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Change your appearance with the law of attraction

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“Eat healthy, drink enough water and get that ass moving every day!”

Who hasn’t heard this at some point? It sounds like a very simple recipe to get the body you want. However, changing your appearance can often feel like a lost fight. Why is that? It was supposed to be simple!

Well, the fact is that you are not a machine. There’s so much more about you as a living being that you need to take in consideration when planning any type of change – your body, your mind and your soul. They all play a role in what you manifest into your reality. If you want to change your appearance, you need to make sure that you get these 3 in balance.

I have shared with you previously, how to balance your body, mind and soul, and be aware of your thoughts as powerful tools for manifesting your dreams.

In this article, I am going to focus on how to use this power through the law of attraction to change your appearance – yes, your actual physical appearance.

You can use the law of attraction to change your body image, may it be weight reduction, wrinkle reduction, better complexion or getting over any skin disorders etc.

There are many Law of attraction body transformation stories that prove it.

Science and quantum physics are also proving the connection between our thoughts and our reality. Under laboratory conditions, cutting edge studies have confirmed that every thought is made up of energy and has its own unique frequency. And when this energy and frequency of a single thought radiates out into the Universe, it naturally interacts with the material world. Check for instance Joe Dispenza, an amazing researcher and teacher whose work has shown the impact of our thoughts on a cellular level. Watch him talking about How Your Thoughts Control Your Biology

If you are still with me and want to know how to use your thoughts and change your appearance with the law of attraction, first you need to know what the law of attraction is.

What is the law of attraction?

We are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, including the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. It is based on the fact that thoughts, matter, or physical objects, are packets of energy at the sub-microscopic, quantum level. In basic terms, whatever can be imagined through your thoughts is achievable.

Your thoughts become things! Your thoughts manifest your reality.

This means that if you focus on negative things, you will attract negative things. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them and attract positive things.

If you want to learn how to manifest physical changes, you need to learn how to use the law of attraction and take some action to get to where you want to be. If your goal is to change your body appearance with the law of attraction, incorporate the following habits into your life. By following these principles, you will manifest your dream body.

Change the way you look with law of attraction

1 – Make what you want and why you want it very clear

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better and feel better in your body, but it’s important to go deep into your soul to find out the exact reason for wanting to change your appearance. Ask yourself – Are you looking for the approval of others in order to feel loved? Are you looking for external validation of yourself? Do you feel you are not worthy of a relationship? Do you feel incomplete without a relationship?

If so remember that you are already a perfect being, you are loved and divine. Don’t be too attached to your appearance as it is an earthly matter.

Your body is not you, it’s not who you are, it doesn’t define you.

Remember that you are whole, you don’t need anyone to fulfil you psychologically. Happiness comes from within. You can choose and decide to feel happy or not.

By feeling incomplete, you are also more likely to attract people into your life that feel incomplete as well. You need to do the inner work and find the real causes for dissatisfaction with your appearance. There’s no point in changing your appearance if then you will still feel unhappy.

Make sure that the reason for wanting to change your appearance is YOU!

2 – Identify your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs might come from family members, media, society, friends, teachers etc. These are beliefs that you carry unconsciously since childhood. Do you perceive any of the following sentences as true? “I am not beautiful enough”, “I am too skinny”, “I am too short”, “I am not attractive enough to find love”… These are just some examples of limiting beliefs.

Have you ever noticed that most of your yesterday’s thoughts are the same you are having today? If you have the same thoughts everyday, than your reality will more likely keep being the same everyday.

Most often we want something but we don’t believe we can get it. For instance, if you think everyday “I will never be able to lose weight”, then you will not start losing weight until you change that limiting belief of not being able to do it.  If you want to change your reality, you will have to change your thoughts and beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts that can also affect us at a cellular level. They hold us back from our full potential and acting as our best selves when interacting with others and living our lives. The first step is to acknowledge how damaging these limiting beliefs are to achieving the life you want. Don’t allow them to dis empower you and dictate who you are.

3 – Believe

After you have identified your limiting beliefs, it’s time to shift them into new ones. Believe that you can change your appearance. Believe that whatever you thought it was not possible, it can actually be achieved. You can actually be happy with your body image. Get to the core of what you believe to be true and that will change your life.

A great trick to help you in the beginning is finding a placebo.

If you don’t know about the placebo effect, it is defined as a phenomenon in which some people experience a benefit after the administration of an “inactive substance or sham treatment”.  For instance, if you find a natural organic tea for losing weight, believe that it actually will help you lose weight. Beliefs create reality.

4 – Use Mantras or Positive Affirmations

As you finally have redefined your belief system and are ready to change your appearance with the law of attraction, consider using mantras or positive affirmations as little reminders of your new beliefs. Check this article what are mantras and positive affirmations and choose what works best for you. In general, mantras and positive affirmations are powerful tools to help you always stay focused on your beliefs. You can say them out loud, meditate with them, hang them in a wall or carry them with you. This will help you re-framing your mind which will naturally become more powerful in manifesting your desired reality.

5 – Meditate

I can’t put into words how life changing Meditation can be. It literally saved my life! Just like me, many other people had their lives renewed by achieving incredible results such as curing themselves from cancer, depression or other diseases.

Meditation is a great tool to work on your new beliefs. It will help you building your confidence and balancing your emotions. If you have never tried, it’s very simple, just sit down and try to quiet your mind. How do you do that? By focusing on the present moment and accepting it. For instance, start by focusing on your breathing.

You might find it a difficult thing to do in the beginning as your thoughts are like clouds floating over your mind and it’s so easy to get distracted by them.

Meditation will help you to just observe them and acknowledge them rather than being carried away by them.

As you practice, your ability to focus and clear your mind improves and that’s when you see a shift in your energy and a shift in your thoughts. As your energy shifts and you become more present in the present moment, your reality will start to change as well.

You will then get all the health benefits associated with meditation such as being able to heal physical body pains, recover from disease or change your body image. There are so many free meditations on YouTube that you can use to guide you when you start this journey. For instance, you can try this meditation Love Your Reflection (Hypnosis to Boost Your Body Image, Confidence, Self Esteem)

6 – “Be as if

Ok now that you are aware of the power of meditation it’s time to start “being as if”. What do I mean by that? This is when the law of attraction gets interesting. It’s time to start visualising yourself in your new life.

Remember, thoughts create reality, so your thoughts should focus on the reality you want to achieve.

In order to change your appearance with the law of attraction, you need to start visualizing yourself in your new body and act as if you already have it.

By “acting as if”, I don’t mean “faking it until you make it”, I mean actually “being it”! Being in that state of mind. Become the version of what you want to be. I know this might sound like a complex concept and a bit confusing so I will give you a practical example.

For instance, if you are trying to lose 10kg of weight, visualise yourself without those 10kg.

Focus on how it makes you feel, how good and happy you feel on your new body. Then carry that feeling throughout your day.

Live your life as if you are already that person in that body. By “being as if” you are aligning your vibration to the frequency where that reality already exists. That’s how law of attraction works. By “being as if”, your thoughts are aligned with the reality you want, so your thoughts will attract that reality. This is very powerful as it involves dissolving the illusion of separation from you and your desired reality. You become one with it.

7 – Manifest while you sleep

When you are “being as if”, there are specific times when manifestation become easier such as that time right before you fall sleep. This is the time when you have the chance to influence your unconscious mind in a very powerful way and set specific emotions as a “default”. Think of what you want to achieve as you are falling asleep.

Feel the actual emotions of what you want to experience. Visualize it and be as if. Your unconscious mind will set those emotions while you sleep and you will more easily wake up the next day in that new default mode of feeling and being. Those emotions will become what you naturally are. There are great sleep meditations that you can find on YouTube to manifest while you sleep.

8 – Let go of the outcome

Now that you are clear on your goals, being as if and working on manifesting them, there’s something that can often take you off track – being attached to the outcome. So this is another difficult concept and that might sound contradictory at first by I will do my best to explain what I mean.

Desiring something (such as changing your appearance) can be good to help you decide on your goals but sometimes we can get so attached and obsessed with the end result that we start creating resistance to manifesting.

When we are too obsessed with the outcome we start focusing on the feeling of “lacking”. Whenever you say “I really want that!” or “I really need that” it means you are saying “I don’t have that”. You will then attract more of “lacking”.

Wanting and needing are energies of despair and the reality that you are trying to manifest will not resonate on that frequency.

The key to not fall into this trap is to shift your desire to intention. You have the intention to lose weight but you don’t desperately need it because you are not lacking anything as a divine being. You are already perfect as you are. You need to resonate with the vibration of the reality you want.

So after you set your intention, let go of the outcome and just be that version of yourself instead. Be present in the moment by already feeling happy and fulfilled because that’s the mindspace that will allow what you want to come to you.

9 – Be aware of the content you consume

Keeping a high vibration is essential when using law of attraction. Check out the Hawkins scale to understand where each type of emotion falls and to have a better idea of where you are at the moment. The higher you go up on that scale, the easier manifestation will come.

In order to keep your vibration high, be aware of the type of content that you consume on a daily basis. For instance, do you spend hours on social media looking at how everyone looks gorgeous and happy?

Try not to get too obsessed with social media accounts that share fake images of perfection.

Make conscious decisions on what to focus your energy on.

Consume content that can help you expand your consciousness. Watch the Secret. Read books or watch documentaries that open your mind. Read spirituality articles. They will help with shifting your consciousness and raising your vibration.

10 – Keep away from toxicity

This is another essential one to keep your vibration high and facilitate manifestation. Be aware of your surroundings and identify any type of toxicity. Keep away from toxic people. Don’t waste your energy.

For instance, protect your body, don’t give it away to people who don’t deserve it. Treasure it. Don’t let others dictate your emotions. Foster relationships with open hearted people who believe in you and lift you up rather than drag you down. If you find toxicity in your own family, set boundaries. Realise this is not being selfish, it’s simply protecting your own energy.

By observing the people in your surroundings, you might be surprised of how many “energy vampires” you will identify. This type of people can waste your precious energy that you need in order to manifest a better life for yourself, which you deserve.

For instance, in my case, I realised I had some negative people that were always talking about negative stuff and complaining about life in general. Whenever I saw them, and they would start talking, immediately I would start feeling negative as well.

On the other hand, I know people who despite being faced with difficult challenges, try to avoid constant complaining and do their best to smile as much as possible.

That doesn’t mean that you should select only friends who are happy, that’s not what friendship is about. I mean that you should be aware of who is dragging you down and assess if they should be in your life or how you can set some boundaries when needed.

11 – Avoid the “victim mentality”

The problem with “energy vampires” and toxic people is that they see themselves as “victims” and this is something you should avoid becoming as well if you are trying to change your appearance with the law of attraction.

Keep in mind that things happen for you, not to you!

A way to avoid falling into the victim mentality is learning how to honour your thoughts and feelings, including eventual horrible past events that have been traumatizing. Acknowledge those painful events instead of just trying to push them away.

I know that it is easier said than done but it is possible and everyone has the power to do it. Again, it’s all about your belief system. If you believe that you will never recover from a painful experience and that you are a victim of reality then you will keep manifesting that belief into your Future. You will get stuck in a pattern.

Think of how much you have learned from everything that happened in your life and the things that you can do now using those learnings and experiences.

You can use those learnings to help yourself and others because we are not alone in this World. We are part of the collective. Being able to help others after our painful experiences is one of the most beautiful things we can do to make the World a better place. You might even be a starseed, lightworker, or empath with the mission to share your light with the collective.

So when it comes to changing the way you look with the law of attraction, if you are constantly feeling that you are a victim of your body and asking “why do I look this way instead of that way?” you are seeing yourself as a victim of the reality. Learn how to stop being a victim.

Avoid judging your reality and associating negative emotions to it. Remember that by charging thoughts with negative emotions, you will attract more of it to your reality.

12 – Be grateful for your body

At times we can become either too humble or too harsh when we talk about our bodies. Either way, we are not appreciating what we have. That’s when it becomes important to learn how to appreciate the great job that that complex machine is doing in giving us life and allowing us to experience this beautiful world in many different ways.

Avoid saying detrimental things about yourself or complain about what you don’t like. Think about which stories you keep telling yourself and others about yourself (how fat or skinny you are).

Stop beating yourself up for not looking a specific way and appreciate yourself, learn how to love yourself. Appreciate your human body. Surrender to the feeling of loving your body.

Be grateful for who you are and tell out loud how you love yourself and your body. Appreciate the things you like the most about yourself and thank the universe. By sending love to your body, you will receive back. But do it from the heart. Energy doesn’t lie. If you’re not being truthful than it will not work. Fix the relationship with yourself, do the inner work.

13 – Stop comparing yourself to other people

We live in a world where it’s easy to get caught up in comparisons due to social media. Remember that what you see on social media is often not true or are just the best versions of selves. Don’t chase the idea of perfection. That’s unattainable and doesn’t exist. Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others.

When you compare yourself to someone else, you are lowering your vibration to the frequency of envy or jealously which does not resonate with the frequency of what you want to achieve.

Rather than feeling jealous try to feel happy for them.

Appreciate the qualities that you want in other people instead of feeling jealous. Connect to their frequency. Compliment that feature on others, create positive vibrations. What you put out, you will get back.

14 – Take care of yourself, spoil yourself

Sometimes we treat our bodies in such harmful ways, we eat too much or too little, we abuse alcohol or drugs, we don’t sleep enough, we ignore its warning signs and avoid seeing a doctor.

That happens again because we don’t think our bodies are worthy of better care as they will never look the way we would like to. That’s a huge limited belief that can interfere a lot with our health and appearance.

Remember that you need to be healthy first in order to look healthy outside. Try to eat high vibration foods.

So this is the part where you actually need to put some physical action into motion.

Check with your doctor for any health issues first. Then be aware of what daily habits are being harmful to your body, such as consuming too much alcohol or not drinking enough water.

If your goal is to lose weight, consider signing up to a gym or just committing to going for a walk every day. You can also find a health coach if you have the budget for it, if not, there are so many free fitness apps and online fitness lessons.

If you want to improve your skin texture, why not trying some organic vegan products without toxins and chemicals. Eat better. Try something new! Start with small actions, which at the end will become huge steps in your entire transformation.

Spoil yourself, take good care of yourself.

15 – Smile more

Did you know that a simple smile can have a measurable effect on your overall well-being? The benefits of smiling are amazing! Smiling can stimulate your brain more than chocolate.

It can reduce blood pressure and studies also show it can help you live longer.

That’s why nowadays you even have laugh therapy which is another suggestion for you to try during your process of changing your appearance with the law of attraction.

Smiling will raise your vibration and you will become irresistible to everybody. Yes, that’s right. Studies show that people perceive people who smile as more attractive, so just smile!

16 – Get out of your own way

Don’t judge yourself too much if you fall off track during the manifestation process. Sometimes we are the one preventing the manifestations to happen due to our negative thoughts.

For instance, sometimes when you start seeing the actual results of your manifestation, you might think that something it’s too good to be true and that eventually something bad will happen soon.

Or if you are not achieving the desired results, you might be caught in negative self-talk again.

That’s when your beliefs will start working against you and you can get off track.

Just get back into alignment by raising your vibration. Observe your thoughts and redirect them in a positive way. For instance, think that the universe has unlimited resources and you can always be abundant and successful in manifesting what you want. Remember that your power is unlimited.

17 – Get inspired by others success stories.

If you feel that you are getting off track, look at case studies of people who have manifested their dreams and learn from them. Have you heard of people who completely cured themselves from serious diseases such as Cancer or MS just through meditations and the power of their thoughts?

There are also many cases of people who completely changed their appearance. Let yourself be inspired by these great minds and use it as motivation to proceed using the law of attraction.

18 – Don’t give up easily

If you believe that it’s not working, that’s what you will manifest. It’s as simple as that. That’s the law of attraction.

Sometimes when you are about to give up, you are nearly there. Trust yourself!

Finally, never forget, no matter how you look, You’re Lovely, You’re Loveable and You’re Loved !

Love and light x

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