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04 04 Repeating Numbers

April 2, 20217 minute read

Do you keep seeing 04:04?

If you are seeing the number 04 04 regularly then there is something that your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels or Ancestors want you to know. If they have a message for you, they will make sure that you receive it through synchronicities such as mirror numbers. You just need to start paying attention to them so that you don’t miss all the precious guidance that they are trying to provide.

We have compiled the meaning of the 0404 angel number to help you understand why it has shown up in your life. Be prepared to unmask the magic of the universe and change your life.

The Significance of 04 04

When you harness the energy of 04 04 you will discover many deep and powerful meanings. In order to understand its messages, it is important to look first at the significance of number 4 itself. Here are some facts about the angel number 4:

  • Four-leaf clovers are a lucky symbol in Ireland.
  • According to the Pythagoreans, the number 4, also known as the tetrad, is the perfect number.
  • Mars is the 4th planet in the solar system. According to Astrology, the meaning of this planet is drive, action, and passion.
  • Cancer is the 4th sign in the zodiac.
  • April is the 4th month of the year.
  • There are 4 elements: Earth, air, fire and water.

04 04 Meaning

Spiritually, the number 04 04 means:

  • Effort
  • Hard work
  • Stability
  • The soul’s mission
  • Aspirations

There are several meanings that are connected to the number 04 04. This is what the angel wants you to know:

A Champion

One of the meanings of 04 04 is hard work. All of the effort and energy that you have been putting in have paid off. This is a part of your soul’s mission and the divine is proud of everything that you have achieved.

Though the road may have been tough it has turned out to be worth it in the end. The higher powers are encouraging you to keep pushing forward and continue. You must remain enthusiastic and passionate about your pursuits to make the most of this time.


0404 brings a message of stability, balance and organization. Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels might be trying to remind you of the importance of those values in case you put them aside.

Your intuition will tell you if this message applies to your current situation or not.

Your Support System

Your angels are standing by in case you need an extra push. They are your cheerleaders and can see your potential. As you serve your divine purpose you will grow and develop in ways that you have never known.

You are surrounded by love, the energy of the universe is wrapping you in its arms. If you are wondering about whether or not you are supported, there is no need to worry. The angels are committed to your success.

The End Goal

Keep your eyes on the prize and continue to do good work! You will meet the level of success that you have dreamt of, just keep going. If you need solutions to any blocks that come your way they will be revealed to you.

When you visualize, imagine that you have completed everything that you have set out to do. Feel good about the effort and energy that you have put into your work. You are a credit and should be proud of all that you have achieved.

04 04 Numerology

By using numerology you can break down the spiritual number 04 04. There are intricate meanings behind this angel number. When you understand the individual numbers you are given a broadening meaning of this mystical angel number.

In numerology, the number 0 is the force of God the creator. It is the oneness of the universe and the feeling of wholeness. It represents the beginning of a spiritual journey and the progression to an awakened state.

4 resonates with the energy of practicality, organization, and service. It values hard work and determination. When you tap into the energy of 4 you will feel inspired to think constructively and turn your dreams into your reality. 

When the figures in angel number 04 04 are added together the result is the number 8. Its meaning is connected to karma and the universal rules of giving and taking. It is a good sign if you want to manifest wealth and abundance.

04 04 Angel Number

This angel number 04 04 relates to the Guardian Angel Yezalel. He is the angel of understanding and harmony. With his presence, he can help you to achieve the bliss that you desire in your romantic relationships.

Yazalel can help you to deal with any emotional issues. If there are conflicts between you and another person, they will be solved with his guidance. Success is on the horizon with his influence, ask him for assistance and he will serve you in any way that he can.

04 04 Meaning in Love

When the angel number 04 04 appears it might mean that you need to shake things up in the love department. If you are stuck in a pattern and your relationship seems mundane then you need to take action. Do what you can to shake things up and add a little flavor. Remember that you can be grounded while still enjoying all of the fun that love has to offer. Don’t get caught up in a rut, allow your relationship to blossom and bloom.

Another possible message of 04:04 in love is stability. Your relationships might get to a point where there is more balance, stability and higher level of commitment.

04 04 Twin Flame

So, what does 0404 means for twin flames? If you keep seeing 04:04 and you are in a twin flame relationship, your guardian angels and spirit guides might be trying to send you a message. Stop for a moment and pay attention to your thoughts at the time you experienced the synchronicity. The energy of number 4 is all about building strong foundations and stability in your life. This applies to twin flame relationships as well. 0404 rewards you for your patience and hard work , so if you have done the necessary healing work on yourself, typical of the twin flame journey, your spirit guides might be telling you that you are on the right path and you will be able to move to a more stable and higher level of commitment in your connection.
If you have not been working on yourself, then your guides might want to give you a nudge, so that you stay focused on building the foundations you need.
Learn more about how to reunite with your twin flame and how to release karma from the twin flame connection.

04 04 Tarot

In Tarot the card that resonates with the number 04 04 is The Emperor. This majestic and magnificent card resonates with authority and establishment. It suggests that you are a provider and a powerful figure who provides stability for your family.

You deserve respect and recognition in all that you do. When it comes to achieving goals you have a clear understanding of what you want and what it takes to get it. You are knowledgeable and leave quite the impression on people you encounter.

What to do if you see 04:04?

Keep doing exactly what you are doing if you are building something stable. Your progress is amazing and is the result of all of your effort. You have a strong mind and a drive that is hard to match. Everything that you have been working toward is yours for the taking.

If you feel as though you need some advice then the angels are always around you. They will direct you in the best way that they can. The guardian angels are working for you, always and they will send you little signs every now and then so that you know they are around.

Trust the process and you will see miracles take place.

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Love and light x

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