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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Lehahiah

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Who is Angel Lehahiah?

The guardian angel Lehahiah, also known as “Gracious God” or “Merciful God” symbolizes obedience, discipline, calmness, patience, order, luck, honesty and generosity. This angel has a female energy and is linked to serenity, stability, and collaboration between people.

Lehahiah helps with keeping things balanced and in order, as well as working efficiently and being rewarded for it. This guardian angel symbolizes honesty, generosity, simplicity and loyalty.

Lehahiah provides you a certain taste for discipline and obedience. Under this angel’s protection you can become a loyal and obedient servant and earn the trust of your superiors at work. You will easily follow the law as well as the authority which represents them. You will not have any inferiority or superiority complexes.

Lehahiah encourages collaboration, and sociable environments as well as a peaceful life, surrounded by loved ones.

Ask for Lehahiah’s help if you tend to struggle with anger management issues or to rebel against the law. Lehahiah will help you stay calm and peaceful in difficult situations by teaching you how to obey and keep a sense of order and discipline.

You will learn to grasp the true justice of the divine and to accept some circumstances without standing up against them.

This beautiful angel will also offer you good luck and help you in times of uncertainty if you feel that you are lacking good judgement.

Angel Lehahiah will help you stay honest, loyal, responsible, and righteous. You will avoid issues with unfair laws or dictatorships. You will not suffer from impulsiveness, disagreements, disloyalty, or conflicts.

So, make sure you develop a meditation practice and reach out to angel Lehahiah if you need help. Also pay attention to your dreams, signs and synchronicities that appear regularly in your daily life. It might be Lehahiah trying to guide you and support you. Stay present and aware so that you don’t miss any important sign or message.


Guardian Angel Lehahiah Planets

Mars and Saturn


Guardian Angel Lehahiah Element



Guardian Angel Lehahiah Zodiac Sign

Virgo: People born between September 8th and 12th


Guardian Angel Lehahiah Symbolism

Lehahiah is the Angel of:

  • Obedience
  • Order
  • Discipline
  • Loyalty
  • Divine justice
  • Calmness


Guardian Angel Lehahiah Powers

Angel Lehahiah can help you with:

  • Disobedience issues
  • Problems with authority
  • Problems with dictatorships
  • Conflicts with superiors
  • Problems with loyalty
  • Discords and arguments
  • Impulsiveness issues
  • Frustration issues
  • Protection against unfair laws
  • Protection against rejection
  • Protection against conflicts
  • Protection against a dangerous temper
  • Staying calm
  • Staying honest
  • Being generous


Love and light x

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