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Signs you are a wanderer

July 17, 20218 minute read

Earth has been called an intergalactic melting pot, some sources claiming over half of the planet’s inhabitants possess souls which originate off-world. They are here for various reasons.

Many have gone through the third dimensional experience, evolved their souls to a high level and incarnate into higher dimensions, using bodies which we would call “alien”. These benevolent beings can choose to incarnate back into lower dimensional bodies (such as human bodies) with the aim of helping, guiding and teaching younger species using the wisdom they have gained over many millennia. This is usually done unconsciously, as the knowledge of the soul is hidden behind the wall which separates the conscious and subconscious mind. These beings are more temporary dwellers, only being here to aid and will likely return back to their home dimension/world after their service is no longer necessary. 

We also of course have Earth natives. These are beings who are effectively the offspring of this planet and have evolved more or less entirely on it. Similarly to the souls who have switched home planets for whatever reason, they are undergoing the natural process of experience and soul evolution. 

Earth natives are known to be extremely comfortable and at home in both their attitude and disposition, while off world souls have a subconscious feeling of homesickness. However this may vary, as some off-world souls have been inhabiting and incarnating on Earth for a very very long time and are nearly indistinguishable from native Earth souls. 

Perhaps the newest and rarest type of soul are the “dual-activated” bodies otherwise known as “indigo children”. As the planet is of a higher vibration, beginning to exist in the fourth dimension (initiating officially in 2012) it may now accommodate more evolved or higher vibration physical bodies. These newer bodies are basically hybrid bodies able to comfortably exist in both the third and fourth dimension. Being born of genetic human lineage they are entirely human in form, however they have a much higher energetic capacity, creating great potential to display abilities which we may consider “paranormal”. Beings who incarnate into these bodies are souls which have already evolved beyond the third dimension and are the next phase of both Earth’s (the new Earth) and humanity’s evolutionary future. 

It is important to note that although there are tons of varieties of soul here on Earth, the physical human form is always biologically identical. The hybrid body is the only body which may be called somewhat different, however this is almost entirely energetic and impossible to detect with our current technological understanding. Incarnating and becoming human is the prerequisite for living on Earth, therefore we are technically all human!

So, now that you’ve seen how diverse we are, the question is, who are the wanderers? Are all of these souls wanderers?

Well, not really.

For instance, the Indigos are not quite wanderers as they are not higher dimensional souls incarnating downwards. These are souls native to this dimension of incarnation, usually being newly evolved fourth-dimensional souls. This may sound confusing so let’s dive deep into what it means to be a wanderer.

What is a wanderer soul?

A wanderer may be defined as a soul from an alternate locale in our Infinite Universe who has incarnated with the intention of helping or serving a species on the relatively younger side of the evolutionary ladder. The name was coined most notably in the Ra Material written and channelled by the L&L Research group, where a being claiming to be “Ra”, a 6th density collective consciousness originating from Venus, asserted there to be approximately 65 million wanderers to be incarnate (January 1981). 

In higher dimensions intelligent life is far more polarised than in our third dimension. Here there seems to be a predominant ‘grey area’ of morality where the majority of humans find themselves spiritually. In higher dimensions the nature of intelligent life may be defined as either benevolent, characterised by absolute and unconditional selflessness (often called Christ consciousness) or malevolent, the polar opposite of this. Our realm of physicality, referred to as the third dimension (though technically the fourth) is one where the soul effectively chooses and defines the nature of its soul, so that it may have the intensity of light (or darkness) required to upgrade itself to be able to access and incarnate in these higher, more polarised dimensions. The concept of a ‘grey area’ or otherwise spiritual complacency may be otherwise seen as being metaphysically static. The soul is left unnourished in its desire to expand and grow through experience, and thus evolve. The comforts of wealth and abundant distraction often create this condition. 

Wanders incarnate from higher, more spiritually evolved realms to help younger souls (or species) native to various planets grow spiritually by teaching lessons of love and wisdom in order to encourage empathy or selflessness. This is to inspire spiritual movement in a population. This is not always done by being obviously spiritual, as most beings integrate completely into human society, taking up very normal occupations and spreading love and wisdom in subtle ways- usually not even being aware that they are a wanderer! 

This is the beauty and the extent of selflessness that souls sign up for when taking up the role of being a wanderer. Agreeing to the great sacrifice of complete amnesia while incarnating into an energetically heavy body with almost no clue or recollection regarding the plan behind their existence. Such is the level of selflessness or as Ra states “bravery or foolhardiness” the wanderer soul lives by. 

Difference between wanderers and starseeds

The literature around off-world souls varies greatly as it is not exactly an academic study, thus various ideas and names have grown in popularity. The idea of an non-Earth soul incarnating on the planet with the intention of helping or serving has been called many things aside from wanderer. The most popular of these names are starseed and lightworker. It is believed that there are differences between lightworkers and starseeds but research indicates that all wanderers and starseeds refer to the same concept. Souls who dedicate themselves to aiding the planet and the process of soul evolution. 

How do you know if you are a wanderer?

The nature of the physical world is that it is impossible to “know” metaphysical things for sure as the spiritual realms are completely invisible. Also, wanderers have various missions and their personalities are reflections of the service they incarnated to provide. There are however signs hinting that your soul is not of this Earth, quite common amongst wanderers. 

Characteristics of a Wanderer

  • Extremely spiritual and interested in all things metaphysical. This usually includes crystals, philosophy and ritualistic practices. 
  • Huge interest in aliens. A lot of people don’t particularly care if aliens exist or not, however wanderers are often obsessed with the existence of aliens. 
  • Homesickness. The feeling of wanting to go home no matter where you are. 
  • Very empathetic and selfless by nature. Being very generous, considerate and concerned about people around you. 
  • You look at the world around you and feel people need to “wake up”. 
  • You are more comfortable around plants and animals than with people. This is not because you dislike people, but more so because the vibrational level of the people around you are quite foreign. Plants and animals are of a less varied yet more pure vibration, and match your home dimension/world. 
  • An overwhelming urge to help make the world a better place and feeling extremely saddened by the cruelty and seeming injustice that happens almost daily.  
  • Lot’s of daydreaming. You’ll think about other worlds and various fantasies. This may come seemingly out of thin air, completely foreign to your native culture. 
  • Feeling as if your parents are not your real parents. Not in the sense of being adopted, but in the sense of having another, alternate family somewhere else. 
  • The feeling of being extraordinarily alone, no matter where you are or who you are with. Though some wanderers incarnate in groups and meet each other post incarnation. It is possible this feeling will be nullified in this instance. 
  • Incredible dreams. Often wanderers meet up with their soul family or higher dimensional beings in the astral. You may have dreams where you are flying, talking to mysterious friends, or receiving protection. 
  • You find very ordinary things strange. Have you ever looked at a squirrel, tree or something completely ordinary and found it far more fascinating or novel than anyone else.
  • Most importantly, the fact that you have manifested this information and are reading it right now is a very strong indication you are a wanderer. 

So, are you a wanderer? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and light x

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