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Spiritual reasons to not eat meat

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In a digital era, info about the many reasons why eating meat can be harmful to our health and the environment is widespread and accessible. Most people already know the top reasons to go vegan such as:

  • Preventing heart disease
  • Preventing animal cruelty
  • Decreasing greenhouse-gas emissions
  • Ending world hunger
  • Saving money
  • Weight management

These arguments can be found anywhere online, check for instance, this article by Peta – 7 reasons not to eat meat.

Some of these reasons are scientifically proven, while others are still a source of debate. People who eat meat often argue that “it is natural” for humans to eat animals. However, is it true or is it just a way to ignore that animals have thoughts and feelings, and that they live horrific lives and experience painful deaths just so they can end up on someone’s plate?

If you want to dive deep into these topics check out:

Do animals have souls?

Do plants have souls?

This is something I do not intend to discuss here as the purpose of this article is actually to share with you some different perspectives on this topic, that I came across recently.

These are videos from famous gurus from the spiritual community, who are known for inspiring millions of people with their teachings. Here they share their spiritual perspectives on why we should not be eating meat. They go beyond all the reasons I’ve mentioned above.

I will not write much more about it as I think watching the videos would be more explanatory so watch them below if you are interested.

I have also written an article on high vibration foods – Raise your vibration with high vibration foods –  and the yin yang diet which already touch on this topic and explain why making conscious decisions on food, matters.

Spiritual reasons to stop eating meat


If you are interested in nutrition and trying to improve your health, make sure you also learn about high vibration foods.

Love and light x

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