Have you been seeing 11 11 in the form of time, dates, calculations results, etc.? Pay attention!

At first, this occurrence might seem like a silly coincidence. But by looking further into it, you will find that it has a powerful spiritual message hidden within so make sure you don’t miss it.

Each number, just like each soul, carries a different energy signature. Certain numbers and sequences also hold the keys to unlock parts of your DNA and true potential as well. 11:11 is a great example of this and one of the most commonly spotted angel numbers. 

Coming across 11 11 means that the universe is trying to communicate with you.

Our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or higher selves like to speak to us through various methods such as directing our attention to repeating numbers.

These synchronicities can be hard to interpret, therefore, it is important to learn to decipher the messages behind the numbers.


11:11 Meaning

Seeing 11 11 can have many meanings and metaphysical explanations, however the most common is that you are awakening to the vibratory changes around you. You are probably undergoing a spiritual awakening.

As your consciousness expands, you’ll find yourself seeing 11 11 more and more often.

This phenomenon occurs to remind us of the powerful cosmic shifts occurring during this beautiful transition time on the planet. Also, it brings our attention to our present thoughts and feelings. It works as a wake up call to bring our awareness to the present moment and become more conscious of ourselves. Plus, it serves to remind us that we always have guidance and greater wisdom when we feel stuck, scared, or frustrated.


11:11 meaning


11 11 Numerology

According to numerology, the number 11 is a master number connected to intuition, psychic connection, insight, initiation, and enlightenment. 

The number 1 itself signifies creation, leadership, and manifestation, so when you have 11 11 the energy is magnified and full of great potential.

It is said that seeing 11 11 means that you are on the right path and your actions are aligned with your soul’s purpose. However, this will vary and have different meanings for different people at different stages in their lives.

You need to ask yourself, what does 11 11 mean to you. What were you doing, thinking, or feeling when you saw 11 11?

One moment it might mean “be careful” and on another day it might mean “you are on the right path.” It’s important to develop your intuition.

Starseed 1111

The starseed 1111 synchronicity often appears in the lives of Starseeds and is said to be connected to the Starseed awakening. Many Starseeds will experience the 11 11 synchronicity as a type of “wake up call” to their soul purpose and mission. 

(Not sure if you are a starseed? Check out the article “What is a starseed?”)

Seeing 11 11 frequently appears leading up to or during a Starseed awakening. As a Starseed becomes more conscious on a spiritual level, synchronicities will become more common. This can help accelerate soul growth and prepare for their mission and realize their own unique mission on the planet.

During these times, Starseeds often feel a sense of urgency, or a feeling that something important is about to happen. Sometimes they get a nagging sensation or feeling that there is something they are supposed to remember but they don’t know what it is. A Starseed awakening can be a confusing but also beautiful moment.

Angel Number 11 11

The guardian angel connected with 11:11 is Lehahiah, whose period of influence is between 11:00 and 11:20. He is the symbol of serenity and luck. He helps you calm down with his peaceful energy. You can invoke him and ask for help in the practice of meditation. He brings luck to those who need it.

He also helps you to organize your thoughts and find balance in your life. He helps with turning you into a faithful person for whom frankness and honesty are essential.

11 11 Twin flames

11 11 can also be related to love. For instance, according to Wikipedia, 11 November 2011, or “11/11/11”, saw an increase in the number of marriages taking place in different areas throughout the world, including the U.S. and across the Asian continent.

Seeing 11 11 does not have to but could very well be related to your twin flame journey as well.

Many believe that seeing 11 11 might signify that your twin flame or soul mate is about to enter your life.

The number 11 is made up of a double 1, this means that it has the traits and personality of the 1 twice, and when added (11 = 1+1 = 2) becomes a 2, which combines the masculine energy 1, with the female energy 2.

All of creation was born through the connection between divine masculine and feminine energy. Especially during a 11 11 portal like November 11, many can and will begin to reunite with their true love. This portal allows the highest unions based on love to come together.

It is said that seeing 11 11 means that your twin flame may be around, or you are soon to encounter them, becoming more in alignment and attracting each other into a physical meeting and union.

If you are dealing with a twin flame runner or with twin flame separation and keep seeing 11 11 it might mean that your twin flame is ready to reconcile.

If this is the case, you will know and feel that something is going to happen soon. You may even experience non-physical guides helping to bring you together.

Make sure you are ready by grounding yourself through a twin flame meditation.

11 11 portal

Some say 11 11 is a powerful gateway which aligns us to higher realms of spiritual connection. This is because the number 11 represents two pillars that together create a gateway or portal. Just like a door, it is made of two even sides that create a doorway to go from one place to the other. From the past into the future. From the 3D into the 5D. From fear into love.

The 11 11 portal is an ascension portal of unconditional love to help the planet Earth and mankind in the big shift to new Earth, from the 3rd to 5th dimensional frequency.

During this period, try to stay grounded in the present moment. The more present you can be, the more you will be available for growth and the better you will understand the message that is being offered to you through synchronicities.

It is essential to become masters of ourselves, instead of succumbing to the negativity and chaos around us. We must reclaim our internal power and learn to govern ourselves. Furthermore, we must strive to learn to coexist with all beings on the planet.

Try meditation during the 11 11 portal and be receptive to any signs and opportunities that come up. Ask yourself, “What new opportunities or doorways are being opened to me in this portal?”

Also, be crystal clear on what you want to manifest in your life and declare it vibrationally. Make a wish and set the intention for what you want to see manifest.

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Love and light x