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How to enjoy being alive

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Life is beautiful but sometimes it’s easy to forget it.

Life doesn’t mean suffering. You are not here to suffer. You are here to learn and evolve in this beautiful consciousness evolution journey.

Is this journey easy? No! There are many obstacles along the journey and some of them can be really tough but the reason they are being thrown your way is because you can overcome them. This can sound harsh, especially if you, the person who is reading this post, is facing any type of health issue or a loss of a loved one. You might be wondering “Why me?”, “What’s the purpose of going through all this pain?”, “It’s not fair!”

This is because your ego/mind is trained to always react in certain ways in specific situations. Most of the times we live on autopilot mode associating events with 2 opposite categories – good or bad.

If they are good you are happy, if they are bad you are miserable.

For instance, you are afraid of death and you see it as a bad thing because your mind is trained to protect you and see it as something negative so that you can do your best to avoid it.

Of course, this protection can be very helpful as you need to stay alive in order to have an human experience and evolve in consciousness on this planet, but it can also cause a lot of fear and resistance in your life. Being afraid of death means that you see it as the end of life. That’s what was printed on your mind since you were a kid.

However, (and I hope you are ready for it as this post is about to become very esoteric) you are an immortal multidimensional being having a physical experience on Earth. As soon as you realise this, your life will completely transform. That’s right, you exist in different dimensions and currently, you are experiencing the 3D, the third dimension.

I know this may sound like a pretty esoteric idea but more and more people are awakening to this all over the World now. It’s not a concept exclusively accepted in the Eastern societies anymore, it is spreading fast to the West, especially because the new science is moving closer to proving the existence of other forms of life.

Check out for instance Dolores Cannon’s books. She was a famous hypnotherapist who developed a technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and published many books with transcripts of sessions with patients from all over the World. In her sessions, Dolores Cannon took her patients to other lives on Earth and on other higher dimensions.

Most of her patients have mentioned the same thing during the hypnosis state “I came here to help the Planet raising its vibration”.

If you are reading this article, you’re probably one of these souls who came here with a mission. These souls often struggle with adapting to this world as it looks too unfamiliar and insane to bare. They find themselves feeling lost or stuck in life. However, if you realise how precious this human experience is, you will start looking at life in a completely different way and it will become so much easier to cope with whatever hardship comes your way. You just need to learn how to look at things the way they are, accept them, release them and take only the lessons to move forward, no matter how painful they are.

You can train your mind to be quiet and in a peaceful state. You have the power to choose, every morning when you wake up, the state of mind you want to be in – positive, happy and peaceful or angry, sad and miserable. This is achievable by anyone, not only the Tibetan monks or Indian yogis. You have the power to do it too. It’s time to start looking within and take back your power!

Here are some tips to get you started and help you enjoy life fully.

How to enjoy life

Don’t allow yourself to be consumed with fear

Fear is the greatest threat to humankind. The fear of losing something or someone, the fear of speaking your true, the fear of others, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of death… Many people spend their lives living in fear, creating huge resistance to good things to come into their lives. Fear is a low vibration energy which attracts low vibration to your reality. If you focus on negative things, you will attract more negative experiences. This is stated in the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. In order to enjoy a better life and start manifesting the things you want, you need to raise from the vibration of fear to the vibration of love (check out the Hawkins scale of vibration).

Learn how to enjoy the present moment

Shift your attention from the Past or the Future to the Present. The Past is gone and the Future is still yet to come so the only thing that exists is the actual present moment. Nothing else exists, everything is on your mind, which as we know, has been trained to live in constant state of alert to protect you from any harm. This causes a lot of internal chats and can become overwhelming. You need to learn how to quiet the mind and focus on appreciating the present moment. If you are feeling pain in the present moment, observe it, accept it and then let it go, taking only the lessons from it and focusing on gratitude for still being alive in this physical and temporary human form, and an immortal being on a higher dimension.

Spend time in Nature

Nature is not only beauty, it is a source of high vibrational energy. It is the best place to be if you want to connect with your higher consciousness. Spending time in Nature, away from all types of pollution can be revitalising and great for your health. Start appreciating all the different types of life you can find in nature – trees, flowers, birds, insects… each one has a beautiful uniqueness that unfortunately not everyone has the chance to appreciate anymore, as nature is being destroyed by mankind. If you have the chance to be in nature, be grateful and appreciate the fact that you are able to enjoy it through your different senses, because you are alive.

Keep your health in check

In order to enjoy life, you need to take care of your physical and mental avatar. You can’t experience life 100% and fulfil your mission if you are not in a good condition. Make sure your physical and mental health are not forgotten amidst all life’s challenges and busyness.

Try to exercise, eat high vibrational foods and meditate to keep a quiet and healthy mind. When you are feeling healthy, immediately you start appreciating life so much more.

Don’t let negative people take you down

Don’t let toxic people take space in your mind and control your life. Focus on people who help your growth, not on the ones who bring you down.

Realise that they came into your life to teach you lessons. Ask yourself “what have I learned from this person or relationship?”; “Am I a people pleaser?”; “Am I always trying to fix other people?”; “Am I co-dependent in this relationship?”; “Am I lacking self-esteem?”

Then show compassion for those people as they usually are living in very low vibrations. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by hate. Instead focus on love energies, be compassionate but set boundaries. Don’t allow them to interfere with your energetic field. Remember that you are not their problem and they are not your problem. As long as you keep your boundaries and high vibration, you will not allow them to prevent you from living and enjoying your life fully.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Either it is the way you look, the money on your bank account, your house, your friends, your husband, your job… it’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others.

Always remember that you are unique and you came here with a specific mission which required you to go through specific situations in order to evolve. No one is better than you and you are not better than anyone. Everyone is equal. It’s up to you to take the lessons from your specific life situations and find out your own life mission in order to navigate easily on your consciousness evolution journey. Your mission can be as simple as just being here, just living your life in authenticity. This is what “wayshowers” do. Check out the post 10 types of lightworkers as you might resonate with one or more of them.

Get inspired by the ones who learned how to live again

There are so many examples of human beings who survived terrible things and ended up being able to still appreciate life as it is.  Allow yourself to be inspired by the ones who overcame the worst and are still enjoying their life and spreading love. These are people who survived disease and now help others doing the same, people who lost a child and have now founded charities to help other parents, people who overcame addictions and now help others doing the same, etc. All of them have learned how to quiet their mind and master their emotions. This is such a powerful thing to do.

You are a powerful being too! Rise above adversity by changing your vibration and start enjoying life more and more everyday!

Love and Light x

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