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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Aniel

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Who is Angel Aniel?

The guardian angel Aniel, also known as “God of Virtues” symbolizes virtue, courage and willpower.  Aniel encourages determination, resilience and bravery, providing all the necessary strength to face hardship and move forward in life. This angel doesn’t like you to stay stuck in the past, dwelling on old painful memories or repeating the same old patterns over and over again. Angel Aniel likes you to move forward with determination and courage.

He will help provide you the willpower and confidence to release anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and to implement positive changes that will lead to emotional stability. Aniel can help you if you are suffering from any type of addiction such as alcohol, smoking, gambling or even an emotional dependency. Anything that is trapping you and preventing you from being your best version and living a healthy balanced life.

Ask for angel Aniel’s help and you will be freed from what is keeping you stuck and in pain. You will receive the willpower, resilience, and creativity to break free from challenging situations as well as to come out of them stronger than ever.

This is because Aniel has the power of purifying negative energies to promote balanced emotions and thoughts for overall well-being.

Angel Aniel will also provide you a powerful imagination and creative skills to work towards the greater good. Anything that has the potential to bring change into your work, your family, your community, etc. He will help you create a better world.

People born under the influence of angel Aniel are usually very independent and constantly working on themselves and evolving. They pursue the mastery of the law of karma and understand that “what you send out is what you get back”. They have a great mindset that helps them not being afraid of implementing changes and trying new ideas or approaches to solve challenges.

They don’t like routines or traditionalism. They like to be on the move and have no issues with adapting to new environments.

They have many virtues and don’t usually like materialism, tricksters and charlatans. They do their best to live their life honestly and in the service of a higher good.

If you think you need help with developing these virtues and gaining the strength to implement the necessary changes in your life that will allow you to live independently and happy, then ask for angel Aniel’s help.

Also make sure you develop a meditation practice and pay attention to your dreams, signs and synchronicities that appear regularly in your daily life. It might be angel Aniel trying to guide you and support you. Stay present and aware so that you don’t miss any important sign or message.


Guardian Angel Aniel Planets

Mars and Sun


Guardian Angel Aniel Element



Guardian Angel Aniel Zodiac Sign

Libra: People born between September 24th and 28th


Guardian Angel Aniel Symbolism

Aniel is the Angel of:

  • Virtue
  • Courage
  • Willpower
  • Detachment
  • Evolution


Guardian Angel Aniel Powers

Angel Aniel can help you with:

  • Breaking free from old patterns
  • Breaking free from addictions
  • Releasing past memories
  • Releasing emotional dependencies
  • Changing mentality
  • Becoming independent
  • New ideas
  • Implementing change
  • Mastering emotions
  • Moving forward in life
  • Breaking routines
  • Determination
  • Adapting to new environments
  • Purifying negative energies
  • Understanding the law of karma


Love and light x

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