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Twin Flames

Twin flame went back to a karmic ex – Why? And what to do now?

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There are no words to describe the pain of seeing your twin flame with someone else but this is something that happens often during twin flame separation.

Most twin flame relationships go through this at some point, and it is usually because one of the twins – the twin flame runner – suddenly decides to “run away”. This is known as the “runner and chaser” stage. During this twin flame stage, some of them will even go back to their ex – a karmic partner.

So why does this happen? It is hard to understand why after such as beautiful start of the relationship, things just crumbled down. This leaves you in such a state of confusion as nothing seems to make sense. One moment they are deeply in love and the next they are in the arms of someone else. How can that be? What did just happen?

In this article we will dive deep into the karmic relationship realm, so keep reading to find out why twin flames go back to their karmic, and what can you do as the twin flame chaser, now they are in a relationship with someone else.

Why did my twin flame go back to their karmic ex-partner?

Your twin flame went back to their karmic ex-partner because it was part of your twin soul contract. They have not awakened yet and have a lot of hidden wounds that need to be healed. They are not aware of these wounds though. The only thing they know at this time is that their feelings for you became overwhelming and they felt unable to deal with them. Depending on the type of wound that they have, they experience different feelings. For instance, if your twin flame had a wound related to trust, by getting closer to you emotionally, they could have been triggered and felt that they could not trust you and you could betray them at any time.

Another example is when they have a wound related to abandonment due to past experiences. In this case the twin flame runner gets triggered and starts experiencing deep fear of being abandoned which makes them leave the connection before it happens.

Your twin flame can also have low self-esteem and deep inside feel that they are not good enough, even if they don’t show it. Most of the times they are not even aware of this issue, so they just run as they feel that they are not good enough to maintain the relationship.

Most of the times, going back to an ex-partner seems safer and easier. It feels familiar, and they think that there are less chances of getting hurt because the intensity of the connection is not as intense as in a twin flame relationship. Twin flame relationships can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions as twins mirror each other’s insecurities and are constantly triggering themselves.

Another common situation is when your twin flame has an “avoidant attachment style” as described in psychology. People with an avoidant behaviour tend to dismiss their own feelings and to convince themselves that they don’t need anyone to be happy, and that emotions only cause pain, so they push them away.

There are so many different core wounds that mostly come from childhood and people are not aware of.

Something else you need to keep in mind is that though one of the twins usually awakes first, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any wounds to deal with. The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to bring both of your wounds to the surface so that you both can do the necessary healing work, and start fulfilling your mission on this planet. Only after the work is done, twin flame reunion is possible. This means that you need to heal as well, and this is the most important lesson of a twin flame relationship.

What to do when your twin flame is in a karmic relationship?

Though this is one of the most painful experiences you can go through, the best thing you can do when your twin flame runner is with someone else in a karmic relationship, is to work on healing your wounds and develop self-love. There is nothing more powerful than learning to love yourself and your twin flame unconditionally as well, even though they are with someone else. It is essential to forgive them and forgive yourself!

Getting to the point where you are happy by yourself, and wish them all the best, is the moment when you stop playing the role of the twin flame chaser, stop giving energy to the twin flame cord and allocate it to yourself. When this happens, that’s when your twin flame will start feeling the energetic shift and will be more likely to awake and start working on themselves and healing as well. Their ego will start dissolving and they will suddenly feel like a completely new person, as they heal.

I have written many articles on this topic to help you work on your healing, and help your twin flame heal as well. I suggest that you spend some time reading them as I go into the specific details of the process.

But to summarize the most important steps you need to take, here are the things you need to do and focus on, now that your twin flame is with someone else.

  1. Understand what a twin flame connection is and its purpose.
  2. Understand the different twin flame stages and specifically the twin flame separation stage.
  3. Understand why you can’t stop thinking about your twin flame.
  4. Understand the twin flame awakening process.
  5. Learn how to clear karma from the twin flame connection,.
  6. Learn how to let go of the past.
  7. Learn how to help your twin flame heal.
  8. Learn how to reunite with your twin flame.
  9. Learn how to cut cords with your twin flame.
  10. Learn how to stop chasing love and let love chase you.
  11. Learn how to twin flames navigate challenges in the relationships
  12. Learn how twin flames support each other’s spiritual evolution and ascension
  13. Learn how do twin flames navigate long distance relationships
  14. Learn how to heal the wounds from the twin flame relationship

Never forget, you are a beautiful soul, you are lovable, and you are enough! Not everyone goes on a twin flame journey but if you are in one, then the universe sent you here with a mission that goes beyond your connection. It is time to find it and start following your purpose. Soon everything will make sense ?

Finally, meditation is essential to help you navigate the hardship of this stage. Here are some to help you stay balanced and heal your heart.


Love and light x

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