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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Yezalel

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Who is Angel Yezalel?

The guardian angel Yezalel, also known as “God glorified in all things”, embodies unity and reconciliation. If you occasionally have adulterous thoughts, Yezalel can help you calm your mind, become less selfish, learn how to commit and get closer to your partner. Ask for Yezalel’s help when trying to maintain peace in a situation, reconcile with a friend or a loved one. He can also help you developing good communication skills to interact better with others and bring harmony to your life.

Guardian Angel Yezalel Planets

Uranus and Sun

Guardian Angel Yezalel Element


Guardian Angel Yezalel Zodiac Sign

Gemini : People born between May 21st and 25th

Guardian Angel Yezalel Symbolism

Yezalel is the Angel of:

  • Fidelity
  • Reconciliation
  • Unity
  • Commitment
  • Complementarity between men and women

Guardian Angel Yezalel Powers

Angel Yezalel can help you with:

  • Being less selfish
  • Resisting temptation
  • Being faithful
  • Having a balanced married life
  • Avoiding lying
  • Keeping your commitments
  • Being closer to loved ones
  • Reconciling with someone
  • Avoiding the breakup of a relationship
  • Learning from your experiences
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