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Energy Healing

What is energy healing and how does it work?

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Quantum physics and the new science currently accept that the Universe, including us, is made up of energy. We are made up of atoms, each one with its own frequency or vibration. Our energy waves are always meeting and getting entangled in each other and other people’s. Whenever you are in the presence of someone with unbalanced energy, you might feel what it’s commonly called “negative energy” or “negative vibes”.

Balanced energies: Body – Mind – Soul

Balanced energies and holistic wellness is a natural state of your being, where your body mind and soul thrive in harmony with each other, and enjoy perfect synchronicity with the cosmic world. Much of it depends upon the choices that we make in our daily lives as well as upon the lifestyle that we lead.

Energy healing is also referred to as a holistic or spiritual healing. There are a whole lot of energy healing modalities and techniques, yet the energy invoked, remains the same in all. Unlike the medical treatments, which deal with ailments at the superficial level, spiritual healing probes deeper into your subtle bodies and deals directly with the root of the disease. 

Spiritual healing is not superfluous but touches the core of your being. Emotional and mental afflictions, where medical science fails to reach, are healed spot-on with greater efficacy, and the results are impressive. Moreover, it plays a major role in your consciousness evolution journey.

The importance of energy healing

  • The pranic energy clears up the clogged up impurities in your etheric body, thus restoring a smooth flow of the Universal energy into the body. The influx of energy replenishes your spiritual and physical bodies.
  • Healing takes place at all levels of one’s being, bringing your physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies into alignment with each other. Consequently, you begin to enjoy greater well-being, peace and happiness.
  • Apart from cleansing, spiritual healing restores inner harmony and balance which no medication can. Optimism, thus, becomes a way of life.
  • Spiritual awakening takes place when your heart and mind are attuned to the Universal Mind and you begin to perceive life from your heightened consciousness.
  • Your entire being thrills with the vibrant, Universal energy, and you automatically repel anything that does not resonate with your higher vibrations. This makes you invariably invincible against all negativity which threaten your health and well-being.
  • You thus begin to lead a more refined lifestyle by making conscious choices that are advantageous for your welfare.

The most popular energy healing techniques:  


Reiki is a hands-on form of healing where the healer places his hands over or on the person’s body, and transmits the Universal energy to the person. The energy thus received repairs, and restores perfection at the physical and spiritual levels. Reiki helps increase the flow of the divine energy in your being, which is experienced as a warm, tingling sensation, and you come away feeling refreshed, calm and revitalized at the end of it. 

Pranic Healing

Scanning the auric-field, cleansing and energising are the main steps in Pranic healing. The aura of a person is first scanned in order to detect any abnormality. The affected area is then cleansed and energized with the Universal Light, which infuses your being, arousing the divinity within you as it heals.  

Pranic healing works in conjunction with the Universal Principles of Loving-kindness and Compassion.

Creative Visualisation

Visualisation animates thoughts. The mental imagery creates positive thought-patterns in your sub-conscious whereby your cells and molecules begin to follow the new programming. Vivid visualisation when accompanied with affirmations doubles up the power of healing, and the results are indeed amazing.   

Chakra Healing

The seven major chakras are aligned along the meridian of your spinal cord. Each of these is connected with its corresponding gland and the major organs of the body. When these chakras are clean and aligned, you experience radiant health. Healthy, open chakras draw in sufficient amount of life-force, which is beneficial for not just your physical well-being but for your spiritual-awakening as well.

To find out which technique is best for you, tune in to your inner intuition and you will be drawn to the most suitable.

Let us know your experience on energy healing and how it works for you.

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