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Are you a Starseed, Empath, Lightworker, or Indigo?

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Since the last few decades a large number of beings from other galaxies have taken birth on Earth in order to participate with the Earth’s Ascension, and to play a major role in bringing about the Golden Age on Earth. Many of them belong to other star systems, and are here to fulfill their divine mission and thereby advance their own spiritual evolution.

Given below are the characteristics of these wonderful souls. Check these out, and see if you resonate with any of these.

You can actually resonate with more than one.


Starseeds are often called “old souls”. These beings originate from other star systems and galaxies. They are highly evolved souls with tremendous wisdom and deep interest in spirituality and drawn to metaphysics. They have an ability for spiritually growth much higher than those around them.

They know that they have a purpose or mission to fulfill, but they struggle to find out what it is, which can lead to deep frustration.

Starseeds are natural spiritual-healers and spiritual-channels. They have a natural ability to make others feel better and people often come to them to talk about their problems.

Deep within starseeds know that this world is not their real home and they often experience a deep feeling of homesickness.

They feel somehow different from everyone else, as if they are unique and others cannot understand them.

Starseeds are artistic with a flair for creativity and ingenuity.

Their lives on Earth are often challenging, compelling them to use their inner resources to overcome their difficulties.

When people first meet a starseed, their first impression is that they are cold or disinterested but the fact is that they just struggle with external façades and chaotic emotions. Sometimes they even know what someone is going to say before they say it, so it can become difficult to keep up with the pace of conversation.

Worldly matters and small talk usually hold no interest to these creative beings. They don’t have many friends, but the few they have are very deeply bonded and they understand each other very well.

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Starseeds cherish their freedom more than anything in the world; restrictions are an entrapment for them.

The Indigos

The term “indigo children” came up in the 1960s and 1970s, a revolutionary period of time when there was a shift in the World’s consciousness.

The Indigos are calm and peace-loving people.

They do not resort to violence but use their power of Light to subdue the negativity.

They are highly sensitive both emotionally and environmentally.

The Indigos are born with higher intellectual levels, and healthier immune system to withstand the intense Ascension energies inundating the Earth.

Indigos are highly emotional, impetus and usually rebellious by nature.

Indigos always have to know the “why” behind everything! The reasoning of “just because” will never be enough. They need to question how everything works and are extremely curious.

That’s why some Indigo children may receive diagnoses such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or, said to fall within the autism spectrum.

Many of these souls are here for a specific purpose relating to the progression of the planet.

They embrace the diversity of humanity and see all people and living beings as equal. They often have a special affinity with animals and love being in Nature.

They are characterised as “Indigos” because they have rich shades of indigo and deep blue in their auric-field.

The Crystal People

The Crystal people have a crystal clear aura, tinged with opalescent tones of gold, indigo-blue and magenta.

Their most prominent feature is their eyes, which are deep, wide and penetrating. Crystal people are also said to have an androgynous appearance.

Crystal children are believed to be a generation born from a previous generation of indigo parents. More than simply the next wave, they are here to elevate humanity and pave the way for a better World.

They are here to teach mankind to live harmoniously with each other. Many of them actually dedicate their lives as activists or roles with a capacity to make a social or environmental change for the Planet.

Crystal people are highly intelligent and they are often called “gifted” in a creative or intellectual sense.

crystal children
When they are young they are usually considered to have a level of knowledge and wisdom well beyond their age.

Many have come with the knowledge of inventing environmental-friendly devices for a healthy lifestyle. They have a greater ability to grasp the dynamics of science and technology, which they intend to put it to good use to make environmental-friendly and cost-effective devices for household, agricultural, medical and industrial purposes.

They vibrate at a more finely tuned frequency, so they may have multiple food allergies and cannot endure chemicals and GMOs. They are also usually vegetarians at an early age.

The Crystal people are naturally drawn towards crystals and gems, and love to have them around in their homes.

They believe, crystals are powerful and alive, and use them for healing and restoring inner balance.


The empaths are warm-hearted, compassionate and intuitive people. They love to help and can’t walk past someone who’s in need, without wondering how they could help them. Empaths tend to be thoughtful and attentive which makes them really good listeners. They usually have a calming effect on other people and are often seek for advice.

They also have a deep love for animals and Nature.

Empaths relate strongly to people’s energies and thus unwittingly can absorb the negativity of people’s woes and worries. They can easily pick up on what someone else is feeling.

They can live through those feelings as if it were their own. This can sometimes leave them drained, tired, irritable and restless.

Empaths can easily pick up on tiny changes in expression, body language, or tone of voice that other people would miss. They are true “walking lie detectors”.

Their intuition is very powerful and they are able to intuitively sense what someone is trying to express, even when they’re having a hard time expressing it.

Empaths are extremely sensitive to the “feel” or atmosphere of their surroundings so they can struggle in public gatherings, events or crowded places.

In severe cases, they can start isolating themselves from the World, succumb to depression or face social anxiety. They might avoid crowds and large gatherings as sometimes they cannot stand the chaotic energies of the worldly people; they prefer quieter places which enhance their inner peace and tranquility.

Empaths that are still learning how to deal with their habilites can struggle with maintaining emotional distance from the energy around them.

Furthermore, deep meditation and being out amidst Nature can help to recharge themselves with pure, empowering energies for peace and protection.

As soon as an empath reaches an empowered state, they are able to master the energies like no one else and start fulfilling their mission of spreading light and love wherever they go.

Most empaths are highly sensitive, but not all highly sensitive people are necessarily empaths, there are differences between empaths and highly sensitive people.


Lightworkers carry the flame of love and Peace to illumine the Planet and help raise the consciousness of mankind. There are many different types of lightworkers and they have different gifts as well.

They are aware of their true purpose in life, and often work as healers, psychics, spiritual-mediums and writers to spread the higher spiritual-knowledge to the masses.

However, they aren’t just channels and spiritual teachers, they can also be found shining their light in many different professions.

They are constantly on a mission to grow themselves and improve the lives of those around them. Lightworkers are here to clear old karmic patterns, and to help the Planet with breaking into a new level of consciousness and awareness.

Lightworkers are very creative, sensitive, highly intelligent and intuitive.

Lightworkers can feel like misfits in this world, and are often misunderstood.  They usually do not fit into traditional authority models or workplace structures.

They share a close bond with Nature and can sometimes shy away from the rowdiness of the world. They know that Nature is the closest that they can get to becoming most aligned with source.

Their start in life is usually not easy and they can go through a series of traumas, challenges and other difficulties. However, they understand that these were not intended to hurt them, rather to awaken them.

Lightworkers often are not aware of who they are but at some point in their lives they go through a spiritual awakening and their worldview shatters, and they purge out all of the limiting beliefs they had before. Then they are able to focus not only on developing themselves but also helping others going through their own spiritual awakenings.

They are daydreamers and love to spend their time in meditation. They might seem loners but loneliness and boredom are non-existent to lightworkers.

They enjoy being in solitude with themselves in their own energy for it gives them space to commune with the Source for continual guidance, inspiration, peace and well-being.

Lightworkers are also great manifestors and can often manifest things using the power of their thoughts. 

All callings are different for Lightworkers. Each lightworker receives their own unique set of assignments in regards to how they will most effectively spread their light. However their ultimate goal is to help balancing out the energy of fear with the energy of love on this Planet by guiding people to dig through their own shadows in order to find their light.

So, are you a lightworker, empath or starseed?

You might be all of them. Your inner guide will lead you to the answer.

Share with a lightworker, empath, starseed or indigo friend who needs to wake up to their true power.

Love and Light x

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