough to understand that you cannot control other people’s behaviors, and you are not responsible for them. You can only control your own behavior and reactions.

It means that you know that healing the wounds of the twin flame connection is essential to move on with your life.

To forgive means to be aware of your current situation and all the events that occurred, no matter how painful, and being able to understand and take the lessons from those experiences. It is the ability to focus on the lessons rather than on blaming yourself or others and then being grateful for what the experience taught you. Those learnings will play an important role in your next experiences and help you evolve and live a happier life.

To forgive means to be aware that no one is perfect, and everyone is on their own journey, with their own background, experiences and lessons to learn. All of us will learn different lessons in different ways. That’s the beauty of the human experience. We all live and perceive the world from a different perspective.

To forgive means that you love yourself enough to not allow other people’s behaviors change your state of mind or the way you perceive your own self-worth. It means that you know how precious your energy is and how important it is to spend it wisely, on things that make you happy rather than on dwelling on things that push you down.

To forgive means that you are able to release what doesn’t serve you and make space for what actually matters – to live life fully!

To forgive means that you are strong enough to wish everyone the best, even if they don’t do the same for you. Because everything that you send out to the universe always comes back to you – if you send out love, you will receive more love, if you send out resentment, that’s what you’ll get. That’s the law of attraction.


The role of forgiveness in twin flame connections

The ability to forgive plays an important role in your consciousness evolution journey. It has a huge impact in your life and happiness.
It shows how much you love yourself and are willing to make the most of your human experience.

It also plays an important role in your twin flame journey.

One of the difficult twin flame stages is the twin flame separation which occurs after the twin flame runner decides to “run away” from the connection. This often leaves the other twin flame completely devastated, heart broken and confused. Forgiving them for running away becomes very difficult as you drown in negative emotions and try to put yourself back together.

However, this is part of the journey. Twin flames meet each other to accelerate their growth and help them evolve in consciousness. Imagine it as a fast-track ticket to “enlightenment”.

You often can learn more from a few months with a twin flame than you would learn through many years without people triggering you. That’s what twin flames do, they trigger your deepest wounds and past traumas to help you heal so that you can move on in your full power to fulfill your mission.

So, forgiveness in twin flame relationships means that you have understood your lesson, feel grateful for what you learned and feel more powerful than ever to enjoy life in a way that you would never be able to if you haven’t had met your twin flame.

It also means in many cases that you are ready for twin flame reunion. Not all twin flames end up going separate ways. There are cases where both twins do the necessary inner work during twin flame separation and end up reuniting after some time to build a beautiful, stronger relationship.


How to forgive the twin flame runner

It usually easier said than done but forgiving your twin flame runner for running away or for triggering you is essential for your journey. So how do you do it?

Many times, I hear people saying “My twin flame destroyed my life” or “I was unfairly judged”, and they feel full of resentment.

Twin flame resentment is very common, and it is difficult to detach from it. However, it is possible. The secret to forgive your twin flame is to remember the following:

  • By forgiving, it doesn’t mean that you are “ok” with your twin flame hurting you. You are simply not willing to let resentment rule your life and you want to make space for better things to enter your life. This can include your twin flame (if they decided to do their inner and healing work) or not.
  • You love yourself too much to allow someone else to dictate how good or bad you feel on a daily basis.
  • You know your self-worth and how powerful you are. You know that you have the power to decide on how you feel and what to do with your life.
  • You know that no one is perfect, and everyone has their own wounds and past traumas that they are dealing with. You accept them and you use your right to decide to give them space to deal with it.
  • You know that by releasing the negative you are making space for the positive.
  • You know that you can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control your reactions to your experiences and you can decide to release the pain and focus on moving forward with or without your twin flame.

Remember, at the end is not only about forgiving your twin flame. It is also about forgiving yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, we are all doing our best living this human experience and always learning along the way. So, try to avoid any negative self-talk and remember that you are beautiful and lovable. You are loved!


Love and light x

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