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Energy Healing

The Supernatural Powers of Energy Vortexes around the World

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Have you ever heard of an energy vortex? These powerful locations on our planet are said to possess the ability to create life-changing spiritual transformations and healing experiences. You might think that accessing these energy vortices requires traveling to specific places like Sedona in Arizona. However, in this article, we will explore how you can tap into the supernatural power of an energy vortex right from the comfort of your own home. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a journey to understand what an energy vortex is, its impact on us, the different types of vortices, and how you can create your very own vortex.

So, what is an energy vortex?

Well, imagine a swirling tornado of energy that’s not destructive but actually pretty awesome. 

At its core, an energy vortex is a physical location where the veil between dimensions becomes thinner, allowing for a stronger connection with the spiritual realm. It can be envisioned as a wormhole that cuts through the dense energy veil of our physical reality, making it easier to communicate with spirits and receive energy from the other side. Unlike the usual divide between the physical and spiritual worlds, at an energy vortex, this barrier dissipates, creating an environment where communication with the spiritual realm becomes effortless, and energy flows more readily into our beings.

What happens when you visit a vortex?

Now, let me tell you, these energy vortices can have a real impact on you when  you step into one. It’s like someone turned the dial up to eleven on your life’s jukebox. They can shake things up, stir your soul, and even lead to some serious personal breakthroughs.

Energy vortexes affect us primarily through the intensity of the energy present within them. When we enter an energy vortex, we are engulfed by a surge of powerful energy, which upgrades our entire energy system, including our mind and body. This energetic upgrade can trigger a spontaneous ascension, causing our vibration to accelerate. Moreover, the intense and purified energy within the vortex brings to the surface anything within us that requires healing. It acts as a catalyst, allowing us to identify and release patterns, beliefs, or diseases that no longer serve us.

Oh, and here’s a juicy tidbit: relationships can go haywire in vortices. Yep, you heard me right. The energy can act like a truth serum, revealing the cracks and mismatches in your partnerships. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself re-evaluating your romantic entanglements after a vortex adventure. Remember, it’s all part of the journey towards alignment and growth.

During my visit to Sedona, I encountered many people whose relationships fell apart once they arrived in the vortex. The intense energy exposed the misalignment in their partnerships, prompting them to separate. It’s essential to remember that the vortex energy only pushes to the surface what needs healing and what is out of alignment. Embrace the process and trust that it is leading you towards your highest good.

Types of Energy Vortexes: 

Energy vortices can be classified into two main categories: planetary vortices and intention vortices.

Planetary vortices are geographical locations that have been deliberately chosen as portals to connect with the spiritual realm. These sites were strategically established to aid humanity in navigating the density of our earthly existence. Well-known examples include Sedona in Arizona, Mount Shasta in California, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

On the other hand, intention vortices are created through human intention and prayer. The collective energy generated by groups of people amplifies the power of these vortices, making them centers of healing and transformation.

You can also look at these different types of vortexes:

Earth Vortex:

These are the rock stars of the vortex realm. Earth vortexes are located in natural settings like mountains, forests, deserts, and canyons. They draw upon the Earth’s powerful energy and serve as gateways between dimensions. Exploring an Earth vortex can be a transformative experience, connecting you deeply with the natural world.

Water Vortex:

Imagine being in the presence of cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, or roaring oceans. Water vortexes harness the elemental energy of water, amplifying its healing properties. They create a sense of serenity, renewal, and emotional cleansing. Soothe your soul as you bask in the gentle embrace of a water vortex.

Air Vortex:

If you’re a sky enthusiast, air vortexes will be your haven. These ethereal vortexes reside in high-altitude locations like mountaintops, open fields, or windy cliffs. The swirling currents of air generate a lightness of being and a heightened sense of clarity. It’s like breathing in the pure essence of inspiration and freedom.

Fire Vortex:

Prepare to ignite your passion with fire vortexes! These energetic powerhouses are associated with volcanic regions, hot springs, or sacred fire ceremonies. The fiery energy within a fire vortex fuels creativity, transformation, and a zest for life. Feel the flames of inspiration dance within you as you embrace the warmth and vitality of a fire vortex.

Sacred Site Vortex:

Brace yourself for a journey through time and spirituality. Sacred site vortexes are found in places of historical, cultural, or religious significance. Think ancient temples, pyramids, stone circles, or sacred groves. These vortexes carry the imprints of countless souls who have sought connection and enlightenment. Prepare to be enveloped in a tapestry of mystical energy and profound wisdom.

Urban Vortex:

Who said vortexes can’t thrive amidst the hustle and bustle of city life? Urban vortexes are like hidden gems tucked away amidst skyscrapers, parks, or vibrant neighborhoods. They offer a unique blend of human energy, cultural vibrations, and creative inspiration. Embrace the energy of a bustling city as you tap into the urban vortex’s dynamic pulse.

Remember, these vortexes are as diverse as the world we inhabit. Each type beckons with its own allure, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. So, venture forth, open your heart and senses, and let the magic of the different energy vortexes illuminate your path.


Famous vortexes around the world

Vortex Name Location Known For Website
Sedona Sedona, Arizona, USA Red rock formations and spiritual rejuvenation. It is believed to have several vortex sites, including Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Boynton Canyon, known for enhancing various aspects of spirituality and energy healing.
Mount Shasta Mount Shasta, California, USA Mystical energy and spiritual awakening. This majestic mountain is considered a sacred site by many and is associated with transformative experiences, self-realization, and connection to ancient wisdom. It’s also renowned for its stunning natural beauty.
Machu Picchu Cusco Region, Peru Incan ruins and spiritual significance. As an ancient Incan citadel, Machu Picchu draws spiritual seekers who seek a profound connection with the wisdom of ancient civilizations and the breathtaking Andean landscape.
Glastonbury Glastonbury, England Arthurian legends and mystical traditions. Glastonbury is linked to Arthurian legends, the Holy Grail, and Avalon. It’s considered a place of spiritual pilgrimage and is famous for its Tor hill and Chalice Well gardens.
Uluru/Ayers Rock Northern Territory, Australia Aboriginal spirituality and sacred rock formation. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a massive sandstone monolith of spiritual significance to the Anangu Aboriginal people. It’s a powerful site for contemplation and connection to ancient cultures.
Stonehenge Wiltshire, England Ancient stone circle and celestial alignment. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument aligned with astronomical events. It’s a site of mystery, spirituality, and solstice celebrations, attracting visitors during significant celestial events.
Haleakalā Maui, Hawaii, USA Volcanic crater and breathtaking sunrise views. Haleakalā, a dormant volcano, is a site for stunning sunrise and sunset experiences. It’s considered a place for soul-stirring reflection and connecting with the raw forces of nature.
Lake Titicaca Puno, Peru High-altitude lake and spiritual connections. Lake Titicaca, located in the Andes, is one of the world’s highest navigable lakes. It is revered by the local cultures, and the floating Uros Islands are known for their unique spiritual practices.
Taos Taos, New Mexico, USA Indigenous culture and artistic inspiration. Taos is known for its rich Native American heritage and vibrant art community. The Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a significant Native American spiritual and cultural center.
Bali Bali, Indonesia Spiritual retreats and ancient temples. Bali is known for its rich spiritual heritage, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty. The island is dotted with ancient temples, lush rice terraces, and offers a wide range of spiritual retreats and practices.
Fatima Fatima, Portugal Virgin Mary apparitions and religious pilgrimage. Fatima is one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage sites globally. It’s believed that the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children here in 1917, making it a site of deep spiritual devotion and prayer.
Lourdes Lourdes, France Mary apparitions and healing pilgrimage. Lourdes attracts millions of pilgrims seeking healing and solace. It’s associated with the miraculous healing waters of the Grotto of Massabielle, where the Virgin Mary reportedly appeared to a young girl.
Mecca Mecca, Saudi Arabia Islamic pilgrimage and holiest city in Islam. Mecca is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and is the destination for millions of Muslims who undertake the Hajj pilgrimage. It holds immense religious significance and is home to the Masjid al-Haram and the Kaaba. Only Muslims are allowed to visit inside the gates.
Table Mountain Cape Town, South Africa Majestic mountain and breathtaking views. Table Mountain is a prominent landmark in South Africa, offering stunning panoramic views of Cape Town and the surrounding coastline. It’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.
Es Vedrà Ibiza, Spain Mystical island and natural beauty. Es Vedrà is a small rocky island off the coast of Ibiza known for its captivating beauty and mythical allure. It’s considered a magnetic and energetic hotspot, attracting visitors seeking tranquility and spiritual connection.
Lake Rotopounamu Tongariro National Park, New Zealand Serene alpine lake and natural surroundings. Lake Rotopounamu is nestled within Tongariro National Park and is known for its pristine waters, lush forests, and tranquil ambiance. It’s a place for relaxation, hiking, and immersing oneself in nature.

Please note that these URLs are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to verify them before visiting.

How do you identify a vortex?

So, how do you spot these magical energy hotspots? 

First, keep your senses open and alert. Vortices have a way of announcing their presence, if you know what to look for. Pay attention to any tingling sensations, goosebumps, or a sudden surge of energy coursing through your body. It’s like a cosmic wink, telling you that you’re in the right place.

Next, trust your intuition. That inner voice that whispers in your ear, guiding you towards hidden treasures. If a place calls out to you, urging you to explore, chances are there’s a vortex waiting to be discovered. Trust that gut feeling and follow your instincts. They are your compass in this cosmic game.

Mother Earth is a master vortex creator. So, when you’re out and about in the great outdoors, keep an eye out for places that feel extraordinary. It could be a secluded grove of ancient trees, a breathtaking waterfall, or a serene mountaintop. Nature’s vortexes have a way of captivating our souls and connecting us to something greater.

Historical and sacred sites often hold vortex magic within their ancient walls. Temples, pyramids, stone circles—they’re like vortex powerhouses. These places are steeped in history and hold the energy of countless souls who have walked before us. So, if you find yourself drawn to these mystical spots, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a vortex goldmine.

Lastly, don’t forget the power of synchronicity. Sometimes the universe works its magic and drops hints right in front of us. Pay attention to signs and symbols that seem to guide you towards a specific location. It could be a chance encounter with a fellow starseed who mentions a hidden gem, or stumbling upon a book that mysteriously opens to a chapter about vortexes. The universe loves to play, so keep your eyes peeled for these delightful breadcrumbs.


Working with an Energy Vortex: 

Working with an energy vortex is both easy and challenging. The intensity of the energy can bring about profound changes, but it can also be overwhelming. Here’s a power tip to help you navigate the energy of a vortex: surrender. When you’re in a vortex, allow whatever needs to come up for healing to surface without resistance. Allow the vortex to guide you to release what no longer serves you. This could be healing physical ailments, releasing old patterns, or letting go of limiting beliefs.

Now, here’s the secret sauce: belief and trust. You gotta have faith, my friend. Believe that the vortex is working its magic, even if it seems a bit out there. Trust that the universe is conspiring in your favor and that your intentions are being heard. It’s like having a hotline to the cosmos, and you’re the star of the show.

But remember, energy vortices are not a one-size-fits-all deal. Just like flavors of ice cream, they come in different varieties. Some vortices might give you a gentle nudge, while others might hit you with a cosmic sledgehammer. It’s all part of the grand tapestry of experiences, so embrace the ride and let the energy flow.

And hey, don’t be disheartened if you don’t feel an instant cosmic blast. Energy vortices work in mysterious ways, and sometimes their effects unfold over time. So be patient and keep your heart open to the possibilities. The universe has a way of surprising us when we least expect it.

Creating Your Own Energy Vortex: 

But wait, what if you can’t make it to Sedona or any other famous vortex spot? Don’t worry, my friend, you can create your own mini vortex. Yep, you heard that right. You’re the master of your own vortex destiny!

Step 1: Choose a physical space. Select a location where you can create your vortex. It could be a room in your house or a spot outdoors, such as by a tree or in a nearby forest. If you plan to work with the vortex energy for an extended period, I recommend creating it in a room within your home. Make this space beautiful and peaceful by incorporating elements like crystals, flowers, candles, spiritual objects, statues, or pictures of your favorite gurus or spiritual beings. You can even set up an altar with these items.

Step 2: Set your intention. Your intention holds tremendous power in creating a vortex. Make sure your intention is pure and elevated, aligned with the highest good of yourself and all beings. Avoid manipulative or self-serving intentions. For example, a pure intention could be: “It is my powerful and pure intention to open an energy vortex for the highest good of all. I call upon Source energy and the highest Spirit guides of the light to help anchor the energy of this vortex and create a healing space where miracles happen.”

Step 3: State a prayer or decree. Before opening the vortex, prepare a prayer or decree that resonates with you. Say it out loud in the physical space you have just prepared. Speaking your prayer aloud intensifies the energy of your intention. You can use the example prayer from earlier or create your own personalized prayer or decree.

Step 4: Repetition. Repeat your prayer or decree to strengthen the energy of the vortex. The more you repeat it, the more powerful the vortex becomes. It’s like turning on a faucet—the initial intention opens the vortex, and repetition increases the intensity and volume of the energy flow. Set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour initially for repetition to open a small vortex. You can continue praying or reciting your intention at the site for several days, allowing the vortex to grow even stronger.

Remember, the stronger your vortex, the more you can heal and transform within that physical space. Allow the energy to guide you, be open to the shifts and experiences that arise, and trust in the healing power of the vortex.


So there you have it, fellow starseeds and lightworkers. Energy vortices are like a thrilling rollercoaster for your soul. Whether you venture to famous vortex spots or create your own personal vortex sanctuary, the key is to surrender, believe, and let the energy do its thing. Buckle up and enjoy the cosmic ride!

May your journey be filled with wonder and transformation. And remember, you’re the captain of your own vortex ship, so make it an epic voyage!

Love and light x


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