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12 12 repeating numbers meaning

December 12, 20208 minute read

Do you keep seeing 12 12?

1212 is one of the most commonly seen angel numbers and if 12 12 appears to you frequently, it is trying to deliver you a message.

Your spirit guides and guardian angels are always working behind the scenes to make sure you receive their messages and support but they may be hard to hear at times because we are not always fully present and conscious.

Seeing the number 12 12 with regularity on clocks, in phone numbers, license plates, etc, can be enough assurance of their presence.

When this happens, take a moment, breath, and pay attention to what you’re thinking at that exact moment. What negative thoughts can you acknowledge and then dismiss? What positive thoughts can you re-introduce to your present frame of mind?

The significance of 12 12

Twelve is an important number in many cultures, and therefore it has great significance and is very present in our human brains.

12 is the number of houses in the zodiac. It also appears in the Old Testament -Christians identify 12 disciples of Jesus. In Greek mythology, there were 12 Gods of Olympus.

Twelve is approximately the number of full lunations of the moon in a year, and the number of years for a full cycle of Jupiter. It is central to many systems of timekeeping, including the western calendar and units of time of day.

12:12 meaning

Seeing 12:12 can have different spiritual meanings:

  • Creation
  • Renewal
  • Self awareness
  • Encouragement
  • Balance between your needs vs others
12:12 meaning



You have the ability to manifest your deepest desires. Create your reality with the power of your thoughts. Be grateful for what you have and act as if you already manifested what you want. The secret of manifestation is to align your thoughts with your emotions coming from your heart.


You got to a stage in your journey where it is time to renew some aspects of your life. Find out what no longer serves you to make space for the new. Also make sure you understand what needs more energy from you in order to grow and expand. What needs to be renewed?

Self awareness

12:12 asks you to meditate and pay atention to your inner state. Are you acting from a balanced place? Be aware of what triggers you and how you are reacting or responding to different situations in your life. Perhaps you are overreacting or underreacting. Meditation will help you become more self aware.


12:12 brings you a message of encouragement. It asks you to have faith in yourself and go after your dreams and projects. You can be successful if you act in a balanced way and are willing to put in the necessary work.

Balance between your needs vs others

The angel number 12 12 also reminds you to find a balance between your needs and the ones from people around you, including your friends and family. Have you been neglecting your needs? Have you been neglecting your family and friends? Your intuition will tell you if there is any message here for you.

Why you keep seeing 12 12

12 12 holds a powerful message related to creation and renewal. You are about to experience changes in your life!

When you experience this synchronicity, it’s a reminder to be careful with your thoughts, because they have the power to create your reality. your angels want you to remember that like attracts like. The Law of Attraction is always working at any given moment of your life.

It is essential to shift your thought patterns from the negative to the positive and to get rid of unwanted and unhealthy habits. You need to stay focused on your best possible future, and to remain optimistic throughout the entire journey to let the positive energy in.

Your spirit guides and guardian angels are telling you that even the most ambitious of your ideas will come to fruition and they are right behind you as you turn your dreams into reality.

12 12 is about rapid progress in complex endeavours so you need to demonstrate patience and ambition. Your efforts will be met with success.

It is time to make decisions that will get you closer to your goal and let go of fears and doubts. Don’t worry about failures, focus on trying and achieving.

12 12 is also connected to spiritual awakening, clairvoyance and mediumship. You are on the verge of rapid spiritual growth and transformation in your life, so try to stay alert, conscious and present.

12 12 numerology

In numerology, the number 1212 combines number 1 and 2.

The number 1 denotes a beginning. It also holds the power to your thoughts and your greatest dreams have the ability to manifest. It is also connected to individuality.

The number 2 is about stability and instinct. It holds the aspect of yourself where you find the drive to cooperate, establish diplomacy, and work together in beneficial and meaningful relationships.

The bond of the numbers 1 and 2 represents the unfolding of new and positive opportunities, through persistence, patience, and endurance in your actions.

Twelve it is a number that is divisible by 2,3,4 and 6 as well as by itself and 1. This number is connected to spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.

12 12 can also be related to the energy of number 6. That is to say, it is 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 6

6 represents love, domestic life, and the nurturing of the family. Six is the nurturer of numerology. This number is about creating and caring for your home and family. So keep that in mind when you see 12 12, too!

12 12 angel number

Aniel is the guardian angel corresponding with 12:12. He symbolizes bravery and the Divine Breath. He helps you learn about the Laws of Creation and Laws of the Universe to guide you throughout your life path. Ask him to give you the courage you need to follow your most ambitious dreams. He will help you to overcome any challenges and the obstacles that may cross your path.

12 12 Love

12 12 also carries a message about love and relationships. Your love life is about to take an unexpected turn and it could lead you to the love of your life.

If you are single, take a look around as your special person might be just around the corner.

If you are already in a committed relationship or married, you might need to have more patience and dedication to strengthen the relationship.

This combination of 1 and 2 is an intriguing mix because the energy of 1 is focused on your independence and individuality. While the energy of 2 brings in the desire for a partnership.

The energy of 12 12 leads you to contemplate and make solid changes with how you show up for your relationships and also offers chances for new beginnings.

12 12 Twin Flame

If you are on a twin flame journey, and you keep seeing 12:12, then your spirit guides and guardian angels might be trying to send you a message. It is about the harmonizing of the different energies within yourself and within your world which will lead to dynamic transformation in your relationship. It is time to find the balance between focusing on your relationship with yourself as an independent entity and on your relationship with others.

Also try to stay open to starting something new and different in the relationship realm.

Partnership and harmony are possible if you are aligned with your twin flame mission and purpose on this planet. Make sure you try a Twin Flame Karmic Clearing Meditation to help you release any negative energies that you should not be carrying to the next stage. Stay optimist and self confident, especially if you are going through twin flame separation. You are beautiful and powerful!

Learn more about how to reunite with your twin flame.

12 12 and tarot

The Tarot card corresponding to 12 12 is the Hanged Man! The Hanged Man is the twelfth Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. This card is linked to a situation which is on hold or unable to move forwards.

The card shows a man suspended from a T-shaped cross, hanging upside-down, viewing the world from a completely different perspective.

As his facial expression is calm and serene, it suggests that he is in this hanging position by his own choice. So you might currently be facing an uncomfortable situation or a certain loss of control that leads you to take a break, think about your life, and reorganize things before you start to move forward.

This waiting period is important to really evaluate your life before you make your next move which could lead to liberation, whether this be physical or psychological. You should not rush your decisions. Take your time to thoroughly contemplate each opportunity presented to you and learn how to see things from a different perspective when needed.

Your guardian angels and spirit guides are always speaking and communicating with you. Have you been paying attention? Next time you see 12 12 ask them what it means, and then pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. All of a sudden, things will start to make sense as you tune into their meaning.

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Love and Light x

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