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Twin Flames

Guided Meditation To Help Your Twin Flame Heal

September 30, 202059 second read

Welcome to this guided meditation to help your twin flame heal. This meditation will help you send out healing energy to your twin flame. It doesn’t matter if you are in physical union or not.

Sending healing energy to someone you love, is a beautiful way to help them and help yourself. As you give love to others, you receive it many times back.

Before you play the video below, keep in mind that, if you are separated from your twin flame, this is an illusion. Twin flames are always connected in higher dimensions of consciousness. Regardless of whatever happens in the physical form, you and your twin flame are never separated or incomplete. You are two whole and beautiful souls, always connected.

Your thoughts and intentions are very powerful energy that influence your twin flame connection. They have the ability to create your reality and the power to heal your relationship.

Distance is not an obstacle when it comes to energy. You can heal someone from afar.

So let’s get started. Enjoy!

Guided meditation to help twin flame heal

Love and light x

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