I felt the need to share this quick message with all of you as we are living in unprecedented times.

Most of us have been stuck at home for over a month now. It is becoming harder at many levels – financially, mentally and physically. We are all wondering when we will be able to hug our loved ones and go back to our favourite places. Many of us are also worried if we’ll have a job to go back to in a few weeks.

Our human mind follows the natural instinct of protection and triggers infinite chattering which becomes louder and louder, alerting us to all the negative stuff that can eventually be around the corner.

It’s time to be wary of what’s going on in our minds.

Are you feeling lost? Are you not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

It’s ok, that’s a natural human response. It’s time to observe your thoughts and accept them as they are. That’s the first big step to move on from the situation you are in. Don’t judge your negative thoughts, don’t feel guilty for having them crossing your mind. Instead, see them as some grey clouds that are just passing by.  Clouds are not meant to stay in the same place forever. Observe them and then move your attention to the surrounding blue sky. Notice how beautiful it is. The sky is still there, just waiting for you to switch your attention for a moment and appreciate how magical and infinite it is. The sky does never end.  

This situation you are in, is not the end either! It’s the beginning of a new world with infinite possibilities. You have the power to decide what type of world it will be. You just need to shift your attention to those infinite possibilities instead. That’s right, I said infinite possibilities. Your life and happiness can’t be limited by any external problem. Don’t allow external events to govern your internal state and the infinite number of amazing possible outcomes of your reality.

Hardship makes you stronger and you are going to get through this.

Realise you are an alchemist, an energy transmuter who is able to transform negative energy into positive energy. An infinite power lies inside you.

At the moment, you are like a caterpillar in their cocoon. But soon, you will become a beautiful butterfly with the ability to fly. The world is yours to explore!

Use this time the best you can, as there may not be any other opportunities to have as much free time to take the action you need to change your life and become the person you want to be.

Start by learning! Knowledge is the most powerful tool!

Learn how to deal with self-isolation and make use of this time to prepare your new abundant life.

Learn how to work with the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.

Learn how to boost your immune system with the Wim Hof method.

Learn how to raise your vibration with high vibration foods.

Learn how to raise your vibration with the Hawkins scale.

Learn how to attract money with the Law of Attraction.

Learn how to change your appearance with the Law of Attraction.

Learn how to heal a broken heart.

Learn how to let go of your Past.

Learn how to enjoy being alive!

Don’t waste another minute, start now and enjoy the results later. Don’t be the one who in a few weeks looks back and regrets not using this time to change their life.

Share this message with a friend who is feeling lost or stuck in life.

Love and Light x