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20 20 Repeating numbers meaning

September 7, 20217 minute read

Angel numbers are not just random numbers. They are powerful synchronicities of great significance. The universe uses mirror numbers as a mean to communicate with human beings and it is for us to decipher the messages behind these signs. When a particular set of numbers continues to appear frequently in your life, you need to sit up and take notice of it because your Guardian Angels are trying to convey some specific message to you.

In this article we shall dive deep into the meaning of the angel number 20:20.

Significance of number 20 20

Let’s start by looking at some interesting facts related to number 20.

  • 2020 is a number of changes and events. As we all know, the year 2020 has been quite a “happening” year for all throughout the world. It has been a year of setting grounds for new changes in every field of life with immediate effect. And though outwardly things happen to appear gruesome, yet the results are eventually for the best, in keeping with the divine purpose.
  • Every 20 years a person enters into a new phase of their life: Youth, middle-age, age of retirement and old-age.
  • Children have 20 “milk” teeth which are then replaced by the permanent set of 32 teeth.
  • 20/20 is a measurement that indicates the clarity of your eye-sight at 20 feet. 20/20 is commonly accepted as normal vision without contact lens or prescription glasses.

20:20 Meaning

From a spiritual perspective the number 2020 means:

  • Balancing the material and spiritual
  • Highs and lows
  • Cooperation
  • Justice
  • Decisiveness
20:20 meaning

Balancing the material and spiritual

20 20 reminds you to strike balance with your material and spiritual life. Do not neglect the spiritual aspect of yourself while pursuing your materialistic goals. Spirituality guides you on your soul’s purpose and prevents you from being swept away by the obsessions of materialism. When your mind is peaceful and your vibration is high, you are set free to live and enjoy life with greater abundance and love.

So, make sure you take time to develop a meditation practice and you learn how to observe your thoughts and the values and beliefs behind them.

Highs and lows

Number 20:20 is also connected to a period of highs and lows. If you are going through a rough stage in life, 2020 is a sign which tells you that the angels are here to support you and lead you up the right path to your destination.

Don’t be discouraged by the lows in your life as they are part of the journey. It is possible to achieve balance if you stay optimistic and believe in yourself and the universe.


20 20 encourages you to cooperate with and share your blessings with others. Through partnerships and coordinated work, you can achieve greater abundance. The angels are advising you to work together as a team with positive-minded people in order to help society.

Also, remember to act selfless and be of service for the highest good of others. The more you share and give out to the universe, the more that will be reflected back to you. That’s the law of attraction.


The angel number 2020 assures you that despite all odds, justice does prevail. Therefore, be true to yourself and to others. Being honest is the first step to achieve great things. Make sure your actions are based on your true intentions and that they are for the highest good of all, instead of someone else’s intentions.

At the end, the truth always comes out.

If someone has not been honest to you, the universe is telling you through angel number 20 20 that the truth will be revealed.


When you find yourself in a quandary, 2020 is a sign, encouraging you to follow your dreams and forge ahead boldly and fearlessly. Work relentlessly towards your highest goal, and your efforts will certainly be rewarded. The angels are reminding you of your innate power by which you can accomplish anything you want in life.

Take time to meditate and learn how to listen to your higher self so that you can make better decisions.

20 20 in Numerology

In numerology the number 20 20 amounts to number 40 (20 + 20).

The numeral 40 bears the energy of self-worthiness and persistence. It denotes a practical mind-set and righteousness. Number 40 affirms your ability to focus. Nothing can stop you from winning when you have resolved to succeed.

Number 2 stands for team-work and partnership. When working toward your desired goals, 2 encourages you to work in collaboration with other like-minded people with complete focus, trust and confidence. Working as a team helps you realize your full potential to gain positive results.

20 20 Angel Number

Archangel Umabel is connected to the number 2020. Umabel means, “God above all names elevated”.

Umabel is the angel of compassion and companionship. Pray to him when you feel sad and lonely. Umabel can dispel loneliness and will help you find true friends. Surrender your embittered relationships to this divine angel, and allow him to heal broken relationships with love and peace.

Umabel creates opportunities to understand the importance of living in peace and harmony with everyone. With that, you are likely to behave more amiably with people around you.

Furthermore, Umabel works closely with the aspiring teachers, motivating them to teach and relay information with greater in-depth and wisdom. The beloved angel helps refine your mind and elevates your level of understanding so that you are able to comprehend the higher teachings and mysteries of the cosmos.

Should you find yourself stuck in the nostalgic memories of the past, pray to this angel and he will nudge you onward to progress and success.

20 20 Love

In matters of love and romance, 20:20 indicates fidelity and confidence in relationship. Be true to your partner in every way. Be sensitive to each other’s needs, emotions and feelings, and live with greater understanding and caring. Your true peace and happiness lies in nurturing an being honest, open communication with your partner.

It can also indicate a period of highs and lows in a connection. If you are having problems with your love-life, the frequent appearance of the number 2020 is a message from the angels telling you to reassess your thoughts and emotions towards your partner and start to live with more compassion, kindness, love and integrity.

20 20 Twin Flames

So, what does seeing 20:20 mean for twin flames? If you keep seeing 20:20 and you are in a twin flame relationship, you might be going through a period of highs and lows depending on the twin flame stage you are in. These are not easy relationships so make sure you know at what stage you are in so that you can have a better understanding of what is going on.

Number 20:20 tells you that it is possible to reunite with your twin flame if you are separated. But you need to do the necessary healing work first. This involves working on your self-love. You also need to be working on your highest purpose as that is the main reason why you meet a twin flame – to help put us on our soul’s path.

Start by learning more about how to release karma from the twin flame connection.

20 20 in Tarot

In a tarot reading, 20 20 is associated with the Judgment card. This card heralds the dawning of a new phase, liberating you from the compulsions of your old thoughts and emotions. It announces the reformation of life in keeping with your mental, emotional and spiritual evolvement. The Judgment card indicates renewed, healthy communication with people. It also indicates that you might need to make a life-changing decision. Tune into your intuition and trust your judgement.

What to do if you see 20:20

When the number 20 20 shows up randomly it is time to stop and reconsider your beliefs. Pay attention to the energies of the numbers. Overall it is a message for you to live with truth, unconditional love and peace. Know that the angels are looking after you and all is well with you.

Embrace optimism and lead a wholesome life helping others and maintaining harmonious relationships with all.

Love and light x

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