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Do Plants Have Souls?

March 27, 20213 minute read

Yes, according to the general spiritual community, the perspective surrounding this is that plants do indeed have a soul. However, there are many other theories regarding whether or not plants have souls. In theology, there are some beliefs that say otherwise. Here are some thoughts on this topic from different religions:

Do plants have souls – Catholic

The Catholic Church believes that plants have souls. This is because they have the capacity of nourishing, growth and reproduction. In this context, it can be taken that plants have souls, yet they are not seen as having the type of lifeforce that distinguishes plants from humans. Plants have a “vegetative soul” while humans have a “rational” soul.

The Catholic also mention that the soul’s job is to give life to that which is meant to live and plants play an instrument role to other living beings.

Do plants have souls – Islam

In Islam, plants do not have souls. Though they have life that flows within them it is not of the same intelligence as human beings. They are not capable of morality and conscious thinking.

Instead, they follow the laws of nature that dictate how they behave and react to external forces. Plants do not have a spirit and so they are different from humans and animals. 

Do plants have souls – Hinduism

All living beings have a soul, this is the belief of Hindus. Whether they are humans, plants, or bacteria everything has a soul. There is a form of consciousness that is present in plants.

In Hinduism, there are several plants that are considered to be holy. Sandalwood, the Banyan tree, and Tulsi are some of the many forms of vegetation that are sacred in this religion. They are regarded highly and are shown immense respect.

Do plants have souls – Buddhism

In Buddhism, it is believed that plants do have a form of consciousness but it is primitive. In the earliest records of Buddhism, plants are considered to be sentient beings. However, this has been debated.

In the Tibetan and Japanese denominations of Buddhism, plants are seen to be full of life and have an Awareness of self.

We can see that throughout various religions, there are different ideologies regarding whether or not plants have souls. However, regardless of a person’s belief, it is important that plants are treated with the respect that they deserve.

They are important to all life on Earth and so we should never look down upon them. We owe a lot to the magnificence of plants. The impact of organisms and flora cannot be ignored, they were created by God for a purpose.  Plants are able to provide food, nourishment, and nutrients to all living beings.

Plants and humans work together in the circle of life. They both sustain one another and in each one’s functions play a significant role.

So what do you think? Do you believe that plants have a soul? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and light x

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