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00 00 Repeating numbers

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It’s midnight and you just looked at the clock on the wall. For some reason your eyes were drawn to the 00:00 at that exact time. Coincidence? Or a powerful synchronicity of great significance? Your Guardian Angels frequently use angel numbers as a mean to communicate with you. It’s up to you to decipher the messages behind these signs. Especially if a particular set of numbers like 00:00 continues to show up in your life.

In this article we will look into the meaning of the angel number 00:00 to help you find out what messages the universe is sending you.

Significance of 00 00

Let’s start by looking at some interesting facts related to number 0.

  • 0 is a powerful number. It is believed zero was the first symbol discovered by pre-historic men as the circle represents the sun. Still today it is used to indicate the sun.
  • The idea of zero was first thought about in Babylon, India and in Central America at different times. Some places and countries did not know about zero, which may have made it harder for those people to do maths.
  • In the most modern tradition 0 is linked to the planet Uranus whose symbol is a circle with a cross at the top.
  • In tennis the word ‘love’ means a score of 0. Some say it comes from the gambling expression ‘love or money’ – you can play a game for money (stakes) or love (nothing).
  • In mathematics, the number zero is really a zero figure, it is not added and does not add up, but without it mathematics could not exist.


00:00 Meaning

From a spiritual perspective the number 0000 means:

  • Rebirth
  • Spirituality
  • Infinity
  • Letting go
  • Decisions



00 00 tells you that you are at the end of a cycle and at the start of a new one. An end usually heralds a rebirth.  It can also mean that you are back to a kind of origin so that you have the chance to start fresh.



Number 0 is a number with a very powerful spiritual energy. It is connected with the Divine. It is the number of God and the universe.

Number 0 contains all other numbers’ energies as it merges within itself and all there is in the Universe. By showing you the angel number 00:00, your Guardian Angels are sending you a powerful message regarding your spirituality and life path.

It is time to start or take the next step on your spiritual journey by letting go of the pressures of the material world and embracing the spiritual world.



The angel number 00 00 encourages you to embrace the endless possibilities out there in the world and be open to receive them and make the most of them. You just need to pay attention to what is trying to get into your life and open your mind for all the goodness and abundance that the universe is sending your way.

Learn how to manifest the life of your dreams with the law of attraction and trust that there is infinite abundance in the world for everyone. Everything is possible when you believe in yourself.


Letting go

The angel number 0000 sometimes appears in your life to announce the need to let go of something in your life for the sake of a greater good. You have to sacrifice something to make space for the new.

So, don’t be stuck in an unfulfilling career or toxic relationship. Let go of what doesn’t serve you so that you make the necessary space to let in the new.



 If you keep seeing 0000 you might soon be presented with an important decision and choice to take control of your life. A fresh start is just around the corner but the decision is on you. Your angels want you to know that it’s never too late to start all over and that they will support you if deep inside you have the best intentions in your heart, for yourself and everyone around you.


00 00 in Numerology

In numerology the number 00 00 amplifies the energies of the number 0. Zero is connected to the energy of infinity, eternity, freedom, divine, universe, oneness, wholeness, letting go, choices, fresh starts, ever-changing and continuous cycles, etc.

So if you keep seeing 0000 know that a cycle is closing and a new one is about to present itself to you. Keep an open mind to what is coming and be ready to let go of what doesn’t longer serve you. You deserve all the gifts the universe wants to offer.


00 00 Angel Number

The guardian angel corresponding with the angel number 00:00 is Mumiah. His name means “God who is the end of everything”.

Mumiah is the angel of resurrection. He will be by your side to help you with the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

When you see 0000 pray to him and he will help you in the final stages of finishing something you have started. He will also help you with renewal to create something concrete and materialize something new.

He offers you the power to initiate something of great importance which can lead to a beautiful new cycle.


00 00 in Love

In matters of love and romance, the angel number 00:00 can indicate the ending of a relationship and start of a new more fulfilling one. So if you have been unhappy or struggling in a toxic relationship, 0000 is telling you that you deserve to be treated with love and compassion. You deserve love! Remember that you are enough, and you are lovable. It is time to let go of what is not serving you and to make space for the new.

Sometimes it is important to just spend time by yourself to learn how to love yourself first before the universe sends you someone that will appreciate you, the way you appreciate yourself. Take time to meditate and work on yourself.

It can also indicate renewal in an existing relationship. You and your partner can enter a new and beautiful stage in the relationship.

If you have been single for a while, you might meet someone new very soon and unexpectedly.


00 00 Twin Flames

So, what does seeing 00:00 mean for twin flames? If you keep seeing 00:00 and you are in a twin flame relationship, the universe might be trying to guide you depending on the twin flame stage you are in.

You might either be at a stage where it is time to take time for yourself and let your twin flame go so that you can both heal before you reunite with your twin flame. Or you can be passed that stage and be ready to renew your relationship and reunite if you are separated.

Whatever the case, make sure you do the necessary healing work first. This involves working on your self-love. You also need to be working on your highest purpose as that is the main reason why you meet a twin flame – to help put you on your soul’s path.

Learn how to release karma from the twin flame connection. This will help you in this important transition phase.


What to do if you see 00:00

When the number 00 00 shows up randomly in your life, it is time to stop and pay attention to your thoughts at that time. It might be giving you the answer to your questions in that moment. The angel number 0000 is also a message for you to not be afraid of closing cycles and starting new ones. Make sure you live with truth, unconditional love and peace. Know that the angels are looking after you and guiding you on your path.

Love and light x

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